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Major Protestant Denominations Betray The Christians Of India, Call For The Decriminalization Of Homosexuality And Say ‘If You Do Not Support Homosexuality, You Are A Fascist’

According to a recent story, the National Council of Churches of India, which represents 14 million Christians across a wide spread of Protestant denominations including the Anglicans, Baptists, Evangelicals, Lutherans, Mennonites, Presbytarians, and even the Malankara Orthodox Church have asked for the Indian government to formally pass legislation to decriminalize homosexual behavior: The National Council […]

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German Imperialism Is Coming Back As German Tanks Are Now In Syria To Support Turkey’s Expansion Further Into The Middle East

By Theodore Shoebat German imperialism is coming back as German tanks are now in Turkey to support the Turkish plan of expansionism into the Middle East. Germany and Turkey both want to bring back their empires, and they are helping each other in this enterprise of evil. This is the subject of my latest video:

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Bombing In Christian District Leaves Nine People Dead

By Theodore Shoebat A bombing on a Christian district in Syria left nine people dead. Very sad. The report does not say who did the bombing. Would not surprise me at all if it was done by rebels. As we read in one report from Catholic News Agency:  An estimated nine people were killed in […]

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Man Murders His Four-Year-Old Nephew, Dismembers His Body And Eats The Pieces

A man was found “not fit to stand trial” and will be institutionalized after he murdered his four-year-old nephew, dismembered his body and ate the pieces: The man dubbed the Port St Johns “cannibal” was told on Tuesday that instead of facing trial for allegedly killing‚ dismembering and eating some body parts of his four-year-old […]

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ISIS Soldiers Terrorize Christians After Their Death As Their Rotting Carcasses In The Streets Poison Iraqi Cities

Most people would think that after a terrorist dies, the threat is neutralized. This is true for the most part. However, there is an exception in Iraq as so many ISIS terrorists have been slaughtered that their bodies are polluting the streets, creating an unbearable stench and a health hazard: For three years, jihadists made […]

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Muslim Raiders Take Machetes And Hack 80 Random Christians To Death In Series Of “Horrendous And Inhuman” Attacks

Muslim raiders have been engaged for years in a campaign of terror against the Christians of Nigeria. This month alone Muslims have hacked over 80 Christians to death with machetes and countless more live in fear, not knowing if they will live to the next day: More than 80 Nigerian Christians have been slaughtered at […]

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