Pagan Savages Are Dismembering Bald Men And Selling Their Scalps And Organs On The Black Market For Demonic Rituals

Africa is home to some of the most savage types of paganism, and in a recent report coming out of Mozambique, ‘witch doctors’ are kidnapping and dismembering bald men, harvesting the parts and selling or using them for use in heathen rituals:

Bald people have become the latest targets of witchdoctors in Mozambique, police chiefs say.

Police say the body parts and heads of bald men are being traded across the borders to Malawi and Tanzania where they are of value in witchcraft.
The police warning came after the brutal killing of two bald men, one of whom had his head cut off, and both had their internal organs cut out and stolen.

National police spokesman Inacia Dina told a news conference in the capital Maputo: ‘The murders of two bald people has led to two arrests of suspects.

‘Their motivations come from superstition and culture as the local community thinks bald men are rich and that their parts can be used to enrich others.’

The killings took place in Milange in the centre of southern Mozambique and the two victims were aged over 40 with one decapitated and both mutilated.

A security services spokesman Miguel Caetano said that according to the statements of those arrested, the organs were to be used for witchcraft.

He said the two arrested men, both aged about 20, said the organs were to be used by healers in rituals to promote the fortunes of the witchdoctors’ clients.

They told officers the body parts were sent across to Tanzania and Malawi.

The spokesman said that the attacks on bald men for their organs is a new outbreak in the trade in organ parts in which albinos are usually targeted. (source)

Savagery comes in many forms, and something that we have pointed out is the connection between paganism and barbarity. Where Paganism decreases so does barbarity, and where paganism returns, so does barbarity. There is a direct correlation between the two.

Africa is a great but almost too simplistic look at the barbarity of paganism because of the strong hold that paganism has there. It is no accident why the continent is called the “Dark Continent,” because it has a lot deeper meaning than just skin color. In the words of Fr. Gabriele Amorth, the famous Vatican exorcist who recently passed away, he said that the worst types of demonic activity has had to combat have come from Africa or Brazil, and Brazil has the highest number of African people living in it of any nations outside of the African continent. However, thankfully because of the work of Christian missionaries, the darkness that once defined Africa is gradually being dispelled by the light of the Gospel, although there is certainly a considerable amount of work that has yet to be done.

But with all fairness to the Africans, pagan savagery is not unique just to them. It can happen to anybody in any culture and it will re-shape itself to that particular culture’s idioms but with the same results. Let’s take a look at a few world cultures as a sampling about this:

If you have not yet read our expose yet, you really need to.

Iceland and the Nordic nations of Europe are an excellent example. I say this specifically because while all of Europe was pagan at one point and engaged in the savage marks of paganism- human sacrifice, cannibalism, and fertility worship- northern Europe has seen a resurgence of this through the recent National Socialist movements, which while proclaiming that Europeans need to “connect with their roots” is a poor cover for the reality of their hatred of Christ and their desire to replace the sacrifice on the cross with the human sacrifices they used to practice in centuries past before the Catholic Church eliminated this barbarity.

Hell Across the Border, Ted’s documentary about the Mexican Drug Cartels

Mexico and the central American people are also another major example. We at have been adamant that the decline of the Catholic Church caused by Freemasons, atheists, and aided by American Protestant missionaries has caused a resurgence of paganism leading to a return of the rituals of old that the Catholic missionaries wiped out. It is becoming such a problem that we did a documentary about this called “Hell Across the Border.”

An image of a vivisection conducted by Unit 731, a horrible series of human experiments done on Chinese people by the Japanese Empire.

Japan is another favorite place of Americans, but while it has a veneer of order and justice, paganism has a deep history in that nation. The Japanese national religion, Shintoism, is no different than the Odinistic paganism of northern Europe except it is just a different place and people. The Japanese experiments on the Chinese and Koreans during World War II, who they viewed as subhumans are directly connected to their religious views and the crimes they still have not apologised for as a people.

Aghori holding a human skull. This sick cult worships death and practices cannibalism for religious rituals.

Paganism in India is infamous and widespread. We have written copiously about this, including about the infamous Aghoris, who consume corpses and worship death in one of the most savage and bestial practices found on earth.

Also, one must remember the paganism found in Islam. Because Islam is the culmination of all Christian heresy, it naturally inclines toward and embraces pagan ideas and practices but justifies it through its own unique interpretation of Biblical and Hebraic texts. Mohammed himself was accused of paganism during his lifetime by fellow Arabs (such as with the poetic verse the first 1/4 of the Koran is written in, which closely reflects the Grecian pagan oracles that were common in the backwards parts of Arabia and the Middle East as a leftover from Greece’s pre-Christian days).

There is also American paganism. While many Americans call them Christians, what is Christian about taking off most of your clothes and covering yourself in body paint while drinking, shouting, and even fighting over a sports game? It may not involved human sacrifice, but it has an eerie semblance to the days of antiquity and given a little time, some gradual influences, and just the right cultural conditions, it is not hard to see how Americans could return to a state of barbarity.

