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Major Nazi Leader Admits ‘We Are Going To Infiltrate Christian Churches And Traditionalist Groups This Year And Use Them To Spread Nazism And Paganism’

Upon taking power in 1933, Hitler enacted a seldom-mentioned war against Christianity which he called Kirchenkampf, or the “church struggle.”  This battle was a struggle for the soul of Christianity itself against the Paganism of the Third Reich, for while the great numbers of Germans counted themselves as Christians, the Nazi philosophy was at its […]

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Tens Of Thousands Of People In Iran Are Taking To The Streets Throughout The Country To Overthrow The Islamic Regime Of Iran. Twenty People Have Been Killed So Far. Donald Trump Declares His Support For The Demonstrators

By Theodore Shobat Tensions are rising in Iran, as anti-government demonstrations take place throughout the country. Just recently nine people were killed, and 100 people were arrested. Among the nine people killed were six people who attempted to steal guns from a police station in Qahdarijan. Another person killed was a member of Iran’s paramilitary Revolutionary Guard […]

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American Teenager Rings In The New Year By Gunning Down His Family And Their Friend

A teenager from New Jersey has started this year (and most likely the rest of his years) in a jail cell after he was arrested for gunning down his mother, father, sister, and a neighbor on New Year’s Eve: A New Year’s Eve celebration turned into tragedy when an autistic 16-year-old fatally shot his father, […]

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Christian Man Converts To Islam And Demands His Ex-Muslim Wife Become Muslim, She Says “Never,” He Files False Charges And Colludes With Muslim Policemen To Have Her Arrested And Her Children Taken Away And Forced Into Islam

A Christian man converted to Islam in order to get a job in his area. He demanded his wife, who is a former Muslim turned Christian, and their children convert to Islam. When she refused to do either, he colluded with the local Muslim authorities to file kidnapping charges against her and is now facing […]

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Two Christians In Egypt Gunned Down Outside Of Store By Terrorist On Motorcycle On New Years Day

Just days after a horrible attack on a church that killed 11 people in Egypt, two more Christians were gunned down by a terrorist on a motorcycle on New Years Day outside of a liquor store according to a report: Just days after 11 people were killed during an attack targeting Christians in Cairo, two […]

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New Years Day Massacre As 16 Christians Are Randomly Gunned Down Right After Church Service In Nigeria

The 2018 new year got off to a violent start as 16 Christians were randomly gunned down as they were leaving Church in Nigeria according to a recent report: Unidentified gunmen shot and killed at least 16 Christians following a New Year’s Day church service in Nigeria. BBC News reported Tuesday that the attack occurred […]

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