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SUDDEN JIHAD SYNDROME? Bosnian Muslim man drives car at 90 mph into crowd of shoppers, before getting out and stabbing elderly bystanders

By BI: At least three people are reported dead and another 34 injured. The incident took place in Graz, Austria’s second largest city, and police officers have now sealed off the area. German-language website Krone reported that the man arrested by police is of Bosnian origin. (SEE UPDATE BELOW) UK Daily Mail  The driver did not resist when he was […]

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FRANCE: Angry Homeless Muslim illegal alien invaders reject being forced to live in homeless shelters, demand to be given hotel accommodations

By BI: One of the Muslim ingrates says, “Truly, it was disgusting, we couldn’t stay there. We slept with tramps and homeless people,” he says. “You can’t put us Muslim (supremacists) with lowlife scum  like that.” “We expect to be put up in decent hotels.” FRANCE TVinfo  Other Muslim invaders describe a centre “in a deplorable state, very […]

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LEAKED VIDEO Shows The Reality Of How It Is Living Under ISIS. A Muslim Terrorists Takes A Man And Hacks His Head Off With Extremely Large And Sharp Sword

By Theodore Shoebat A video that recently leaked from the area of Al-Raqqa in Syria, gives us a glimpse as to how it is living under ISIS. In the video, which was able to obtain, an ISIS thug hacks a man’s head off with one blow using a very large and very sharp sword: […]

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The Obama Regime has mandated that Arabic language and culture be taught in Texas public schools

By BI: Will your state be next? How long until Christian, Jewish, & other non-Muslim students will be forced to drop down to their knees, place their heads on the floor and raise up their butts to Allah in Islamic prayer as the Christian female students in the photo below were forced to do on a […]

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BRITAIN: Little Muslim savages brutally beat up a 10-year-old British kid for allegedly calling them a name

By BI: West Yorkshire Police say they are investigating an online video in which a ten-year-old boy is chased and beaten by two MUSLIM youths. In the video, the boy is kicked and punched by two MUSLIM attackers before trying to escape in a nearby garden. One of the youths then kicks and punches him repeatedly as […]

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EVER THE VICTIM, Muslims whine about this being “the worst year in America for Muslims since 9/11″

By BI: Linda Sarsour, a radical Muslim activist supporter of Hamas and sharia law, a representative of an UAE and FBI-designated terrorist group, and other repugnant self-proclaimed Muslim ‘victims’ whine about how ‘Islamophobia’ in America is worse now than it ever has been before, even right after 9/11. Crazy Sarsour also claimed that the Muslim underwear […]

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Pastor James McConnell of Whitewell Tabernacle Church

Persecution of Christians in UK continues, with Pastor facing possible 6 months in prison for Calling “islam satanic”

While Muslims in the Name of Allah are murdering Christians by the hundreds and thousands, the governemnt of Great Britain chose to prosecute a Christian pastor for speaking the truth. While Hundreds of Imams all over the UK preach from their Mosque pulpits, the hatred of Jews and Christians as well as the destruction of […]

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Muslims Overtake One Hundred And Fifty Innocent Women, And Gang Rape All Of Them. All Of The Women Then Commit Suicide Because They Cannot Bear The Shame Of Being Gang Raped. The Muslims Take Their Bodies And Feed Them To Dogs

By Theodore Shoebat ISIS Muslims overtook 150 women, and gang raped all of them. The women — all 150 of them — committed mass suicide. I did a whole video on this: According to the report on this story: At least 150 Yazidi women and girls killed themselves after they were forced to become Islamic […]

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ARRESTED! ANOTHER MUSLIM terrorist wannabe recruited to help the Islamic State is the 4th ISIS-linked MUSLIM arrested in the NY-NJ area in recent weeks

By BI: Samuel Rahamin Topaz, a 21-year-old MUSLIM resident of Fort Lee, New Jersey was charged with conspiracy to provide material support to the Islamic State terrorist group on Thursday. Topaz allegedly conspired with other MUSLIM wannabe jihadists to travel overseas, including Munther Omar Saleh, 20, a student at Vaughn College of Aeronautics and Technology, who is […]

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There Is A War Between ISIS And The Taliban. ISIS Is Winning And Is Quickly Advancing Into Nuclear Pakistan And Troubled Afghanistan

