Stick to Your Guns and Your Bibles; it’s Radical

By Keith Davies

Maybe Ted Cruz and the Tea Party are right and everyone else is wrong.

Noah – another radical of his day – was the only one who warned about the flood before the whole world drowned.

Was not Jesus viewed as a radical by the establishment in his time? That’s a self-evident truth. Yet, more than two thousand years later, He is revered as the Messiah by nearly half of the world’s population.

Moses was ridiculed after he went to the Pharaoh; he caused more problems for the Hebrews because after that first visit they were forced to gather the straw for bricks. Moses was not too popular for a time after that.

Samuel Adams: Establishment considered him radical

Samuel Adams: Establishment considered him radical

Look at history. The American colonies went to war because of some crazies amongst them i.e. Samuel Adams, who was hailed by Thomas Jefferson stating that without his effort there would be no America:

“For Depth of Purpose, zeal, and sagacity, no man in Congress exceeded, if any equaled, Sam. Adams.” – Thomas Jefferson.

Samuel Adams was much more radical than even Ted Cruz is today. Read the history! I recommend the book “Samuel Adams, A Life” by Ira Stoll. By the way, America in those days was ticked off because of a tax of 6% by the British crown. Today, we are again being crippled by taxes from a far-away and out-of-touch federal government. Remember the federal government only initiated a federal income tax in 1913, over 137 years after independence. Now we have national healthcare with another new federal tax (as it was defined by the Supreme court) in order to validate it as constitutional.

The Tea Party stands for two basic things: LESS GOVERNMENT and RESPONSIBLE FISCAL AND MONETARY POLICY, period.

How is this radical? It is the basis of our federal constitutional system. It is radical because the world today is upside-down. The logical is “radical” and the status quo is illogical, which is – quite unsurprisingly – sending us to economic and social ruin. Both Republicans and Democrats are responsible. The large federal government has bred massive corruption and waste. This is why the founders wanted limited federal government.

Just because someone is in the minority does not mean they are wrong! In fact, the minority in history has usually been right! The best example would be Churchill’s unpopularity in the 1930’s when he was called all sorts of names including “warmonger” and “extremist” when he warned about Hitler. Yet, he became a “moderate” when he was appointed prime minister (by his parliamentary colleagues) after Chamberlain’s resignation. Ronald Reagan was also hated amongst the GOP establishment but was one of most popular presidents in living memory and his “radical” agenda brought prosperity and pride back to a nation that was shamed by the Iranian hostage crisis and disheartened by economic turmoil under Carter (Obama’s horrible economy and the Syrian embarrassment come to mind as a comparison).

For additional irony, today’s GOP Establishment continues to invoke Reagan’s name to get support.

The Roman Empire failed and self-destructed because the people and leaders became corrupt. They were only interested in the circus and games (facebook and iPhones); the leaders were corrupt too, so their empire self-destructed from within, just as we are doing in America today. We suffer from the same problem, as most Americans are brainwashed by our educational system and the media. We have no knowledge of our founding principles, and are only experts in football, baseball and the latest hit reality TV show but few know anything about our history or constitutional principles and for the most part, have no interest in learning. The Roman Empire failure is staring us in the face.

We are drowning in debt. We spend masses amounts of money we do not have and the only solution we get from Democrats is revenue increases despite the fact the rich already pay rates of 50-60% when you include state and property taxes. Any conservative who truthfully points this out is vilified. There is no debate as the “radical” view consisting of common sense is “racist” or “crazy”. The tax rates for successful people is a denial of the basic principle of freedom we stand for. We as a society expect successful people to now become serfs of the federal government and the poor are denied the opportunity to become successful because we prefer to throw $300-4000 a week of free money and benefits which provide no incentives in our society to grow our economy. In five years the black community’s unemployment rate has risen sharply despite the “recovery”. Employment participation is the lowest in history as people are unemployed so long and no longer receive benefits and aren’t considered as part of the unemployed (even though they’re… unemployed). They now have moved from the unemployment count over to the disability scam and/or food stamp collectors. We keep borrowing to pay these benefits and now we have just added Obamacare, another $2.7 trillion worth of estimated new debt over the next ten years, which will not only kill job growth but hurt existing middle class families with massive increases in insurance costs. This will only serve to act as a huge tax increase and send us back into, not a recession but a depression, unless it is scrapped. It maybe scrapped but the polls will have to turn on the Democrats first. The Republican establishment has failed to provide viable opposition, so we have to await abject failure from the Democrats in order to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Soon, the Democrat policies will finally be exposed as a sham as the middle class suffers further as net take-home income continues to go down by a further 10-20% from already depressed levels. This hopefully will be the final nail in the socialist agenda of Obama and his cronies. The Republicans will have to get back to our founding principals before prosperity and righteousness can be restored to our nation.

So I say to the Tea Party “racists” and “crazies”, stick to your guns and your Bibles, speak boldly the truth and be faithful to the principles that made America great. From the ashes of despair always comes great victory. Our founding fathers suffered setback after setback but they prevailed and so shall we.


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