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First They Destroyed Yugoslavia, Then The Middle East, And Now They Are Working To Destroy Western Europe

By Theodore Shoebat First they destroyed Yugoslavia in the 1990s, then they destroyed the Middle East in the 2010s, and in subsequent years. The next target is Western Europe. In my latest video I talk about how the powers that be are orchestrating a policy of destabilization to bring the world into a major war. […]

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13-Year-Old Christian Girl Attacked And Raped By Muslim While Working On Farm

Fortunately the man who did the crime was arrested and the local Muslims, including the landlord helped the Christian family. However, such attacks against Christians are common in Pakistan: A 13-year-old Pakistani Christian girl was raped in a rural area near the city of Gujranwala, north of Lahore, on Sunday (14 January), as she worked […]

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Latest Poll Finds That Generation Zyklon Is The Least Christian In US History, Is Embracing Atheism And Darwinism Instead Of Christ

The Barna Group recently conducted a poll and found that Generation Z, which has been nicknamed “Generation Zyklon,” is the least Christian generation in American history yet, choosing instead to embrace atheism and darwinism: Teenagers today are the most non-Christian generation in American history as only four out of 100 teens hold a true biblical […]

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Major Member Of Anti-Islam German Political Party Resigns After He Converts To Islam

The right-wing Alternativ für Deutschland (Alternative for Germany) German populist political party 1in the years since the “migrant crisis” began in Europe has rocketed to fame after its open and at the time, not yet seen criticism of Islam and Muslims. However, a “scandal” has shocked the party after Arthur Wagner, who is also one […]

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