Steve Bannon Is Finished And Will Soon Become Irrelevant As More And More People Are Now Turning Against Him

By Theodore Shoebat

Steve Bannon is going down the road of irrelevancy as more people turn against him. This is the subject of my latest video:

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  • susan

    Aha! Now i finally know the meaning of cracker and of jack and of crackerjack. 😉

    And maybe it’s time to listen to Tina….

  • AnthonyM

    I thought the pictures of Bannon made him look like he was a hard drinker, which means that person won’t last long, or shouldn’t be trusted.
    “I’m an agent of the Pope”, LOL!

    • AnthonyM

      The new heroes come onto the scene, one after the other. More than one of them I accepted until getting ‘the rest of the story’ here.
      The steady progression reminds me of a carnival shooting gallery where the yellow ducky targets come into view on a track. Ted says ‘I got it’, and with his BB gun, shoots, and plink, over it goes. Next one slides into view, and Ted says “This one’s mine”, and plink down it goes also.