Well-Known Swedish Christian Farmer And Youtuber Says ‘The Government Has Been Telling Us To Get Ready To Survive A Major Crisis Or War, And To Get At Least Two Weeks Of Supplies As Soon As You Can’

Swedish Homestead is a Youtube Channel run by Simeon, an American whose family moved to Sweden in 2002 and has lived on a farm there since. He makes videos showing life on the farm, how he cares for his plants and animals, and the skills he uses. He does not talk about politics ever.

In a recent video he released, he said that he was concerned because the Swedish government has been warning its citizens that there is going to be a war, and all Swedish citizens need to acquire at least two weeks of supplies as soon as possible and be prepared not to rely on the government for assistance. The part in question starts at 1:00:

As Simeon points out the Swedish people have become VERY dependent on the government since World War II. At 2:15, he makes a very interesting point, which is about if “the harbor in Gothenburg were to be shut down, all of the grocery stores will be empty in just a few days.”

Gothenburg is one of several major Swedish port cities. Located on the western coast of Sweden, it is the largest of the ports and according to the website for the Port of Gothenburg, 50% of all goods brought into Sweden come in through Gothenburg:

APM Terminals Gothenburg is the largest container terminal in Scandinavia. The terminal handle about 50 percent of Sweden’s total container trade. The terminal offer the widest liner services for container traffic in Scandinavia and have the capacity to handle the largest container vessels in the world. (source)

Interestingly, Gothenburg also seems to be a hub of Islamic ‘terrorist’ activity, as it is also the largest center of recruitment for ISIS according to a 2015 report:

Gothenburg, in western Sweden is, per capita, one of the European cities from which most people have joined Islamic extremist groups, according to Swedish integration police chief, Ulf Boström.
The largest of these groups is Islamic State (Isis), which claims to have carried out the terrorist attacks in Paris on Friday that killed 129 people.

Boström, who works with the Muslim community in Gothenburg, told Swedish newspaper Göteborg-Posten on Sunday that Isis “has the strength, intellectual capacity and ability to coordinate. They are no fools.”

Previous statistics from the Swedish security service, Säpo, suggest that just over 300 Swedish nationals have left the country to travel to fight with Islamic extremist groups in Syria and Iraq.

40 percent of those – around 120 young men – are from the Gothenburg area, primarily from Bergsjön and Angered. According to Boström this means that Gothenburg, in proportion to its population, is one of the European cities that contribute the highest number of people to violent extremism (see footnote below).

Boström says that those who are radicalised are from the same demographic that form the criminal gangs in the Gothenburg suburbs, young people who believe they have no future.

“This really affects my work in Gothenburg as the vast majority of Muslims here hate the terrorist attacks. They sometimes ask me, ‘How do you protect the good Muslims’. They are terrified that this kind of terrorism creates a more xenophobic Europe.”

Boström has previously been very critical of the Swedish government’s approach to returning jihadis.

In May he told Göteborg-Posten that at least 50 Swedish jihadis, and perhaps as many as 100, have returned to Sweden and not one has been prosecuted under the laws related to terrorist crimes.

“It is incomprehensible. Here we have the names and social security numbers of people who travel to Syria to fight and we know about it. Some come home and when they do, they can get health care and help, and then go right back down there again. Sweden is one of the few countries, if not the only one, where it is possible to travel in and out like this,” he said at the time.

Meanwhile, Erik Nord, chief executive of the police in Greater Gothenburg, has noted there is at present no increased threat against the city.

“However, there is a degree of insecurity, and this has meant that we have decided to increase oversight of Muslim and Jewish institutions,” he said. (source)

Now we have known and been able to prove for at least the past two years that ISIS is a government-run operation whose purpose is to use terrorism to influence national policy- we have written about this extensively in our articles. ISIS and all of its horrors exist because the USA, the EU, Israel, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey have admitted to or been shown with clear evidence to have been directly involved in creating and using the group for just this reason. It is no accident that USA does not “defeat” ISIS, because as Bernard Connolly echoed back in 2009 and as we have repeated incessantly, terrorism is being used as a lever for greater projects. Indeed, we have seen that not just terror groups, but many terrorist attacks have suspicious circumstances and almost immediately after they take place, there are more calls for nationalism and increased government intervention in the form of an increase in militarism.

The same position remains true for the refugee crisis, for as it has been pointed out, there is no Muslim invasion of Europe taking place yet there is a massive human trafficking operation that is orchestrated by the governments with the direct collusion of major businesses in diverse industries. We at Shoebat.com have maintained that the refugee crisis is being allowed and the ensuing disorder intentionally not prosecuted in order to justify a return to nationalism and militarism, which we are seeing take place right now, and we emphasize the purpose of this will be to lead men into war for the purpose of eugenics and darwinism.

Interestingly, at 6:00 Simeon says that owing to Swedens’ current demilitarized situation, the nation would not be able to defend herself for more than a week if there was a serious crisis.

Now, it is impossible to definitively say what may or may not happen in that nation. I do not suggest that this Youtuber has any “inside knowledge”, or that he is “hiding something.” He is simply reporting what he is being told by the government, and it means something to him because as he noted, this is not something that just happens.

Many times people talk about Sweden because of the crime rates (real and perceived) that take place there at the hands of the Muslims. This video gives all the more reason to watch Sweden because given what we already know and have seen, it suggests that, possibly this year, a “terrorist attack” may take place. I do not say war, simply because from what we have seen, Sweden, like Germany and Japan, has not yet fully remilitarized. They are not in a position to fight a war.

However, would it not be a convenient excuse to begin mass production of arms and weapons if, say, an “Islamic refugee terrorist” should launch a major attack in an important trade city such as Gothenburg that shuts down the nation for a week or two? Some people would surely die, and the ensuing chaos would be an ideal justification to “make sure this doesn’t happen again” and to “get to the bottom of who did this.”

I’m not saying this will happen. What I am saying is that based on the nature of this message, it appears that something is happening or may happen this year in Sweden and it is worthy paying attention to not because of the Muslims, but the views that will be given as the solution to the disorder that will be caused by actions from Muslims.

Given all that has happened, it is worth keeping an eye on.



  • David G

    Good article Andrew! I moved to rural America 14 years ago onto 35 acres. My wife and I have a vegetable garden as well as fruit trees and hay meadow. I strongly encourage everyone on shoebat.com to stock up on emergency supplies including a bug-out bag for each family member in the event you have to evacuate. Have an emergency plan and make sure each family member understands the plan. There are many good resources on the internet as to how to plan for an emergency. Better safe than sorry!

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    aliens and ufo’s, see the science fiction section of your local library.
    demons, see the Bible, especially the New Testament. it’s the best book you’ll ever read and it’s available at a store near you.

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    Suggest you try other websites. This one in my experience deals with realities.
    Chuck Missler is big on Nephilim, damaging his credibility no end.

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