The Sufi Muslim Nation Of Turkey And The Shiite Nation Of Iran Are Now United Against Mecca While Turkish Television Just Announced That Erdogan Must Become Caliph Of The Muslim World

By Walid Shoebat

Years ago you normally read our alarmist headlines as if Armageddon was just around the corner. Sure, we did this to get your attention, but reality is that a verse could take decades or even centuries to be fulfilled. For example, in Ezekiel 38, when one reads “Persia, Ethiopia, and Libya with them.” While this “them” is Turkey, the question is how will Persia (Iran) unite with Turkey and go against Arabia?

This is especially the case when we read later on that the Arabs (Sheba and Dedan) refuses to enter this Islamic alliance. (Ezekiel 38:13)

When it came to Sunni Saudi Arabia versus Shiite Iran, Turkey, officially has always taken the side of Saudi Arabia over Iran. Therefore there is much to consider here in just that one little verse. This doesn’t happen overnight.

But not anymore. This verse is being fulfilled by the day.

Today much of the Islamic newspapers suddenly changed direction to start talking about a “conspiracy by Saudi Arabia to conquer Qatar and Iran.”

Amazingly, even Iran turned its pages from saying that Erdogan is “criminal supporting the killing of Syrians and Iraqis” to “victim of an American conspiracy” as Yeni Shafq Ibrahim Qara Gul writes.

And even in Turkey, the pro-Erdogan Turkish newspapers began to switch its position and defend Iran (biblical Persia) referring to the attacks in the heart of the Iranian capital Tehran, targeting the shrine of Khomeini and the Iranian parliament as a Saudi plan.

Years ago you would never read any newspaper in Turkey taking Iran’s side over Saudi Arabia or in Iran taking sides with Turkey like we are seeing.
But this week it all switched. Erdogan’s Yeni Safak condemned Saudi Arabia claiming that Saudi Arabia seeks to mobilize all Arab countries against Iran:
“Saudi Arabia is seeking to mobilize all Arab countries against Iran. The crisis between the two parties turns into an opportunity for polarization. Iran is close to Qatar to strengthen its relationship with it, to ignite the Gulf differences.”

Erdogan’s Aksham newspaper in its editorial blamed Saudi Arabia as being behind “the latest campaign  and mastermind in the Middle East: a siege in Qatar and a bomb in Iran,” and then quoted the Iranian Revolutionary Guards vowing revenge from Saudi Arabia.

The newspaper “Milad” close to Erdogan also described the United States of America, Saudi Arabia and Egypt as “global war gangs” and claimed that they hit Iran using a preacher, in an editorial entitled “A conspiracy against the nation!”.

A month ago if you told the best of political analysts that Turkey will take the side of Iran over Saudi Arabia they would laugh you off. But show these analysts our decades old reports predicting exactly that this will happen and they would still ignore you for this proves the existence of a God Who draws the destiny of nations in advance and Him giving the keys to unlock all this is only given for a handful few.

For years we told you that sooner or later Turkey will turn on Saudi Arabia and will unite with Iran against Saudi Arabia. To the analyst this was an impossibility since Saudi Arabia is Sunni.

It was two years ago that Erdogan during his trip to Iran said:

The Islamic world is at risk of “disintegration” due to the current conflicts in the region between the Sunni and Shiite strands of the Muslim faith.

But the uneducated who hates knowledge used to read these ‘prophecy updates’ and think “the Muslims are coming, the Muslims are coming” while the ones privy to the Muslim would would say “sure the Muslims are coming, but wait a decade or two for Turkey to turn on Saudi Arabia”.

First we have to come to the point where Iran unites with Turkey. Turkey to go against Saudi Arabia is not something that will happen overnight.

Only two weeks ago can we say that we have come to this point where Turkey is siding with Iran over Saudi Arabia. Weeks ago it was impossible for any analyst to predict this much fathom this scenario.