Paganism comes in many forms, and it is important to point in out where it appears in any culture. Just because it has not reached the form it has in certain places in comparison to others does not make it any less deadly. It’s like the stages of cancer- it does matter what stage you are at because there is no “healthy” or good stage ever. Cancer is cancer and no matter how big or small it has to be eliminated. Certainly the measures that one needs to take have to be proportionate to the stage, but big or small, its all has to be dealt with because, as with all sin, it leads to death.



  • filomena seiffert

    gruesome! Brasil is infested with African cults, its infiltration has been so damming that most Catholics in Brasil believe and practice some form of reincarnation cult, magic, summoning spirits of the dead and sending and cleaning bad spells. No wonder the great infiltration of immorality, sodomy and every demonic sickness. Right now the country is living in great turmoil with every single politician having received bribes and stealing the economy of the whole nation. The president is a dictator and his gang of the senate and house support him because they all are guilt as hell

    • Tom_mcewen

      Most Catholics: any statistics to prove your claim. You know Pope Francis is from South America, does he practice a form of reincarnation​ cult, (Christianity, the Eucharist, yes) ,magic (prayer at the altar, yes) summoning the spirits of the dead (Saints, yes) and send Cleaning bad spells (exorcism,yes). The Protestants are right using their eyes. And the Eucharistic miracles are my eyes, Because they are metaphyical and alive and evil can’t create life but only death.

  • Tom_mcewen

    We need a fact finding mission lead by Democrats and liberals and organized by the teacher’s union to find what the West has done to cause this self hatred. Marxist theory is these are economic animals who need a job and anti-social activity is the the result of capitalism and the Trump administration. We must all have students write letters telling them we feel their pain as they work towards their Reformation. Islam can help. Let us all pray to Kek for help and guidance.

    • richinnameonly

      I’m still hearing some say it’s all Bush’s fault.

  • filomena seiffert

    If you were not a slave you mean. Think about how much suffering was for the ones hunted in their country and brought in ships in the most sickening conditions, in chains and filthy crowded slave ships then, be sold on actions for the highest bid, work from sun up to sun down, baldly nourished, beaten and bruised. Every age had its dreadful evils for part of humanity. I guess if one had to follow your advice in US would not exist Italians, Irish and other for they were Catholics hated by the Protestants which were the majority.They endure extreme poverty as they were not aloud to be employed because their religion.

  • “they slayed all who did not convert in the same ways as islam, study history”

    Great. I studied all the history and found out this accusation is simply bogus.

    Dish it out AJ and lets compare Protestant persecutions to get your eyes finally to see.

    Here, refute what I wrote:

    I shall await your response.

    • filomena seiffert

      Thanks Walid for show this protestant stupid what real knowledge is. Accusation made up of lies as is the protestant sect which only aim is to persecute the Catholic Church

    • AJ

      Study the Spanish Inquisition for starters, just like islam in their slaying, then read the jesuit oath
      No joy is gleaned from bringing this to light, wish it were not true, but to ignore the facts supports the lies that it did not happen. History is repleat with these facts. ALL man made religions have been corrupted, Gods Word is being ignored

      • If I asked you to prove to me that there is such a thing as “Jesuit Oath” you would probably go and google “Jesuit Oath” and then you run into this:

        And so I ask you for sources and you will respond with

        “The Jesuit Oath of Induction is also recorded in the Congressional Record of the U.S. (House Bill 1523, Contested election case of Eugene C. Bonniwell, against Thos. S. Butler, Feb. 15, 1913, pp. 3215-3216).”

        And then I will respond with:

        This whole thing is taken out of context. It was a complaint filed against someone who slandered someone and he filed the case and the deceivers took these quotes as true. They are not true. There is no such thing as a “Jesuit Oath”. Its bunk.

        And your whole theory is debunked, dust in the wind.

        So what is the difference then between my research and yours?

        Its simple: I dig, deep. You don’t. You believe much of what you read and hear.

        God wants the ones who seek with all their hearts minds and souls and strength. This is why I left Islam. Had you been born Muslim you would probably still be Muslim because you believe things you read without examining.

        Did you search for the “Jesuit Oath” with all your strength and ability?

        Answer: No

        This by the way will constitute you as a lazy servant when Christ comes.

      • We studied the Spanish Inquisition more than you studied your Bible. All you do is go to links while you ignore the links that refute these links.

      • AJ,

        I sent you refutation to your Spanish Inquisition argument and instead of responding you keep posting more links which will be deleted. Unless you refute the kink there is no use of going any further.

        P.S: and please do not reply with “censor” or “we do not want to know the truth” jargon.

      • Julie LaBrecque

        All man-made religions have been corrupted? You have just made Jesus Christ a liar. Repent, then confess your sins to a priest, then do penance for the rest of your life.

  • filomena seiffert

    Adversity do make people more honest and strong.

  • filomena seiffert

    Because God is so merciful He allows the most evil ones to live longer so that they may repent and change their ways.

  • filomena seiffert

    This is correct. I am Brazilian who left more then 34 years ago. When I lived there it was not so spread like it is now. Almost everyone we encounter believes in reincarnacao, mau olhado, feitico and more.

  • Julie LaBrecque

    How ignorant are you? Your lies may go unchallenged elsewhere, but not here.