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The Death Of Christendom: The Slow And Painful Destruction Of Christian Civilization

By Theodore Shoebat and Walid Shoebat The life of Israel is the life of Christendom. As Israel once broke apart — with Judah and Israel splitting — so Christendom broke apart, with the Avignon controversy — in which Europe was split between those who believed that the Church was to be stationed in France, and […]

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The Anti-Illegal Immigration Movement Is Part Of The Same Nazi Network As Planned Parenthood

By Theodore Shoebat The anti-illegal immigration movement is part of the same network as Planned Parenthood. Both are eugenist, evil, Nazi, and enemies of the human race. This is the subject I discuss deeply in my latest video: Further information:  The anti-illegal movement is truly a movement that consists of eugenists. Lets look at Peter […]

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The Israeli Government Declares That It Will Be Deporting Tens Of Thousands Of African Migrants. Mass Expulsions And Deportations Will Be Taking Place

By Theodore Shoebat The Israeli government declares that it will be deporting tens of thousands of African migrants. Mass expulsions and deportations are to take place. If people have fled to Israel to flee persecution, it is very sad that Israel will be deporting them back to Africa. Were not the Jews deported by the […]

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‘Blood Is Spilled Daily, Nobody Knows When They Leave Home If They Will Return’- Narco Cartels Have Turned Mexico Into A War Zone

In 2016, produced a film entitled “Hell across the Border,” which documented the horrors of the drug cartels that have turned Mexico into one of the most dangerous nations on Earth. Drug cartel terrorism is everywhere and the killers are as or more ruthless than those of ISIS. Each day an average of 57 […]

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Christian Pastor Arrested By Nigerian Federal Police And Disappears After Claims He Brought Muslim Girl To Christ, Major Christian Pastor Says ‘State Security Has Declared War Against Nigerian Christians’

A well-known Nigerian pastor was arrested by federal police and has since disappeared after claims he converted a Muslim girl to Christianity. In response, a major Christian pastor has called on the President of Nigeria to intervene in the situation, saying that the security apparatus of the government has declared war on Christians: There are […]

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Hundreds Of Police Deployed To Protect TWO Christian Schools In India From Hindu Terrorists

Violence against Christians at the hands of Hindu terrorists has been skyrocketing across India, where self-proclaimed “Hindu Nationalists” that claim they are “struggling for Hindu existence” have been attacking Christians and telling Hindus to buy guns in preparation for a race and religious war against non-Hindus to bring about the “Hindutva Rashtra,” or the “pure” […]

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Muslim Refugee In Sweden Abandons Islam And Embraces Christianity, Becomes A Minister And Now Has Personally Brought 1500 Muslims To Christ

There are many horror stories about what the Muslim “refugees” have been doing across Europe. However, as we have pointed out, there are many cases of Muslims who come an find Christ. Just last year, we reported that thousands of Muslims across Europe were becoming Christians and the churches were filled with people seeking to […]

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