Trump Is Right, Haiti Is A Shithole

By Theodore Shoebat

If Trump really said that Haiti is a shithole, then he is right. It has a very high murder rate, a very high rate of sexual violence. But does this mean that we become arrogant America worshippers? This is the subject of my latest video:

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  • Constantine’s Correspondent

    “But does this mean that we become arrogant America worshippers?”

    No it does not. We are no better than the Haitians since we have the same problems here.

    • ChristianAmericanCrusader


    • Constantine’s Correspondent

      When you said, Theodore, that people are acting like children on a kindergarten playground, I could not agree more. It is why I have long quit listening to American’s news outlets, including National Public Radio, Fox News (supposedly a “conservative” news station *snicker*), CNN, and so forth. It is why I have quit all form of social media because there are grown adults throwing temper tantrums every time Trump opens his mouth or send out a series of tweets.

      I also agree that this story is nothing more than a major distraction to keep the public focused while the power behind the curtains move their pieces on the chess board.

      Think back to how during the Clinton’s Administration, the Monica Lewinsky scandal broke out around the same time America finally engage in national deconstruction of Yugoslavia all in the name of “stopping ethnic cleansing” while they actually helped fan the fratricide rivalry between Catholics and Orthodox of Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, and helping Muslims carry out their brutal ethnic cleansing.

      Think back to the DC-Beltway “Sniper” story that distracted the American public while the Bush’s Administration prepared an invasion of Iraq. I do not want to make light of those who lost their lives to the deranged individuals that engaged in cold, wanton murder of sniping the public.

      It is the same thing now. There is a major war brewing that is bringing together all the same actors that participated in the Great War (WWI) – Germany, Hungary-Austria, Turkey are all rapidly coming together, at the same time, Turkey, Iran, and Iraq are now forming the Beast before our eyes – while America and Russia continue to engage in brinkmanship, and all the media want to do is argue to death about Trump’s alleged comment.


  • Mart1963

    Godless nations that worship demons will destroy themselves and this includes once strong Christian nations that turned away from God to demons.

    Globalism of Religions at it’s finest.

  • AflowerofStTherese

    The alleged statement was said behind closed doors. It was unprofessional of the president to have used language as such, but then again, so was the media for highlighting an inappropriate offensive statement that wasn’t meant for the public.

    On Americans thinking they are number 1, I met an
    American missionary about ten years ago, who told me of this mindset. So far, most of the Americans, I’ve met so far (in person) are humble.. A few struggle with perversion. you see it in their eyes.

    Americans when abroad stare at women’s breast, and they have no shame in that.

  • Indian Christian Crusader

    Voodoism is one of the official religions of Haiti

  • ace

    “America is the defense industry of the world” – Right! And the Clinton Foundation which failed Haiti accepted donations from 6 companies benefitting from U.S. State Department arms export approval; Boeing, GE, Goldman Sachs (Hawker Beechcraft), Honeywell, Lockheed Martin, and United Technologies…

    And, what happened to the Red Cross money for Haitian relief?

    And, who was involved with child trafficking from Haiti?

    BTW, how about those crazy American citizens recently getting indicted and convicted for labor and sex trafficking?

  • jmaggief

    People who come here illegally need to be deported according to our immigration laws. Accordingly they have committed a crime just by coming here. That is not too hard to understand, I hope. Or is it?

    • Ceirwyn

      Illegal invaders are as much satans allies as nazis and marxists. They sin against Christian peoples and will be judged for it. God will not hold the western Christian hating invaders blameless.

      And the same goes for legal h1-b1 aliens who aid the satanists in murdering, oppressing and destroying western white Christians and their culture.

      • David W

        Alot of H1B workers in the tech industry, specifically working to silence and suppress conservative speech at Twitter and Facebook.

        • Ceirwyn

          Yes, they are a guilty as the Devil’s willing servants. Suppressing Christians especially. Apparently the Bible is anti-Semitic now.

  • David W

    The same Durbin that called US Marines Nazis over a fabricated war crimes account??! Diplomacy and tact are not part of the progressive agenda. Obama joked about using armed drones and Hillary laughed and cackled when her proxy army sodomized and murdered Khadafi.