Archive | January 27, 2018

Boomer Conservatism is dying out. Make way for the Alt-right, nationalism, neo-paganism and the desire to put people in gas chambers

By Theodore Shoebat For a long time, Boomer Conservatism was the dominant political mentality. But now, as the millennials and Gen-Xers are starting to take the mantel of politics, and with the Boomer generation getting eclipsed by their younger successors, this 1990s and early 2000s mentality regarding politics is dying out. Make way for the […]

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Artificial Intelligence Apps Are Now Swapping Famous Celebrity Faces Onto Porn Actors- This Is A Lot More Serious Than Pornography

Artificial intelligence is changing not only the way that people live, but also how they perceive the world around them. This is far more than Virtual Reality, but is all the way to creating images that look real but are not, so fiction becomes indistinguishable from reality. The technology is now developed to such a […]

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