How Franco And Catholic Latin America Rescued Tens Of Thousands Of Jews From The Nazi Death Camps

By Theodore Shoebat

When the Jews were refugees fleeing the Nazi reign of terror, they were — as most do not know — rescued by Franco and Catholic Latin America. I can talk about this greatly ignored historical reality in my latest video:


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  • filomena seiffert

    The Vatican provided false ID passport to thousands of Jews also housed many of them in castel gandolfo and many convents kept Jews hidden risking their own lives. I am so thankful to God to make me a Catholic.

  • filomena seiffert

    Jews never learn the lesson, they always go back to their prejudice.

    • Stephen

      They insist on demonizing Pius XII, in spite of what he did for them. They are leftists down their bones it seems, as such they will always hate the Catholic Church and Franco as well. But they can never be criticised, for they will play the anti Semite card.