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Muslims Kidnap And Savagely Torture Africans, Melt Plastic On His Naked Body, As He Screams For Help They Tell Him “Shut Up!”

In a horrible video that appeared recently, a group of Muslims kidnapped a group of African men and savagely tortured them, including melting plastic on the naked body of one man. As he screamed for help they told him to “shut” up as he writhed in pain. Here is the video:  Now there is […]

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The US Senate Declares That Its Okay To Murder Your Child After 20 weeks of pregnancy

By Theodore Shoebat More eugenics coming out of the United States government, with the Senate blocking a bill that would make it illegal to get an abortion after 20 weeks. Here is the report from Politico: The Senate on Monday blocked a bill, backed by President Donald Trump, to ban abortion after 20 weeks of […]

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Illegal Immigration Is Never going away, because corporations make millions of dollars from illegal immigrants being detained in the private prison system

By Theodore Shoebat Illegal immigration is always going to be an issue in the United States. Why? Because corporations and lobbyists make tremendous amounts of money by pushing for laws that imprison and deport illegal immigrants. As long as there is money to be made from this, there will always be illegals. I did a […]

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You Cannot Have Morality Without God. Secular Ethics Is Evil And Dangerous

By Theodore Shoebat For years I have been hearing arguments for certain moral laws from secular ethicists. While they may have good arguments against evils like euthanasia, assisted suicide, homosexuality, abortion and the like, their foundation is vacuous of God, and thus subject to human capriciousness. This is the subject of my latest video: Christianity […]

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Man in Philadelphia tries to slaughter people by ramming them with his car. Off duty police officer shoots him in the head

By Theodore Shoebat An off-duty police officer saved peoples lives in Philadelphia when he shot in the head an evil person who was trying to ram people with his car. As we read in a report from Fox News: A man who was allegedly attempting to ram pedestrians with his black Honda on Monday morning […]

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Doctors in Britain declare that a sick baby must be killed. The parents protest and say that the child is still responsive and has emotions. The doctors say that the child must be put to death

By Theodore Shoebat Doctors in Britain have declared that a sick baby must be killed, regardless of the fact that the parents have protested this evil and say that the child is responsive and has emotions. This is the tyranny of the medical system, the nazis in suits who are now being given the power […]

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Man in Pennsylvania goes to carwash armed with an AR-15 semi-automatic rifle, .308-caliber rifle and 9mm handgun, and wearing body armor, opens fire and slaughters four people

By Theodore Shoebat Another American psycho. He goes into a carwash, armed with an AR-15 semi-automatic rifle, .308-caliber rifle and 9mm handgun and was wearing body armor. He opens fire and slaughters four people. One of the victims was his ex-girlfriend. As I have said, women love psychos. Here is the shooter, Timothy Smith, look at […]

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