Archive | January 4, 2018

Hindu Terrorists Go To Christian College And Demand To Do Hindu Rituals On Campus And Threatens “Or Else You Will Have Problems”

A group of Hindus from the BJP approached a Catholic college in India and demanded that they be allowed to do Hindu rituals on campus. The college repsonded that since they do not even have Catholic mass on campus, they would not allow any Hindu rituals. In response the Hindus flew into a rage and […]

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There Is No ‘Invasion’ Of Europe Happening- Major Study Confirms That The European Navy Are The Ones Who Are Working With NGOs, Companies, And Even Social Media To Traffic Countless People From Africa And The Middle East Into Europe At Taxpayer Expense has maintained that the “refugee crisis” taking place in Europe is not actually a crisis at all, but it is part of a manufactured plan on behalf of western governments, and specifically Germany, to destabilize their own nations with groups of people who cannot be assimilated in order to justify a return of ethnonationalism […]

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Man Asked To Watch Eight-Year-Old Girl Instead Forces Her To Take Meth And Marijuana, Then He Sodomizes Her

A man was arrested after he was asked to watch an eight-year-old girl for several hours and instead during that time gave the girl meth and marijuana and then sodomized her according to a report: A Missouri man admitted to raping an 8-year-old girl and forcing her to eat methamphetamines and smoke cigarettes and marijuana, […]

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1400 Iraqi Christians Saved From Certain Death At The Hands Of Islamic Terrorists After US Federal Judge Blocks Deportation Order

Last year, President Trump’s series of deportation orders affected thousands of Christians living in the USA, with many of those affected being refugees from Islamic violence in their native lands. In Detroit, 1400 Christians were arrested and threatened with being forcibly repatriated to Iraq. Thanks to a Federal judge not only has the deportation order […]

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