Cartels In Mexico Are Butchering Christians, And It Is So Bad That Mexico Is The Most Dangerous Country To Be A Catholic Priest

By Theodore Shoebat

The cartels in Mexico have been butchering Christians. Thats right, right across the border Christians are being butchered and enslaved. This is not just happening in the Islamic world, its happening right across the border. The Mexican people, by and large, are Catholics, which means they are Christians. A lot of the protestant blowhards will clamor that the Catholics aren’t Christians, but they are. Orthodox and Catholics in Iraq and Syria were being killed by ISIS, and nobody in the mainstream Evangelical world were saying that these people were not Christians; they were ALL saying that what was occurring in the Levant was Christian persecution.

But for the Catholics of Mexico, there is no such recognition, there is no talk of them being “persecuted Christians.” Why? A lot of it has to do with prejudice. It is a perspective on the Mexicans that deems them as lower, uneducated and lazy, all accusations which are merely based on nothing but the air of racial discrimination.

Why don’t we deem the victims of narcos as persecuted Christians? Racism, plain and simple. You will argue that the situation in the Middle East is worse, or that it is different, or that ISIS targets people specifically for their faith. But you would be wrong. Both the narcos and ISIS sell drugs; bot kill innocent people, both murder priests. So what makes them different? Nothing but the titles they are under. One is under the title of an Islamic ideology; the other is the under the title of drugs and the narco-cult, both hate life and the results of their reign are the same: death and destruction.

I have heard all sorts of horrific stories from Mexico: families being butchered, villages being exterminated, children being ritually sacrificed to the demons the narcos worship. When I report on such stories, you guys, for the most part, are indifferent. Why don’t people care about the priest or the poor peasant in Mexico? It all stems from the anti-Catholic sentiment rooted in protestant tradition. You talk about “persecution” and being “prepared” for persecution,

Mexico is now the most dangerous country to be a priest. Not “a pastor,” but a priest. As we read in one report:

A new report confirms that for the eighth year in a row, Mexico is the most dangerous country to be a priest.

The latest study from Mexico’s Catholic Media Centre (CCM) confirmed that in the past three years 15 priests have been murdered, with 61 recorded attacks on priests in the past 26 years.

In an interview with Religion Digital, Aguilar said: ‘Mexico lives one of the most difficult stages of its history. Crime and violence have overwhelmed government institutions at all levels, causing an impressive increase in violence against society, and the Church has been no exception.’

He said that recent attacks were part of a ‘new persecution’ of Mexican priests that goes beyond just physical violence, but seeks to discredit the Church through defamation and slander.

CCM was given a National Journalism Award for its investigative work responding to attacks on Mexican ministers. ‘Our mission is to make known that something is happening against the ministers of worship, they are persecuted and killed,’ Aguilar said. ‘Today that voice has risen strongly and we hope it will be heard to avoid further human losses not only from priests, but from any Mexicans.’

Drug cartels are a primary target of suspicion for the intimidation and attacks. In May it was reported that one priest was required to pay a ‘tax’ to local criminals to protect his cathedral from their attacks. Others report being held up and robbed by armed groups, and facing death threats, according to Sight Magazine. Indigneous priest Felipe Altamirano Carrillo was killed in late March.

‘So far this year in Mexico, the number of murders and kidnappings of Christians seems to be increasing,’ said Rossana Ramirez, an analyst at the World Watch Research unit of Christian persecution watchdog Open Doors.

‘There is serious ongoing persecution through organised corruption and crime. This not only affects priests, but also Christians in general; in some states, the fear of being murdered, abducted or otherwise persecuted has caused many Christians to leave. It seems that the Mexican government minimises this problem and is currently unwilling to take effective measures.’

Aguilar added: ‘The situation of our country is delicate, no doubt. Given this context we need a courageous Church, embodied in the realities of our people. We cannot be silent before so much barbarism. It is necessary that our pastors be courageous and in solidarity with this great, but suffering people.’

The murder of Catholics in Mexico is a form of Christian persecution just as horrific as the Christian persecution taking place in the Islamic world. This is why I did a whole documentary about Mexico and the horrific violence happening there:


  • Sometimes I wonder if I played a role in Mexico becoming what it is today when I went down there with a Baptist youth group back in 1998.


    • CTyank

      It would be a lot easier to come to that conclusion if you had been a user of illegal drugs. Protestant efforts to convert Catholics are misguided but you probably went there as an effort to aid the poor. Those of us who stayed home and smoked a little grass in our youth bear a much greater share of the guilt.

      • DantesRivers

        Bingo! CTyank

      • Never did smoke grass but still.

        • DantesRivers

          Thank the Baptists and pray the Rosary!

          • I thank the Baptists for the strong upbringing on moral teachings. Been praying the Rosary since August.

          • Jami

            I have this nice app for saying the Rosary daily. You can say it anywhere with headphones too, while travelling, in crowded buses. Anywhere, feels like you reciting the Rosary with many others even when your alone.. Go to Appstore– Rosario. .

