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Major Court Ruling Opens The Way To Legalized Racism

As the 2010 decade comes to a close, one of the defining characteristics of her has been a re-emergence of 19th century type racism but with a modern face. The roots of it never disappeared, but changed form. A common complaint about race comes in the form of admissions to major economic or social institutions, […]

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Major Protestant Pastor Calls LGBT-Supporting Trump A ‘Christian Warrior’ Fighting The ‘Satan Worshiping’ Democrats

Robert Jeffress is pastor of the Southern Baptist megachurch First Baptist Dallas. A regular commentator on Fox News, he is known as a “conservative” figure as well as making various controversial statements, such as how the Catholic Church owes her success to the devil, and he also claims to oppose sodomite behavior, of which the […]

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Evil Mexican Drug Cartels Are Now Making Videos Of Them Using Children And Teaching Them To Be Terrorists

Drug trafficking videos that have appeared on Spanish-language social media regularly cause anger and disgust because they show the horrendous result of organized crime. Beheadings, torture, and some of the worst forms of abuse have turned the Central American paradise into the near murder capitol of the world. Now another social media video has outraged […]

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Putin’s “Potemkin Village” Bluff Fails Big Time At Valdai Club As He Promises To Sell China Unlimited Quantities Of Stuff She Doesn’t Have

The Valdai Club is one of Russia’s major annual events where “thinkers” gather and basically plan out the future of what Russia should look like. Think of it as a Russian version of the American Aspen Institute. Putin recently declared at the Valdai Club’s annual meeting that as part of the trade war between China […]

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