But last year in 2016 we warned:

It is impossible to understand how the hatred develops for Arabia to be destroyed by her spiritual offspring unless she is hated by them. This means a unity between Shiites and non-Wahhabi Sunnis against Arabia including wanting Mecca out of Al-Saud’s control. This is what Iran this week called on all Muslims to do; to abandon Saudi Arabia. This complete abandonment will not happen unless it is coupled by Turkey’s abandonment of Arabia as well. While all Muslims honor Mecca, this Turkish abandonment is not far-fetched, as we shall examine …The most common misconception by westerners is this Sunni-Shiite divide. Fact is, there is a certain Shiite-Sunni alliance and not a divide. It is from Ali, Shiism’s icon, that stems the progenitor of nearly all Sunni Sufi orders. This is huge. This will encompass Turkey and several central Asian nations leaving Wahhabi Saudi Arabia out. It is truly a Wahhabi-Excommunicated divide and not a Shiite-Sunni divide.

Do you see “This will encompass Turkey and several central Asian nations leaving Wahhabi Saudi Arabia out”?

And what analyst last year would even consider what we have been writing for two decades about such happenings? None would entertain it but it was all true. Now we must wait for all others to completely abandon Saudi Arabia which will take a few years.

And in Qatar they are already adoring Erdogan. Posters and stickers of Erdogan with Sheikh Tamim on cars and walls is seen all throughout the country. Turkey is also sending food stuffs to Qatar to ease the boycott.

صور أردوغان وأمير قطر تزين المحال والسيارات في قطر (صور)

But its not only this. In Turkey itself the media is now openly talking about appointing Erdogan as Caliph. Here, check this out for yourself:

Pro-government Star daily Editor-in-Chief Nuh Albayrak said during a TV show on Sunday that he has been raising the issue of reinstating the institution of the caliphate and suggested President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan become the caliph, saying “Will you find a better caliph than Erdoğan?”

Then there is this ora spreading the notion that conspiracies are being cooked-up to silence the pro-Erdogan movement. He said he has been targeted by government critics for repeatedly raising the “caliphate issue” in his columns in the Star newspaper:

“They [Western powers] removed the institution of the caliphate, which had united the entire Islamic world. Now they have a free hand [in the Islamic world]. I have been targeted for raising this issue in my columns. Someone has to raise it. [Government critics ask] ‘Do you want to make Erdoğan a caliph?’ Yes. Let him be [caliph]. What will happen? Will you find a better caliph than Erdoğan?”

Do you see “I have been targeted for raising this issue in my columns”?

To claim you are being “targeted” has been a tactic by many armchair revolutionaries from east to west playing victimhood. We could write an article every week how we are being persecuted and targeted but we don’t. But it is always the persecutors who claim persecution while the victims have no one to cry out to. From “Robert Spencer being poisoned” (when all he did was consume drugs) to the sodomite “Milo Yiannopoulos is being targeted” today its a tactic to draw much attention.

And all these claim to ‘combat Islam’. Reality is that these are advancing a different agenda: eugenics.

The wise does not pay any attention to everything they read. All manifestations of evil must take their part in the scheme of things. Never listen to anyone who uses “alone” and “all” as a habit in all conversations. Example, you will always hear “if we only get rid of all Muslims” or “all Muslims must die” or “if we only get rid of Islam”. No. Sodom is also evil, eugenics and paganism also play a role in the scheme of things… never focus on a single evil for Christ came to “destroy all the works of the devil”.


  • That…was an awful short clip with the pro-government writer, and very enlightening.

    Checked on Yeni Safak and the think tank’s favorite conspiracy nutter, and here’s his rant that undoubtedly plays right into the Crusaders’ God’s hands:

    The West attempted its second great invasion after World War I, targeted
    our countries, our cities, and it was doing all of this in the spirit
    of the Crusades.

    I wrote on many occasions, “Once the Syria war is over, all the Gulf
    countries are going to be dragged into the clashes within a matter of
    one-to-two years.” I also wrote that Iran would attack the Persian Gulf
    and that even though Saudi Arabia will try to move the war to Iranian
    territory, Tehran’s eventual aim would be to take over Mecca and hit
    Saudi Arabia.


      • Oh, delicious! Delicious!

        Saudi Arabia, which modifies Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood as
        terrorists and is attempting to punish Qatar for supporting them, is
        probably unaware, but it is personally pressing the start button of this
        major operation targeting itself. Saudi Arabia might not be able to see
        the danger waiting in the end, but it can be seen from Turkey. Because
        Turkey is the end point of the Mecca and Medina defense based on its
        historic and existential position.