          • Really like the fact you have the Blessed Virgin as your avatar. I strongly suggest you make it permanent.

          • Jami

            The Blessed Virgin Mary is also my Role model since’s forever.

        • CTyank

          I think God sees our intentions nonetheless.

    • Tom_mcewen

      I read some of the views of those two above apposed to the church as evil and this Pope as especially evil. I don’t see any works changing millions of hearts filled with hate. The Garabandal event which is not approved by the local bishops nor condemned is said by the last survivor Conchita that by supernatural grace hearts will be changed. I personally like the idea and after reading the two above hate the idea. She is 68 so you may see it happen or not, but she said we are not to curse or hate Because they will be Catholics too. I know arguments and facts don’t work. Maybe grace can, even from Mary who they​ fear.

      • What two?

        • Tom_mcewen

          AJ and Isaiah5512

          • Nothing you nor I can do to change their minds.

          • Kamau41

            They have a veil over their eyes that is preventing them from seeing.

          • Jami

            Hey Trevor. Have a look at this. DCVDNS- Neuer Altar Savas. On utube. They making fun on Communion. Ridiculous.

      • ace

        101 tears and years. But, what say you about this? “Washington Plans to Nuke Russia and China” by Paul Craig Roberts (August 27. 2017); Bio of this guy also available at web site:

      • Jami

        Hey I am very much interested in the Garabandal story, i’v watched a few vids on utube. Do you have some other documentaries?

        • Nan

          This is not an approved apparition and has, indeed been determined not to be of supernatural origin. Best to stay away.lezlie

          • Jami

            Oh Really. thanks

      • Nan

        You misstate the standards. An approved apparition is determined by the local ordinary to be a supernatural event, emanating from heaven as in Lourdes and Fatima.

        If it is found mot to be a supernatural event, as in Garabandal, it is said not to be so, as four local primaries have said.

        Condemnation doesn’t come into it.

        • Tom_mcewen

          At the diocesan level and for the Vatican the case still remains open, even under pressure from the bishops, the congregation of the doctrine of the faith has remained silent. The congregation has not told me to reject nor accept and the rules of the church you are allowed privately to believe being theologically it has not been found in error. I stated what they reported what the four girls claimed, my comment was on their report that we should not dislike Protestants for their slander and false witness. That God will fix the problem.

      • Nan

        The standard isn’t approval or condemnation, it’s whether the local ordinary approved it or not. Garabansal has been determined not to be of supernatural origin.

  • DeusLoVult

    I’m going to have to disagree here. You claim racism. That might be true, as well as the common American view of their work ethic, but it’s not as though Mexico has done nothing to perpetuate that image. Many Mexicans hate America as well.

    Example, from just a few days ago:

    When you ask, “Why don’t people care about the priest or the poor peasant in Mexico?”

    Americans don’t ever hear about these people. Obviously, Shoebateers are cognizant of the slaughter, but the average Joe is not. All they see is cartels killing cartels, a thoroughly corrupt government that does nothing to stop it, rampant paganism among the people, (just look at their flag) and, frankly, events like the above. And that makes it very difficult for them to sympathize with the good Mexican people. Now, add into that our problems with the southern border, the criminals that cross it every day, the Americans who are killed because of it.

    As you point out, Americans do care about Orthodox and Catholic Christians in the ME who are murdered by Muslims. Therefore, I do not believe reason is Mexico’s Catholicism. It’s because Mexico’s Catholicism is buried under the mountains of filth that dominate the country. It rarely sees the light of day. Certainly, it’s not visible in the media or government policies. And our media, of course, caring so little as it does for any Christians, won’t report their plight either. (Not any of the major outlets)

    And I’m not saying this excuses American blindness to the suffering of Mexico’s Christians. Just telling you what I think is covering their eyes.

    God bless you, and thank you for keeping us updated on the condition of our brethren south of the border. I pray others will notice your work and take action as well.

    • Vinny Zee


      I think your comments are overly generalized. Many people who live(d) along the border regions are very familiar with the violence. Do we all know Mexico is corrupt? Yes, everyone knows that. However, there was a time when corrupt Mexico was not hanging butchered bodies of men and women from light posts, or the common Mexican went into the city square to find 25 severed heads placed there from the night before.

      When Felipe Calderon started his war on the Cartels in 2006, his presidency turned out to be one of the bloodiest in history. However, he was between a rock and a hard place. The Cartels had so pervaded the government at every level, he felt he had to do something. However, when he ramped up his strategy the Cartels responded in kind with outright mass killings. From 2006-2012, they estimate there are about 250,000 people who outright disappeared in Mexico. I am talking without a trace. This is a number on top of the deaths Mexico was actually able to record. Consider having upwards of 250,000 vanish, with no trace anywhere. The Mexican authorities found farms where there were butchers who were literally soaking bodies in acid and disintegrating whole corpses.

