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The Story Of Uriah The Hittite Is The Story Of Christ And The Story Of Christendom, It Is The Story Of The Church Fighting For Israel And Getting Nothing In Return

By Theodore Shoebat The Story of Uriah the Hittite Is The Story Of The Church and the story of Christendom. It is the story of the Church fighting for Israel, and getting nothing in return. From the hundreds of thousands of Christians who died fighting the Nazis, to Pope Pius XII rescuing hundreds of thousands […]

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Pro-Homosexual Group Declares That They Will Take Christian Woman And Burn Her Alive For Speaking Against The Homosexual Agenda

By Theodore Shoebat A pro-homosexual group has said that they want to burn a Christian woman alive for speaking against the sodomite agenda. As we read in one report from Life Site News:  A Facebook group wanting to “burn…alive” a U.S. Christian pro-family activist who takes bold stances against feminism, political correctness, and the LGBT lobby […]

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Mexican Drug Cartel Terrorists Take Nine People And Execute Them, Then Dismember Their Bodies And Stuff The Pieces Into A Van

Hundreds of people have been murdered already in Mexico by drug cartels and the numbers are rising, making Mexico one of the most dangerous places in the world after Syria and Iraq. In another horrible story of the cartel violence, narco terrorists executed nine people, dismembered the bodies, and stuffed the pieces into a van […]

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Muslim Mob Attacks And Destroys Church While Protesting To Show Their Support Of Terrorist Sheikh

Sheikh Guyo Gorsa was arrested by police for promoting terrorism and using the Islamic school where he taught to recruit new members for Al-Shabaab, an Islamic terror group that has butchered hundreds of Christians and caused thousands more to flee for their lives. In a demonstration showing support for the Sheikh, protesters destroyed a church […]

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Three “Masked Gunmen” In Egypt Execute Random Christian Man, Authorities Say ‘This Was Another Act Of Islamic Terrorism’

Islamic terrorist attacks in Egypt against Christian are skyrocketing. Dozens have already been killed this year, including a 35-year-old Christian man who was shot to death this weekend according to a report: Egyptian security officials say gunmen have shot dead a Christian man in the turbulent north of the Sinai Peninsula, the latest attack to […]

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