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Islamic Terrorists Use Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicles To Attack Russian Soldiers. The Russians Shoot Them Down And Conclude That Another Government Is Supplying Islamic Terrorists With This Technology

By Theodore Shoebat Islamic terrorists used “unmanned combat aerial vehicles” to attack Russian soldiers. The Russian troops shot down these aerial vehicles. The Russian government, after investigating the technology, has concluded that the terrorists themselves did not make these unmanned aerial weapons, and that they were supplied to the terrorists by another government. As we […]

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Muslim Activist Tells Australians Who Have Been Troubled By Muslim Gangs ‘You Have No Reason To Be Outraged Because You Are All The Descendants Of Convicts LOL’

A well-known Muslim activist in Australia recently caused a stir by saying that Australians who have been troubled by Muslim gangs in the area have nothing to complain about because they are ‘the descendants of convicts’: Muslim activist and former ABC presenter Yassmin Abdel-Magied has sparked controversy by mocking Australians concerned about Melbourne’s rising gang […]

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Muslim Woman Gives Christian Widow And Her Five Children Gifts Filled With Poison On Christmas Day

A Muslim woman admitted to giving her Christian neighbor gifts filled with poison on Christmas Day. She said that she did it because the family, who are former Muslims turned Christians, were ‘too loud’ during their worship services at home according to a report: A Christian mother of five in eastern Uganda was pleasantly surprised […]

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American Man Goes On Violent, Naked Feces-Throwing Rampage In Thai Airport, When Arrested He Says ‘I Overdosed On Viagra’

An American man was arrested by Thai police after he ripped his clothes off and went on a naked, feces-throwing rampage until he was apprehended. In custody he said that he did it because he had taken too much Viagra according to a report: An American tourist who had ‘taken too many sex drugs’ was […]

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Hindu Policeman Tells Disabled Christian Pastor At Police Station ‘If You Keep Worshipping Jesus I Will Cut Your Leg Off And Turn Your Life Into A Living Hell’

A Christian pastor was summoned to a police station after a conflict with Hindu extremists. At the station, the policeman, also a Hindu, told the pastor that he would cut off the pastors leg and ‘make (his) life a living hell’ if he did not stop worshipping Christ: Summoned to a police station after Hindu […]

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