      Despite this, there was a a resurgence of fire for the gospel in many areas. Many Christians gave their lives to bring the gospel there (and still do). The current president is right back in bed with the cartels, almost a live and let live scenario. Yes, the outright butchery has seemed to calm a bit, but it is because of nothing more than a concession to the cartels. Their multi-billion dollar drug and alien smuggling ventures are so lucrative, that the power struggle ultimately comes with it. The situation in Mexico is much more complex than many realize.

      • DeusLoVult

        So…what’s your point? What’s ‘overly generalized’ about my statement?

        Regarding the war, the government’s Kingpin strategy made the situation far worse. By killing these major druglords, they caused their organizations to fragment…which led to more murders and more chaos. It hasn’t calmed in the slightest. It’s worse than it ever has been.

        • Vinny Zee

          My point was that your comment was overly generalized. Second, I stated clearly that when Calderon ramped up his enforcement against the cartels they responded in kind and I provided some numbers to support that. The cartels did not split like people imagined. Groups like the Knights Templar came to power in a quick and ultimately vicious fashion because they were responding to the brutality of the Zetas. As the KT grew and won ground, they expanded operations. The branches within the Sinaloa Cartel were still loyal to Chapo and his Lieutenants, they did not fight one another. If anything, Calderon’s war allowed cartels like the Sinaloa cartel to consolidate power.

          Going to what I was saying about your comment being overly generalized is that everyone just blames it on the government being, “corrupt.” The government of Mexico has been corrupt since its inception, but no more corrupt than any other government. What makes their corruption so overt is that they are inept because of their poor economy. Mexico is by and large a socialist nation. Mexico is sitting on some of the worlds best resources, but the government’s socialist mentality hinders the ability of the economy to grow there. Yes, agreed, corruption plays a large part in that too. But there is a very rich class in Mexico that is not “filth.” Regarding the Breitbart article, I have a bigger problem with migrants burning the U.S. flag during a protest inside the U.S. I am not at all concerned with Mexicans booing the Star Spangled Banner inside of Mexico. Look at the gorilla Soccer fans in Europe. Soccer fans (and some players) don’t have the respect factor say of what one witnesses in the NHL for other countries and their anthems. Besides, Mexico and U.S. posed for a unity photo when they were all up in Ohio (for whatever that is worth.)

          Back to my point. If Mexico broke with its Socialist policies, their citizens wouldn’t have to break from their country. Unfortunately, what they will soon find is that as the U.S. slides further towards the path of Socialism they will find themselves in the very system they tried to escape. As we continue to move to a two class society, our problems won’t be far of from Mexico’s.

          • Nan

            We need to deport illegal immigrants.

          • DeusLoVult

            I think you read way too much into my original comment…I was just providing info on a few of the problems Mexico has and how it effects us, and that American racism isn’t the problem…

            I understand that Mexico was getting desperate…but I maintain that their strategy was a poor one.

            “The government of Mexico has been corrupt since its inception, but no more corrupt than any other government”

            Here, I don’t disagree, but I will say that not all corruption is equal. It’s the nature of their corruption that makes it so serious. The people who have murdered hundreds of thousands of citizens have nearly conquered the very authority that is tasked with stopping them.

            “Back to my point. If Mexico broke with its Socialist policies, their citizens wouldn’t have to break from their country. Unfortunately, what they will soon find is that as the U.S. slides further towards the path of Socialism they will find themselves in the very system they tried to escape. As we continue to move to a two class society, our problems won’t be far of from Mexico’s.”

            Unfortunately true.

  • DantesRivers

    Rampant drug use in the United States.
    Drugs coming across the Southern Border via Cartels
    Cartels awash in cash fighting one another.
    Mexican Citizens and Priests killed as collateral damage.

    Apply the rule of law on the Southern Border.
    Stop the drugs poring across the border.
    Decrease the demand for Drugs in the USA.
    Stop the Cartels cash flow.
    Mexico a better country.

  • ace

    Slightly OT, but here’s a little known fact about how Mexico, in the mid 1800s, before the time of the Cristero War, helped the Catholic Church establish the faith in the Northwestern U.S.:

    (What is now the Archdiocese of Seattle, was originally established in 1850 as the Diocese of Nesqually, headquartered in Vancouver, Washington as a suffragan diocese of the Archdiocese of Oregon City (now Portland). The episcopal see was moved to Seattle in 1903 and recognized by the Vatican in 1907 with a name change to the Diocese of Seattle.)

