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Islamic Terrorists Invade Christian Village, And Slaughter The Farmers. The Christians Get So Tired Of This Islamic Persecution, That They Take Up Arms And Fight Against The Terrorists. A Battle Commences And Seventy Three Christians Are Killed In The Fight

By Theodore Shoebat Islamic terrorists slaughtered 73 Christian farmers as they were defending their farmland from the jihadists. The Islamists, who are Fulani herdsmen, want to force the Christians to allow their cattle to trample through their crops. The Christians, sick of this persecution, fought back and many were killed. I did a video on […]

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Cardinal says that ‘Homosexuals Are Psychologically Ill, They Can Never Be In ‘Good Conscience’ Because The Bible Says Their Behavior Is Filthy And Evil, And If They Do Not Stop Then God Will Destroy Them Just Like How He Destroyed Sodom And Gomorrah’- Major Catholic Cardinal Publicly Condemns The Evil That Is The LGBT

The Bible says that homosexuality is a sin which is “worthy of death” in both the Old and New Testaments, including from St. Paul. In a recent statement, Cardinal Juan Iniguez of Mexico recalled St. Paul’s condemnation of homosexuality, saying that it’s a “psychological illness” that is evil, that homosexual can never be in “good […]

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Baltimore Teenagers Attack Elderly Man, Rob Him And Then Steal His Car And Run Over Him For Fun

Fortunately the man survived but not without serious injuries, and the teenagers who committed the act were apprehended: Four teens in Baltimore County have been arrested after police allege they brutally attacked an elderly man and drove over him with his own car before they stole it. The teens — Darian Maurice Hicks, 16; Taizjuan […]

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German Government Rips Down 125-Year-Old Church In Order To ‘Make Room’ For A Coal Mining Pit

While there has been much said about the decline of Christianity in Germany, in a small story, a major church that stood for 125 years was purposefully destroyed to make way for a coal mining operation: The church in the western German town of Immerath was one of the last major structures to remain standing. […]

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Muslim Terrorists Are Wiping Out Entire Christian Villages And Kidnapping The Survivors In A Massive War Against Christianity In Nigeria

Islamic terrorists from the northern regions of Nigeria have been waging an all-out war on Christianity throughout the country. Entire villages have been depopulated, churches destroyed, and countless people kidnapped and held for ransom. Christians live in constant fear of Muslim gangs who remain on the hunt for Christians to kidnap and hold captive according […]

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Three Christians From Nepal Are Arrested And Jailed In India For The ‘Crime’ Of “Spreading Christianity”

Three Christians from Nepal were arrested in India while handing out Christian literature. They were charged with “insulting the Hindu gods” and “spreading Christianity” according to a report: Three Nepalese Christians who shared Christian materials in Shahjahanpur city in India have been arrested and sent to jail after some locals accused them of spreading Christianity […]

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