        • Grandmere

          Ibrahim is a sock puppet but he is an amazing window into the thought processes of Erdogon. I actually look forward to his editorials.

          • Agree wholeheartedly.

          • Kamau41

            Indeed. Fully agree.

      • AnthonyM

        That is a very interesting report. Not sure what nationality he is, maybe Turkish?
        How quickly things happened. Trump visits Saudi Arabia. Shortly afterwards Saudi calls out Qatar for supporting terrorism, and Egypt says ‘Right on.’ Turkey sends troops to allegedly ‘defend’ Qatar from Saudi invasion. Turkey and Iran are now falling into step. Not sure how this will play out in Syria where they are on opposite sides (I think).

        • Syria will fall to Turkey. Erdogan’s got a score to settle with Assad. Goes back to the Euphrates River dam projects.

          • AnthonyM

            Old wounds run deep.

          • Definitely.

            Here’s a good research paper on the political dynamics surrounding the Euphrates.


          • Kevin Nicholson

            “Turkey implemented the Lower Euphrates Project… taking in the Tigris waters as well and known as the Southeastern Anatolia Project (GAP, its Turkish acronym), which included 21 large dams, 19 hydropower plants and irrigation schemes extending to 1.7 million hectares of land.”

            “Syria launched the Euphrates Valley Project under the Baath Party…: irrigation of an area as large as 640,000 hectares, construction of the large, multi-purpose Tabqa or Al-Thawra Dam to generate the electricity needed for urban use and industrial development, and regulation of the flow of the Euphrates to prevent seasonal flooding.”

            “The sixth angel emptied his bowl on the great river Euphrates. Its water was dried up to prepare the way for the kings of the East.[a] I saw three unclean spirits like frogs[b] come from the mouth of the dragon, from the mouth of the beast, and from the mouth of the false prophet.”
            Revelation 16:12-13
            [a] “…“rising of the sun,”…Rev 7:2.”
            [b] “…second Egyptian plague (Ex 7:26–8:11).”

            “The Euphrates receives most of its water in the form of rainfall and melting snow, resulting in peak volumes during the months April through May. Discharge in these two months accounts for 36 percent of the total annual discharge of the Euphrates, or even 60–70 percent according to one source, while low runoff occurs in summer and autumn.”

            Scenario: Turkey blitzkriegs over a dry river bed during Apr-May (yr ?) to both devastate Syrian agriculture, electrical grid, and stand down its military resistance. Then Anti-Christ marshals the other dumb-ass nations to proceed to Jerusalem like a moth to an eternal flame…(Armageddon).
            Zechariah 14:12

            Good relevant article Trevor. Thank-You.

          • Grandmere

            Damascus will be a ruinous heap. That’s for sure.

          • Sadly that will be true one day.

          • Kamau41

            That day will surely come as we are seeing that the stage is well set.

        • Grandmere

          Ibrahim Karagul is a regular writer at Yeni Safak newspaper. He is a big favorite of ours over at the Tank.

      • Gloria

        Thanks Trevor, great article.

  • Tom_mcewen

    Soon it will be an killing offence to draw Erdogan as well as Muhammad. Erdogan’s must have his own official “Mein Kampf” as assigned reading in the mosque. No mind reading needed for Iran, just a smoking hole of green glass located in Saud Arabia.

    • Grandmere

      The prisons over there are already bursting at the seams with his critics and so called conspirators.

  • Methusalem

    Whether they are Sufis, Wahabbis, Sunnis or Shias, we know they are all on devil’s side, and they will end up in hell, unless they come to Jesus. But, my question is, is this anymosity between Saudi Arabia, Iran and Turkey also based on ethnicity? Arabs vs Non-Arabs?

  • AnthonyM

    Very interesting developments. The cries for Erdogan to be Caliphate will only increase. The big question is, what will devout muslims living in the West do: obey the Caliph? be energized to expand the Caliphate in the west?

    BTW, today is the 13th, and the anniversary of the 2nd Fatima apparition. Occurring monthly with the last one on October 13th.