    “…When Bishop Blanchet and Father Brouillet reached Vancouver, they found safety— but virtually nothing else… The Bishop needed money, but the few Catholics in his new diocese had none to spare. The funds Blanchet had expected to receive from the Society for the Propagation of the Faith in Rome were delayed owing to the unrest in Europe… Bishop Blanchet himself resolved to go on a begging tour of his own to Mexico, which was a wealthy—and a very Catholic—nation. He set out in March, 1851, on a journey which would take him through the dioceses of Michoacan, Durango, Mexico City, Puebla, Tamara, and Guadalajara, among others… The ‘eminently Catholic’ hearts of Mexico responded with extraordinary generosity. Bishop Blanchet collected about $30,000 in money as well as vestments, vessels, paintings and images, including a jeweled miter, a gift of the Archbishop of Mexico City, and three six-foot high canvases representing the Crucifixion, Our Lady of Guadalupe, and St. Ignatius Loyola…”

    • ace

      Also before the Cristero War, few know the story of “Saint Patrick’s Battalion” or “Los San Patricios” (Catholic immigrants to America who changed sides during the Spanish-American War, in part because their fellow Protestant American military soldiers were desecrating Mexican Catholic Churches). Their bravery and what they endured for the honor of the Catholic faith is quite notable:

      “…On 10 September 1847, 16 of the condemned San Patricios were hanged at the San Jacinto Plaza, San Ángel, and 14 others received 59 lashes on their bare backs until, according to an American eyewitness, ‘Their backs had the appearance of a pounded piece of raw beef, the blood oozing from every stripe.’ After the flogging, the prisoners were branded with the letter “D” with red-hot branding irons. Some were branded on the hip, while others were branded on the cheek, and O’Reilly was branded on both cheeks for good measure. San Jacinto Plaza thus became the scene of bloody and mangled bodies, mingled with the repulsive odor of the burning flesh of the tortured San Patricios. According to Hogan, five Mexican priests who sought to give spiritual assistance to the victims were forced to witness the whippings and brandings and ordered to withdraw to the gallows to witness the final act of this ‘gruesome and carefully orchestrated spectacle.’… ”

      “But our citizenship is in heaven, and from it we also await a savior, the Lord Jesus Christ.” – Phil 3:20

      Mexico desperately needs our prayers today given all the terrorism by the drug cartels – as bad as what ISIS is doing; beheadings, murders of priests, and such…

      • Стефан Евгений

        ace, you may like this,,,, I go here to have Mass said for my Catholic relatives. americans in the 1800s looted and shoot at the facade.

        • ace

          Been trying to go on vacation to San Antonio since October of last year… Have you ever witnessed the light phenomena which takes place every August 15th (Feast of the Assumption) at Mission Concepción?

          • Стефан Евгений

            No i did not know about that ace.

          • ace

   “…Each year, on Aug. 15, the Feast of the Assumption of Mary, San Antonians of all faiths witness the same natural-light phenomenon first experienced by those who built Mission Concepción, named for Mary and the Catholic feast day of the Immaculate Conception… Mission Concepción was moved here from its original East Texas site in 1731 and completed in 1755. The feast day tradition has been witnessed and celebrated here every year for more than two and a half centuries… Precisely at 6:30 p.m., as the late summer sun arcs across the horizon, rays of light will pass through two windows on the mission’s western wall, illuminating the face of Mary, the Biblical mother of Jesus, as she is depicted in the painting of the Immaculate Conception that hangs behind the altar on the sanctuary wall. There are other Spanish missions in Texas and California where colonial architects and astronomers designed similar windows for feast day illuminations. But Mission Concepción offers a rare double illumination. At the same moment the face of Mary is illuminated, a second ray of light will illuminate the sanctuary floor at its center below the dome…”

          • mspip


  • Julie LaBrecque

    Without your reports on Mexico, the average American would never know – and some of those would not think twice about the carnage. What is happening now ‘south of the border’ is the demons reclaiming the territory they lost after Mother Mary appeared in 1531 – prior to the apparition, the natives were slaughtering the missionaries.

    • Thank you sister Julie,

      Take a look at that idiot about called Matthew. He treats the martyrs s if they are dung and as if he was a saint. At times I wish they re-institute public flogging for heresy.

      • “At times I wish they re-institute public flogging for heresy.”

        Flog me, then.

  • filomena seiffert

    Say what you want, coming from a demon like you do no offend me, on the contrary, assures me that a hit the nail on the head.

  • ace “A Tijuana priest is recovering after he was stabbed in the head with a screwdriver during a home invasion robbery. Rev. Antonio Zambrano reportedly had successful surgery to remove the object, which did not reach his brain. According to reports, Zambrano was sleeping when he heard noises outside. He went to investigate and a robber attacked him, then fled.”

  • Kamau41

    We must continue to pray for our persecuted Christian Brothers/Sisters in Mexico. The average American does not know what is happening south of our borders due to the total lack of coverage from our major western media outlets. As always, thank God for the Shoebats for standing out and reporting on all of the evil that is happening worldwide.

  • ace

    You are right! I stand corrected:
    Mexican-American war (1846-1848)
    Spanish-American war (1898) [U.S. intervenes in the Cuban War of Independence]

  • Isaiah5512

    AJ, I am guessing you were once Catholic. Why? Because the kind of anger you express usually comes from an intimate familiarity with Catholicism, which we know does not work the works of Jesus Christ and therefore cannot be Christian. The unsaved once said Jesus had a demon too. So no big surprise to see full-o’ mean-a call you a demon. Official Catholicism has taught for many years that the final pope would be “a traitor to the faith”. He fitteth that description like a glove.

