North Korea Now Wants To Make Peace With South Korea

By Theodore Shoebat

Kim Jong Un, the leader of North Korea, has expressed desires to make peace with South Korea. As we read in one report from CNN:

In his address, Kim called for peace on the Korean peninsula. “North and South must work together to alleviate the tensions and work together as a people of the same heritage to find peace and stability,” Kim said, according to a CNN translation of his speech.
He added that North Korean representatives should start talks with their South Korean counterparts “as soon as possible” to discuss sending a delegation to the 2018 Winter Games.
Kim went on to wish South Korea success in hosting the upcoming Olympics and said the event would be a “good chance” to show the greatness of the Korean people.
The South Korean presidential spokesman agreed.
“If the PyeongChang Olympics can be successfully held as peace Olympics, it will make contributions to the peace and harmony of the Korean Peninsula and Northeast Asia, as well as to the world,” Park said.
But Kim ratcheted up his warnings to the US. “The entire mainland of the US is within the range of our nuclear weapons and the nuclear button is always on the desk of my office. They should accurately be aware that this is not a threat but a reality,” Kim said.
“No matter how much America wants to attack us with their military might and nuclear power, they know that now we possess such great nuclear power and therefore they will not dare,” he continued, adding that his country’s greatest achievement of 2017 was the “historic accomplishment of completing our nuclear capabilities.”
Putting all of Un’s anti-America rhetoric aside, could this be a sign that North and South Korea want to unite Japan? Its quite possible, since North Korea hates Japan more than anyone else.
  • ChristianAmericanCrusader

    No doubt, all of the tensions that has been building with N/S Korea, we can expect this to also help revive Japan’s militarism.

  • Indian Christian Crusader

    Not related to this news but important


    Their journalism is exceptional and accurate, which shows their research and professionalism is of high standards. has repeatedly written about how Indian Hindu extremists want to clean India in an ethno-nationalist purge, similar to Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan.

    Here is a law maker saying today India is a land only for Hindus :

    This affirms everything team has been reporting.

  • Constantine’s Correspondent

    They are speaking of peace and a warning alarm is quietly ringing in my mind.

    • Constantine’s Correspondent

      When you write, “[…] could this be a sign that North and South Korea want to unite Japa,” did you mean to ask if the Korean are uniting together against Japan?

      • richinnameonly

        Yeah, looks like the word “against” was dropped out.

    • Ceirwyn

      Current NK is a puppet gov run by The Cabal. It’s where evil Deepstate and evil China go to hide their evil stuff and make fake war threats as Kabuki. China has its own satanic cult branch of The Cabal/NWO.

  • AnthonyM

    Could be just another stalling or diversionary tactic. For Kim to break with the long tradition of the leaders of the North Korean to stop threatening destruction of the US and South Korea may mean he is worried about a painful US naval blockade, and/or the US success in getting China to stop supporting North Korea.

    • Georgeorwell

      I think you are dead on–it is the Trump effect.

      • AnthonyM

        Every day I’m glad and thankful Trump is President.

  • Taurnil Oronar

    Yes I want peace says the little fat man as he wields nuclear missiles and makes test launches.

  • CTyank

    You contradicted yourself at the end, my friend.

  • Shane Bass

    I would love me to add, I am not a conspiracy theorist in the sense of the word to describe Alex Jones, but nonetheless I am an individual weary of some things. I can’t help but think that if the Olympics are being held in South Korea that there might be some sort of false flag attack supposedly done by North Korea to justify Japanese intervention and the ramping up of its own military.

    • paulette barrow

      @Shane,Yea like sending people there with poison on they’re hands like he did to his half brother,i dont trust him one bit

  • Georgeorwell

    The clock is ticking on Rocket Man and he knows it, so now he plays a forked tongued peacemaker. I hope SK is not so stupid as to fall for it.

  • Brick

    I would say it is purely either diplomatic or Kim Fat the 3rd (how we call him) is under a lot of pressure not just from USA but also from China. In addition, North Korea and China, and South Korea shared the same “like and hate” relationship with Japan. Within these three countries, N&S Koreas used to be one country that is also considered a vassal state of China. Korea and China for hundreds of years had shared a relationship of “big brother (China) and smaller brother (Korea)”. All these three countries had been invaded by Japan before and shared a painful (or hateful) memory that many still remembers. Still, I don’t think this has much to do with Japan, though there is a possibility.

  • paulette barrow