  • technician

    I wonder what the United States will do. Will we let Saudi Arabia be conquered or will we try taking on Turkey and Iran. I know Trump just did a big arms deal with the Saudis, which I disagree with.

    • Grandmere

      Erdogon has the US in a box because of NATO.

  • Filip

    I loved this article.. SO DELICIOUS INDEED. FOOD FOR THE HEART, SPIRIT AND MIND. All moving according to Bible prophecy.. Why others do not see it??? 🙁

  • Indian Christian Crusader

    And to add for Walid to read:

    Saudi asks Nuclear armed Pakistan, whose side it is on ?

  • CTyank

    Hello Walid, I’m looking for an article that interprets the parable of the ten virgins and explains the significance of the oil and what it represents from a Catholic perspective. I tried the search and it gave too many results. Can anyone help direct me? I pray I’m not abusing the comment section too badly here 🙂

    • Raph Sebastian

      There are at least 15 articles on what you ask. You may want to do a search on the home page at with 10 virgin+ oil lamps and the articles concerning this interpretation by Walid will be there, several of them actually.

      • CTyank

        Do you happen to know which addresses the subject most fully?

        • Raph Sebastian

          I will try to post them later for you. I’m currently not in the US. I’m going to bed first and help out with the links in the morning.

          • CTyank

            Thank you! Didn’t want to make work for you, just thought you might happen to know. I didn’t have too much luck on my own.

          • CTyank

            Trevor got out a sermon from St. Augustine for me. It’s awesome 🙂

          • Raph Sebastian

            You can always rely on Trevor to help out.

      • CTyank

        The search you suggested was a little more focused than what I tried before. However, it yielded 10 articles, all mentioning the ten virgins in passing or not at all.

      • CTyank

        Thanks Trevor. I’ll read it tonight!

      • CTyank

        I thoroughly enjoyed that because it was so thorough! What beautiful writing.

        • Credit goes to Susan. She once posted a copy of his sermon on the Ten Virgins and remembered it.

          • CTyank

            Thanks and blessings to Susan as well then. It is a memorable sermon.

      • Raph Sebastian

        Thanks bro Trevor for helping Yank out…

    • MattB

      CTyank, thanks for your comment. It prompted me to check out your profile page.

      That priest is a fine preacher, highly recommend you bookmark his Church’s youtube channel to keep an eye out for his homilies.

      In response to your question, The Haydock Bible is a classic study Bible for Catholics (and others interested) that’s freely available online:

      The above link will take you directly to Matthew chapter 25.

      Peace be with you.

      • CTyank

        I appreciate the link, Matt. I’ve enjoyed the fellowship in the comments section of this site, as well as some thought provoking comments, and the wisdom of some of the folks who seem to be much more spiritual than I. Even some of the tooth and nail fights are real learning experiences for me. I’ll keep an eye open on that you tube channel as well, the priest featured has a fine delivery and a good way with words. I’ve often heard that making excuses for or defenses of oneself is a sure sign of pride and double mindedness. I hadn’t thought about it in the realm of the confessional, maybe because I haven’t been yet. It sure is a temptation though in the face of shame. Self justification, that is. It’s helpful the visualize the priest rolling his eyes and yawning in boredom though, because he’s heard it all before! Just get to the horrible, unvarnished point and if he needs more details, he’ll ask, right? Even though sin’s not funny, the situation described is.

        • MattB

          Exactly! 😀

          Great comment.

          • CTyank

            Matt, where did you go?

  • bubba

    Loved the article Walid! Especially the verse “destroy all the works of the devil”. Thanks for your help in keeping up with work events in the right light!!!!

  • Much appreciated Marcelo.

  • In my opinion, there is no need to understand the words, its best t imagine them while enjoying the music. But the singer is George Dalaras from Greece.

  • Grandmere
    • Peterson T.A.

      Thank you for your post. I am aware of the subject. But my question is what could happen now? Turkey is a big power in Islamic world. But nobody will bother about Turkey as long as Mecca is in Saud’s hand. If Turkey has to exert any power in the Islamic world Turkey should have control over Mecca. Then all the Islamic countries will line up behind Turkey. But if Mecca is destroyed Turkey will be considered an enemy and everyone will go against Turkey.So if any major events to happen in the Muslim world Mecca should be in the possession of Turkey and the end time events could play out on a latter time.