    • Nan

      Oh, please, it is the Catholic church that Jesus founded, which has been doing His work the whole time.

      Orders were founded to feed, clothe, nurse, house, teach people to read, teach religious education, teach work skills. Even now, the Catholic church is the largest provider of social services worldwide.

      When there’s a disaster and the Red Cross, Salvation Army and other organizations go to help, it is the Catholic church who is already on the ground, providing ling tern assistance.

      • Isaiah5512

        Salvation does not come by works, my friend. And certainly, The Catholic Church was not founded by Jesus. It is contrary to the teachings of Jesus. Jesus commands the believer not to pray in vain repetitions like the heathen do, which is now done when saying the rosary. And what makes it vain? Jesus answered what makes it vain, the “much speaking”… as if such would accomplish anything. That’s just one of many examples I could cite. I say this not to argue, or to convince anyone that only the way I believe is the correct way, but to explain my position.

    • Nan

      We know that Jesus founded one church, which later became two, the Catholic and orthodox churches.

      We know that the Catholic church wrote the bible. If Catholics aren’t Christians, why do you use our bible?

      • Isaiah5512

        Sorry nan. I know the history. It is beyond far fetched to say that The Catholic Church “wrote the Bible”. You have much to learn.

  • ace ” ‘No one should be above the law, but we must live the new social realities where order and peace and human dignity must prevail, but with the laws of God and not those of man, in order to gain the kingdom of heaven’, said the priest Humberto Garcia, in the morning Mass, referring to the fact that humanity has forgotten the laws of Jesus Christ and the Gospel.

    In the homily, the priest who officiates at the Cathedral and the Holy Christ Chapel, said that society must accept the challenges of the new life [we are living in this world], but continue to carry on despite the conflicts, while the right thing is to live and live with existing laws, but it is from God and these things that the population is given a real education…”

  • “Sorry Wally, they’re not Christians”

    The Matthew has declared it and decided it therefore it is done, written judged and adjourned. No need for any discussion. No need to look up “Shoebat” and “Saints” or “Shoebat” and “forgiveness of sins”.

    Hammer Slammed. Everyone walks out of the court room.

    • Matthew Paul

      It has nothing to do with what I’ve declared, it has everything to do with what Christ said..It’s a simple task to read your bible and the words of Christ and then hold the “religion” of Catholicism against the light of scripture and see they are not compatible… and to be clear I have nothing against Catholics, but I’ve got a BIG problem with the Vatican… and I take issue with anyone trying to white-wash over the truth and peddle nonsense that the Vatican and the pope are of Christ, they are of the Anti-Christ. I’m confident many Catholics will be saved, many of them have a repentant heart and ignorance is forgivable, again that’s not my opinion that’s what Christ said.

      • “It has nothing to do with what I’ve declared, it has everything to do with what Christ said..”

        Stop speaking as if you are Christ. You’re nothing. You know zip about scripture. You know zip about the Vatican. You know zip about Catholics.

      • Julie LaBrecque

        I hear it’s been said that ignorance is bliss. You must be chock full of bliss. The very Church that you judge ‘un-Christian’ is the ,Church that produced, decided, and canonized the Bible. Hate to bust your bliss-bubble, but there was not ONE, SINGLE, SOLITARY Protestant bishop at the councils of Hippo, Carthage, and Rome, the very councils that produced the list of the 73 books they believed to be inspired by God. Why did the anti-church remove 7 books to leave a fake Bible with 66 books? Why do the adherents of this anti-church have the moxie to slander the Real Church? You must be in the mold if the Jewish leaders who slandered Jesus, spit on Jesus, and slandered him of having a devil.

      • Nan

        Why do you follow scripture alone when the bible itself says to follow both scripture and tradition?

        • Higlac

          Could you please give me the quotation or quotations that say as much in the Bible? This could truly be VERY USEFUL to all of us, especially when we contend with those who say “Sola Scriptura, Sola Fide, &c.”.

          Thanks in advance!!!

