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Vile Sodomite-Loving Mother Who Is Obsessed With Demons, Witches, And The Occult Has Been Turning Her Son Into A “Woman” For Years And Now Has Made Him The Symbol Of A New Drag Club For CHILDREN Where NO PARENTS Are Allowed

Back in 2015, then eight-year-old Desmond Napoles made headlines after his mother allowed him to dress up as a woman and take part in the New York City Pride parade that year. The boy’s mother staunchly defended her actions and even admitted that she has been actively encouraging her son to become a woman since […]

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The Chancellor Of Austria, Sebastian Kurz, Declares That Europe Needs To Send Its Militaries To The Middle East And Africa To Prevent Refugees From Entering Europe

By Theodore Shoebat The chancellor of Austria, Sebastian Kurz, has declared that the European Union should send its militaries into the Middle East and Africa to prevent refugees from entering Europe. Kurz proposed that the EU establish “safe zones” for refugees in the Middle East and Africa, and back it militarily, stating: “If (redistributing refugees) […]

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Muslim Terrorists Enter Church And Open Fire On The Christians. A Woman Pushes Her Two Daughters Out Of The Way And Puts Herself In The Line Of Fire. The Muslims Notice That She Has A Christian Necklace, They Then Execute Her And Force Her Two Daughters To Watch. The Islamic Terrorists Then Murder Eight More People

By Theodore Shoebat Another horror story, and another story of martyrdom coming out of Egypt. Islamic terrorists entered a church and opened fire. A Christian woman pushed her two daughters to put herself in the line of fire. The Muslims noticed that she had a Christian necklace, and executed her, forcing her two daughters to […]

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Muslims Kidnap Dozens Of Black Africans, Tie Them Up With Barbed Wire And Sodomize Them, Then Force Them To Drink From Toilet Bowls Before Selling Them As Slaves

Thousands of stories have emerged about Muslims in Libya kidnapping black African people and selling them into slavery. According to a recent report, dozens of men from Nigeria were just freed from slavery, and they have testified that while in captivity they were raped, tied with barbed wire and forced to drink from toilets while […]

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Soldiers Break Into Church During Services, Fire Tear Gas And Attack, Rob, And Murder Eight Christians

Eight Christians were murdered and many more assaulted and robbed after Congolese soldiers attacked a Church during services looking for Christians who were protesting against the government of the Congo and its current President, Joseph Kabila according to a report: Police stormed Catholic churches and fired tear gas during Mass in the Democratic Republic of […]

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