      • The destruction of Mecca is a prophecy in Islam so all it will do is prove to them that the end times are near plus Mahdi becomes the point of direction where Mecca would not count any longer.

  • Actually Theo I rarely defend the Pope. I only point every now and then where he said things I agree with.

    As far as the Jesuits, pick something you hate about them than dig into history and see if it is true first.

    Start fresh, give the benefit of the doubt, spend a year researching from all sides then decide and we can discuss.

  • Theo,

    I think you should start your journey into seeking truth from now on. Lets take your first question:

    ” Do you think he took the Jesuit oath ? ”

    If I asked you to prove to me that there is such a thing as “Jesuit Oath” you would probably go and google “Jesuit Oath” and then you run into this:

    And so I ask you for sources and you will respond with

    “The Jesuit Oath of Induction is also recorded in the Congressional Record of the U.S. (House Bill 1523, Contested election case of Eugene C. Bonniwell, against Thos. S. Butler, Feb. 15, 1913, pp. 3215-3216).”

    And then I will respond with:

    This whole thing is taken out of context. It was a complaint filed against someone who slandered someone and he filed the case and the deceivers took these quotes as true. They are not true. There is no such thing as a “Jesuit Oath”. Its bunk.

    And your whole theory is debunked, dust in the wind.

    So what is the difference then between my research and yours?

    Its simple: I dig, deep. You don’t. You believe much of what you read and hear.

    God wants the ones who seek with all their hearts minds and souls and strength. This is why I left Islam. Had you been born Muslim you would probably still be Muslim because you believe things you read without examining.

    Did you search for the “Jesuit Oath” with all your strength and ability?

    Answer: No

    This by the way will constitute you as a lazy servant when Christ comes.

    Be a hard working servant Theo. Do not believe everything you read. Dig deep. I say this for the benefit of your soul.

  • CTyank

    As a believer who is “born again”, I find the Catholic perspective refreshingly deep, concrete, and knowable. You should check out Trevor’s link to St. Augustine, you might be impressed.

  • “With or without oath the Jesuit order in my opinion is to say it mildly not Christian.”

    The most awkward way to dialogue is to change the subject instead of admitting the error first. Once people do not admit they erred the issue becomes pride not truth.

    While I can address your next red herring, without you admitting first your first red herring the discussion becomes fruitless.

  • OrthodoxChristianAmerican

    Yes, I think that this is going to take a couple decades before this is clearly seen by even the densest of people, but that’s a drop in the bucket compared to centuries. I recall too that the Ayatollah was in exile in Turkey for a while, before his move to Paris. It would be interesting to see who his visitors were back then.

    • Kevin Nicholson

      Would you believe the CIA?

      “The 1980 CIA study says “in November 1963 Ayatollah Khomeini sent a message to the United States Government through [Tehran University professor] Haj Mirza Khalil Kamarei”, in which he explained “that he was not opposed to American interests in Iran” and that “on the contrary, he thought the American presence was necessary as a counterbalance to Soviet and possibly British influence”.”

      Problem – Reaction – Solution


      • OrthodoxChristianAmerican

        Fascists are always the same, no matter what religion they claim to uphold or nation they claim to be patriots of. It always comes down to whoring out their thugs to serve the interests of the powerful and monied elites.

        • Kevin Nicholson

          10-4 on that….

  • “Dear Walid , can you please tell me what is wrong with my arguments?”

    Gladly as soon as you answer:

    A) There is a Jesuit Oath?
    B) There is no such thing as “Jesuit Oath”?

    All you need to do is type a letter “A” or “B”.

  • “By the way I don’t like very much the word dialogue as dialogue is the contrary from Revelation! God has revealed what he wanted to be known to mankind as the absolute truth in his Word , the Bible.”

    Mormons and Jehovah’s Witnesses say the same thing.

    “Dialogue is exactly what Free Masons want us to have as Christians.”

    So even dialogue amongst Christians too? Peter should not have dialogued with Paul?

    “All ways ( Faith s ) right or wrong guide us to Rome.”

    Islam and Mormonism and Jehovah’s Witnesses guide us to Rome? How so?

    “I do not want a dialogue on this basis.”