  • Ruth Hammons

    While i greatly disagree with the statement about racism and prejudice, which is just not so; to tell the truth about those that deserve to be told about is exactly that; the TRUTH! Many mexicans are jsut what they are rude, ignorant, taking from us and do not deserve to, do not respect our laws and think they can just mooch; this is true of them…that is NOT of God, the Lord, nor the Holy Spirit! That all is of satan! Racism or prejudice has nothing to do with what is the TRUTH! NO matter, where there is trulthfull persecution, it is evil and so is the vicious murders of anyone, much less Christians and should be stopped! Mexico is a vicious land, with not much in the way of laws enforced to stop it, but there are many Catholics suffering of the same outrage that all Christians worldwide are! There Is good and bad in every country and society! WE have the right to be believers in God, to stand for Him and NO ONE has the right to try and take that, as God will never let that happen, no matter who gets killed in the process, as HE will redeem them and judge the ones who are in the wrong, the killers and drug war mongers etc……
    Many churches are not seeing what they need to do with all of this attack of satan and the evil they are taking on as a stand of faith when it is NOT…they are helping satan! Churches all over, if not very Biblically strong, are failing their parishes! They are just letting worse happen by their apothecial thinking….give the fight to God and stand up for what is right, here in the US and where there is injustice happening. Pick up the sword and stop satan, for that you will not die…one HAS to protect themselves and not be dumb sheep even in church these days especially because satan dits in the pews of many churches just waiting to devour them for their stupidity in letting evil enter and standing for evil, instead of standing for the truth of the Bible and of God!. Remember David fighting Goliath? The TRUTH HAS TO BE SPOKEN from the pulpit for the sake of all Christians and the TRUTH! God has already won and loves us that believe in the truth;….DO NOT BACK DOWN for the evil will end one day. In the meantime, much will happen that will challenge us all and we HAVE to pull together and be strong! We may fear for our mortal lives, but the glory and truth is in our eternal life!….Stand for Faith and God NOW- as it IS the battle of good verse evil…which side are YOU on?

    • Fair and balanced statement. Thank you.

    • Vinny Zee

      Well Ruth I have to counter-point. “Many Mexicans are just what they are rude, ignorant, taking from us and do not deserve to, do not respect our laws and think they can just mooch; this is true of them.”

      No – it’s not true of all of them. There are millions of hard working Mexicans who waited their turn in line or were born U.S. Citizens, who while having roots to Mexico, maintain the immigrant hard working mentality that I think is sorely lacking in the U.S. Are there those who are as you describe? Yes, of course, but this is because it’s often not highlighted that Mexico itself is largely a socialist system. People often never talk about the socialist style system of Mexico and her economy. Therefore, we have migrants here who have the socialist mentality. We also have migrants here that want to break away from the cycle of poverty and create a lift.

      Yes – Rapist, Murderers, Gang Bangers, Drug Smugglers, get them out and keep them out. However, we should also learn to embrace not only the strong work ethic many Hispanics bring to the U.S. but their strong family values that have also been so denigrated in the U.S.

  • ace

    You must not read very carefully, for this article spoke not just of Catholics, but also of Protestants, as evidenced by this link from World Watch Monitor in the article:

    Still, I think you must be from the school of the SAD-dunce-fleas.

    • Matthew Paul

      Hey Ace, “you” must not read very cafefully, I made no comment on who was and wasn’t being targeted and murdered by these Cartels. I was only commenting on the fact that Catholics are most definitely NOT Christians.

      • ace

        You know so little and that is dangerous. You capitalized my name, but I did not.

      • CTyank

        We all wait in stunned silence for your learned explanation of just what a “real” Christian is. You must either be infinitely better informed than anyone else here, including the writers of the articles, or a bigot. Would you have the grace and courage of the 21 Coptic men who praised Jesus while their hands were tied behind their back and their necks were sawed through while their precious heads were held back by their hair and their blood spilled into the sea? I think their actions show us true Christianity much more clearly than your slander and prejudice do.

        • CTyank

          And don’t tell Walid that you love him after slandering his faith and disrespecting his name, liar.

        • Don’t forget you could hear some say ‘Yesou’ (Jesus in Arabic) while they we gargling with the blood in their throats and their necks were being sliced.

          The Messianics might object that they did not say “Yeshua” except the Copt’s pronunciation is more accurate since they pronounced the last letter Aien.

          They got the Aein correct while they gargled in blood.

          I say that makes them better than the Messianic movement whom I could never find their martyrs.

      • Kamau41

        Where did the Bible come from then?
        Can you even name one Saint from 70 A.D-1500 A.D?

      • filomena seiffert

        Go and prove it to God

  • mspip

    there are many other preachers than catholic, priests and popes are just men, like any others. lots of them are not really of God nor of Yahshua. imho we are to worship the Son of God and the Father. the Holy Spirit is our guide and will take you where you need to be. definitely not the pope, nor any other man walking on shoe leather. only the Son of God and the Father if you give your life to Him you will be a real Christian. i have no bias against catholics but some of the others are way out there…..

    • filomena seiffert

      I have never seeing anyone worshiping popes. This one of the protestants lies to deceive the sheep. WE RESPECT the pope as the leader of the Church, power given by Jesus to Peter. I am so sick of this bla bla bla. Shut up.

      • mspip

        you are wrong again….. i don’t lie but do have opinions. and will not bother to comment to you anymore. others have decided to block you, think that i may do that soon. it seems to be the best option.

