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What To Expect Before The Coming War Of Armageddon. Take Note And Remember The Warning Signs And Be Prepared Lest The Hour Comes By Surprise

By Walid Shoebat (Shoebat Sunday Special) One thing about biblical prophecies most do not pay attention to is this: when prophecy happens, the world is sound asleep and when prophecy is not happening the lazy speculates. When we read in Jeremiah 49:21 that a “great city” will be destroyed and the noise of this city’s destruction […]

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Catholicism Is The True Religion Of Israel, Jerusalem Will Become A Catholic City When Christ Returns To Restore Christendom And The Kingdom Of Israel

By Theodore Shoebat Catholicism is the true religion of Israel, Jerusalem will become a Catholic city. This is the subject of my latest video: Christianity Is At War, This Is Why We Must Prepare Our Souls For The Great World War That Is To Come. Click Here To Get Our New Book And Educate Your Mind And […]

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Muslims Kidnap Christian Woman, Tie Her Up, Drug Her And Rape Her For Two Days And Leave Her Tied To A Chair At The Home Of The Rapists’ Uncle

Thankfully a man said that he saw her or else she may have never been found. A Christian woman in Pakistan was kidnapped by a gang of Muslims, tied up, drugged, raped for two days, and then left tied to a chair at their uncle’s home: A Christian woman from Gujranwala, Pakistan was brutally gang-raped […]

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28-Year-Old Man Shoots His Elderly Mother In The Head And Kills Her After Argument Over Losing A Video Game

A 28-year-old man shot his mother in the head and killed her after an argument with her over losing a video game according to a report: A California man fatally shot his 68-year-old mother Friday night after losing a video game, police said. Investigators told KCRA that 28-year-old Matthew Nicholson was alone in his room […]

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