    Wow. What’s left then?

    “Christianity is intolerant and Christ is too”

    Does Christianity tolerate Samaritans?

    “He said I am the Way ….. and nobody else ..”

    Would that mean that Theo Poot is also the WRONG way since Christ is the ONLY way?

    “.. ( my own translation).”

    Amazing, a scripture translator too. Quite the scholar.

    “You don’t hear this from churches anymore.”

    Oh no, hardly.

    “The Catholic Church is open to all religions ( when they take the pope as their leader ) and the Protestant liberals are even worse!”

    Show me a Pope from 100 AD to 1900 AD who was “open to all religion”?

    However, Calvinists and Protestants collaborated with Islam during Luther’s day. See the Battle of Lepanto.

    • OrthodoxChristianAmerican

      Mr. Shoebat, I think that your history is quite correct regarding the Latin church, coming as I do as a former traditional Roman Catholic turned Orthodox Christian.

      Dialogue is quite necessary, even as it should be honest and open to the Truth, and no dialogue is possible with those who are ‘ecumenical’ in the sense that they are actually indifferent to religious dogmatic creedal statements voiced and written over the centuries.

      Thus, I know that the only people that I can dialogue with as an Orthodox are those Latins that I was formerly of; the traditionalists of groups like the St. Benedict’s Center among others. There is no rational basis for dialogue however with those who deny the very ground of what a church is, who lack a real Ecclesiology, to begin with. Speaking of course of protestant assemblies and not individual protestants though.

      I have a feeling that Time itself will collaborate to winnow and sift out the truth and the Unity in Charity for God’s people. If Papism is wrong it will be shown so; the verdict is already in regarding Protestantism.

      Forgive my mediocrity,


      • Grandmere

        You? Mediocre? Perish the thought! My prayers are always with you, my brother.

  • Theo,

    Please don’t post long long essays to “share with everyone” to pass more nonsense.

    I will not do your homework for you. All this nonsense has been debunked by Thomas Bridgett’s book “Blunders and Forgeries: Historical Essays” and Joseph Rosenblum’s book “The Practice to Deceive.”

    I will not be going back and forth on this nonsense. Good day.

  • ” It is a Babylonian system. Isis and Osiris play the biggest role in the background. Why not research that ? ”

    I have researched this extensively. You haven’t and is why I examine commenters who say things like this and this to me is clue that they are either at an infinite stage of their walk or that they are close-minded bigots.

    But either way, I let these be, for its fruitless to discuss the details on a comment box when I already have written about such matters extensively. You are welcome to research ‘Shoebat’ and ‘Catholicism’ and ‘pagan’ and refute on those articles under those sections but I doubt you will. You want to see real paganism, here:

    And as far as Catholicism and paganism here:

    Now if you are truly an honest individual you would study both and wait for a week or so (without quickly skimming) and then come back to me with your refutations.

    You can’t dig wells with a little pix my friend. It takes time and much effort.

  • Thats exactly what I mean. I send you a book which refutes your argument and instead you repeat a mantra.

  • Gloria

    I am so glad for this post Walid, thank you. I regret taking so long to read it but wanted to be ready to pay attention. I am glad to see Bible prophecy coming to life, but sad about the suffering and death we know is coming, even on our enemies. The Middle East has been payed, and to our shame in America, much by the US.

    I think on this side of things, we may need to prepare for the collapse of the petrodollar, because we know Saudi Arabia will fall. America too will suffer for it, and rightfully so I think for the games we have played. I am guessing this failure will end to loose of power for the west in the Middle East?

  • You talk without providing references from reliable historians. Why should anyone listen?

  • All you are doing is not defining your faith but attacking the ancient faith.

  • racarrera

    You are not only telling nonsense, you’re now outright lying.

  • I don’t know what to do with people who cannot look up Alberto Rivera to find legal records about the man being a scoundrel and now he has become your source for faith. Why should I waste my time with people like this?

  • Theo,

    Look up this guy’s name. He is a criminal. How much more do you want me to do?


  • The Police is NOT the Jesuits Lazy Servant. You do not want to plug the name on Google to see Rivera’s criminal record because it will bust your bubble to find out the guy is a total fraud.

    Good bye.