        • filomena seiffert

          The gang that can not stand the truth. I was born Catholic and I remain one. Never heard of anyone worshiping pope e even saints except the Holy trinity. We do pray and ask the intercession of saints in special blessed Mother. We do have respect for the pope because he is the head of the temporal church, given to Peter by Jesus Himself. Today, many who call themselves Catholics do not respect the pope and stopped reverence in the church. Pope Francis is quite persecuted by many “Catholics”. He is just trying to get nations and religions to respect each other and live as brothers and sisters because this is what we are, children created by the same Father. I do not dislike Protestants, except when they disrespect my Church and our saints. We give signs and deeds but you, like many Jews in Jesus time say it is demonic miracles. I ask you is there any protestant person who ever did what Mother Teresa de Calcuta’ did? not even close

  • Where are your martyrs Matthew? Name them. How many martyrs do you find from your school of thought since the fifteenth century? And now you say that because someone is Catholic who dies for the faith are nothing.

    If Muslim terrorists killed a bunch of homosexuals in a bar you would never dare say or write what you write and this is because you are a lazy servant who researches little and thinks they know everything.

    You want to discuss theology in every occasion even if it is about martyrdom.

    Well smarty-pants show me your martyrs then? We have Copts beheaded by ISIS. Are you Copt?

    Who is after your type? Russians?

    The bulk majority of martyrs are apostolic succession Christians.

    All you do is criticize and you most likely do nothing except complain.

  • I am soon to be confirmed as an Anglican Catholic. Would you consider me a Christian?

    • I would.

    • Kamau41

      My hands are raised high. You know I would.

    • Higlac

      Most absolutely and emphatically YES!!!

  • BC

    I don’t know bro… me personally, I’ve never heard any Protestant say that a Catholic isn’t a Christian…that’s the truth, & i’m not buried under a rock.

    I believe there must be based on several of those here posting (“i trust almost all the info from here ya”)…

    But more importantly, the reason you don’t hear about these atrocities, which you are absolutely correct about, has nothing to do with the fact Mexicans are mostly Catholic… it has everything to do with the wicked NWO Leftist-rats in power (power over media/journalism/entertainment in particular)…and yes, RINO’s are included in “Leftist-rats”—

    I can make this point easily by saying if it were muslims, fanooks, atheist/agnostics, or ANY other group of people that aren’t “Christian” (or Russian too probably right), that were being slaughtered & hunted, well then, …….”it would be ALL over the damn news”……it would be more ammo to use against the POTUS & his wall to come are u kidding….but these wicked demonic Leftist-rat pieces of ‘soros’ won’t EVER give attention in exposing “evil on God’s children.”
    This isn’t a Protestant/Catholic issue though, c’mon.

    • BC

      Nor is it b/c of labeling Mexicans as “lesser class”…again, that’s the damn wicked media accusing those on the Right of being (there’s some ya…i bet more on the Left though)….but still, the main issue non-Leftist-rat citizens have is “The damn law not being followed” (or better, “enforced”).
      Where’s the real men that can lead/organize a Revolution down South (& yes, at the same time, where’s the HONEST/GOOD “assistance” from other countries to lift up those in rebellion for good—i.e. “why does isis & or SFA get our support & not any militia in need DIRECTLY SOUTH OF OUR BORDER”)…
      It’s s Christian thing…not a Christian sect thing of why nothings been done yet….i bet Trump doesn’t even get informed about this in their daily meets…his advisers probably keep this out who knows….he’d do something QUICKLY about it otherwise.

      There is no government in Mexico.

  • Nan

    We need immigration reform to increase wages of citizens.

  • Nan

    First, we are all called to pray for the Pope. Second, born again Catholics aren’t a thing. Third, we are and have been the Church Militant, armed with rosaries and prayers.

  • Nan

    Except that the only believers at the time, were Catholics, who were one with Orthodox. Baptists didn’t exist.

  • Nan

    How do you know? Are you relying on what your church yells you or on what the Catholic church actually teaches?

    Nobody worships the pope. Who told you that lie?

  • Nan

    Bibles were hand copied and very expensive. Literacy of the populace wasn’t an option. Note that the printing press in the West predated the movable type press but was impractical for books.

  • The perpetrators are synchretists, who practice a blend of mythologies. They are around 20 to 100 victims in each of the states of Chiapas, Hidalgo, Oaxaca, Puebla and Guerrero.

    We expose syncretists not just in Mexico but in the Middle East:

    Mexico lost around 200,000 people murdered:

    We report persecution and aid persecuted Christians in Mexico, Egypt and Pakistan with thousands of testimonies:

    So please spare us your armchair comments.

  • “Now, either one of two things are about to happen: you will either block me (again.), or you will attempt to somehow justify this flogging of supposed heretics mindset. If I was a gambler, I would bet on the block”

    You betted wrong. I put you on ignore in hope you heal after you consumed your latest suppository. The only thing I am unaware of is which of the two orifices you consumed it through since I don’t think with you one can tell the difference.

  • An bigot is known to re-restart a dialogue that was already discussed in an article he read and ignored which he will always choose to restart that same dialogue in a dialogue box forgetting that he failed to refute it when it was written about and thoroughly discussed several times.

    Google “Shoebat” and “Septuagint” and refute away.