By Walid Shoebat Some western media says that the Taliban declared war on ISIS, after the Afghan Taliban fearing ISIS popularity, had branded ISIS’ self-declared caliphate as “illegitimate” and refused to declare allegiance to its leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. Fact is, it was ISIS that declared war on the Taliban and is expanding into Afghanistan and […]

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DENMARK GETS IT ‘RIGHT!’ Anti-Muslim immigration Danish People’s Party’s shocking election victory…Leftist Prime Minister concedes and resigns

By BI: In an election that turned on economic uncertainty and fierce debates over Muslim immigration, Danish voters just ousted their center-left government in a clear swing to the right that unexpectedly elevated an anti-MUSLIM immigrant, anti-EU party that had been on the margins of the country’s politics. NY TIMES  Polls had predicted a close race, […]

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Al Qaeda (AQAP) terrorists in Yemen publicly execute two Saudi men accused of spying for U.S and hang their corpses from a road bridge much to the delight of the large crowds

By BI: Shocking images have been released which show the corpses of unidentified men hanging from a road bridge after they were publicly shot dead in the Al Qaeda-controlled city of Mukalla, just one day after group’s leader is killed in American drone strike. The two ‘spies’ were later seen hanged in front of a huge crowd, […]

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Remember the story posted here about “Fanatic Jews in Israel who attacked and burned a church?” Now there is doubt that it was done by Jews.

By BI: There now is a lot of skepticism about a story that blamed Jews for arson attack on Christian Church on sea of Galilee. The arson attack sent shock waves through the Christian world and led to widespread condemnation by Israeli officials, Western politicians, and religious leaders. ORIGINAL STORY: fanatic-jews-in-israel-who-hate-christ-call-christians-idolaters-then-attack-church-where-jesus-christ-fed-the-5000-and-set-the-whole-church-on-fire Western Journalism  Israeli police immediately suspected […]

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Major Bishop Of The Church Of England Says: To Declare That Jesus Christ Is The Son Of God Could One Day Be Criminalized In The UK

By Theodore Shoebat Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby just said that to declare that Christ is the Son of God could one day be criminalized in the UK. This coincides with exactly what the modernists and Muslims want, since they both hate it when a Christian affirms, without shame, that Christ is the Son of […]

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Islam is a political ideology and terrorism is just one tactic used to push it. Despite being the victim of countless acts of Islamic terrorism, America still has not grasped the full nature of Jihad. America is barely 200 years old and it is fighting a culture of deceit that was formed 14 centuries ago that it simply doesn't understand. After the worst attack on U.S. soil took place on September 11, 2001, America's leaders reached out to leaders of stealth Muslim Brotherhood front groups to help them fight terrorism. It was a fatally flawed strategy that far better served Islam than America.

The Islamic version of good cop / bad cop pits the stealth jihadist against the terrorist. Whether wilfully ignorant or not, western leaders then fail to act from the premise that both the good cop and the bad cop have the same agenda, just different means of achieving it.

Islam is an extremely racist belief structure that is rooted in hatred for all non-Muslims, particularly Jews and Christians. This hatred is masked by finding Jewish and Christian leaders who will help stealth jihadists portray tolerance while painting as intolerant and 'Islamophobic' anyone who calls them on it. Any attempts by stealth Islamists to portray tolerance of other faiths is more deceit.

In addition to bringing you the barbaric reality that is Islamic terrorism, reveals the other tactics used in Islam to commit various forms of jihad. For example, the Muslim Brotherhood is the largest Sunni Islamic umbrella group. While the Islamic terrorist groups like Hamas and al-Qaeda, which all are creatures of the Muslim Brotherhood, are made up of Islamic terrorists, other Muslim Brotherhood groups – like the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) and the Muslim Students Association (MSA) – wear a different face. Their jihad is political in nature and seeks to acquire power through the American political system.

Whether through terrorist or stealth jihadist, Islam seeks to have jihad carried out in various capacities. The ultimate objective of the Muslim Brotherhood is the resurrection of the Islamic Caliphate, which was previously known as the Ottoman Empire, located in what is today known as Turkey. As the Muslim Brotherhood serves as the umbrella for various terrorist and jihadist groups, The Caliph of any future Ottoman Empire will be served by the Muslim Brotherhood.