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ISIS Executes A Man For Working With Hamas, And Declares That Muslims Should Slaughter Any Member Of Hamas

By Theodore Shoebat ISIS now wanting to execute members of ISIS, in a video which shows an ISIS offshoot in Egypt executing a man accused of being a collaborator with Hamas. As we read in a report from Fox News: An Islamic State group offshoot in Egypt has officially declared war on Gaza-based Palestinian terror […]

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Nigerian Journalist Sends This Message For The Whole World To Know: “If you have the right network, you and your colleagues can go to any village and farm, ransack the entire area, rape the occupants, machete the residents, butcher toddlers, kill pregnant women and slice open the fetus, chop-off the head of the children and burn their houses”

By Theodore Shoebat A Nigerian journalist has recently written an article on the state of morality within the socio-political power structure of Nigeria, writing that the Fulani — Nigerian cow herders who, having an elitist mentality because they have Arab blood — will slaughter farmers when they try to stop their cows from trampling their […]

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First You Worshipped Glenn Beck, Now You Hate Beck. Then You Worshipped Bannon, Now You Are Starting To Hate Bannon. Who Will The Next Spiritual Drug Dealer Be To Fool The American People?

By Theodore Shoebat People once worshipped Beck. Now they hate Beck. People then worshipped Bannon. Now they hate Bannon. Who will the next drug dealer be, To give you the rush that you so seek? This is the subject of my video. Enjoy:   Were Are About To Enter A New World War, A Blood […]

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What The Catholic Church Really Taught About Nazism Will Shock You. How The Vatican Described Nazism Fits Perfectly With The Alt-Right And Current Day Nationalist Movements

By Theodore Shoebat What did the Catholic Church really say about Nazism? Many people slander the Church and say that it was for Nazism, or that it played politics with the Nazis. But by looking into the Vatican archives on Nazism, which have just recently been released into the English language, we see that the […]

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2018 Will Prove To Be The Year For Jerusalem To Spark The Nations To War. The Time Is Near And War Is On The Horizon.

By Walid Shoebat (Early Sunday Special) In spite of Trump’s comments on Jerusalem, only seven countries — other than Israel and the U.S. — voted in line with Washington’s interests: Togo, Micronesia, Nauru, Palau, Marshall Islands, Guatemala and Honduras. Only seven insignificant nations decided to support Jerusalem being the sole property of Israel while the […]

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