    Your problem Ringo is simple: you think you are ‘smart’

    • Isaiah5512

      So there, Ringo! You’re not so smart after all. As for me, I use The KJV,……. the same version that John The Baptist used! 😉

  • “.I tried to find Biblical support for a Christian to collude with the State in the death of ANY human being, but alas…Maybe you can find it, Mr.Shoebat?”

    Traits of a lazy servant always asking others to dig a well for him.

  • filomena seiffert

    Interesting is how the protestants try to cover their own crimes. even in USA, not so long ago, people were accused of witchcraft and sentenced to death by protestants. Luther encouraged the peasants to rebel against the lords of the time and them advised the lords to exterminate them. Calvin put many to death and exiled many, even ones from the same sect if they disagreed with him. I can not get over the protestants joining the muslim to assassinate, rape and all atrocities we know.

  • “Everyone seems to be attacking me with history lessons”

    I have heard of heart attacks, panic attacks, dog attacks, terror attacks, personal attacks … but HISTORY attacks?

    As soon as I read your “history attacks” I stopped reading the rest of your tome since history is key even in the Bible.

  • The deceiver always carried a shield and a sword. He does not come with a sword only.

    A shield could be just as saying “I love and respect Catholics” while the sword is is used to stab them with it.

  • The question was, “Would that make me a Christian?”

    So you say I am a Catholic but not a Christian. I say, “To be a Catholic is to be a Christian.”

    To be confirmed means I accept the their teachings. To be a Christian is to confess that “for us men and our salvation, Christ came down, was conceived by the Holy Ghost, and born of the Virgin Mary,” (Nicene Creed), and to also anoint me signifying the presence of the Holy Spirit via the laying of hands as practiced by the ancient apostles.

    So you are nothing more than a common bigot.

  • filomena seiffert

    I have no patience for the attackers of Holy Catholic Church and professed Catholics who think to governments do evil to others is OK/ You attack us first. Tell me what obscene word have I used? I never used the word you Americans like use in every single conversation, the F word. I have used slang that are not obscene. I am aggressive with ones that disrespect my church, no doubt. Jesus himself called the pharisees race of vipers, and thieves the vendors in the temple.

  • “Well, what about when their teachings contradict the Word of God?”

    I suggest you borrow the “Book of Common Prayer” and see for yourself what it says.

    “Can the Church/Pope excommunicate you and take your salvation away?”

    Only if I refuse to repent of errors.

    “I would suggest to you that you are smart enough to read God’s Word for
    yourself and with the help of His Holy Spirit understand His teachings
    first hand rather than have some church (any Church) interpret for you
    and tell you what they think He meant.”

    And this is how cult are developed, jackwagon. I have access to the Early Church Fathers’ writings and there is a universal uniformity in teachings on salvation. Finally, the one verse that will obliterate your suggestion to do private interpretation is from St. Paul himself to the future bishop of Crete, Timothy:

    “[…] if I am delayed, you may know how one ought to behave in the household of God, which is the church of the living God, the pillar and bulwark of the truth,” (1 Timothy 3:15).

    Do you see that “The Pillar and Bulwark of the Truth”? That means it is the Church’s responsibility to uphold and defend the Truth, including interpretations.

    Private interpretation of the Scriptures is the reason why heretics like Arius, using the same Gospel as we do, taught a denial of Christ’s divinity, and damn near destroyed the Church if it was not for St. Athanasius, pupil of St. Alexander of Alexandria, who refused to yield to the Arian heresy. Thanks to him and his power of persuasion, he was able to convince the Council of Nicene (called by emperor Constantine to have the Church settle the dispute between Athanasius and Arius) to uphold the doctrine of Christ’s divinity.

    The damn Seventh Day Adventist, using the same Scriptures, are keeping their followers in bondage with their denial of meat. The damn cult, Jehovah’s Witness, have managed to deceive million of their followers, using the same Scriptures, and keeping their followers in line by threatening to “shun” anyone who dare to question their teaching. The damn Mormon, using the same Scriptures, have deceived many of their followers in believing Joseph Smith was divinely inspired to write a perverted version of the Gospel.

    Finally, your advice here, “Trust in God, not in man,” I will gladly accept because I sure as hell will not listen to you, jackwagon! I trust that Jesus’ promise that the gates of hell will not prevail against His Church that He shed His blood for, and with the Father, sent the Holy Spirit to guide the Church from Pentecost to today.

    Get out of here, you loser.

  • Isaiah5512

    O Corny Kneel Yes, thou art so holy. Only YOUR opinion counts, and everyone else is a troll. Tell your story walking.

  • Isaiah5512

    Hi Marylin. No. A bad pope does not make all Catholics bad. But is there any point being Catholic if you do not agree that the pope is the infallible vicar of Christ? Being Catholic not only assumes that you recognize the pope as your ultimate authority of the faith… it demands it. I am well educated in all things Catholic, which is why I left Catholicism. No malice intended. GBU.