Christians Sing In A Hymn: “Muslims don’t want peace … they are destroying people’s lives …You Muslims you bring Sharia law just to oppress Christians,” Muslims Then Get Angry And Slaughter The Christians

By Theodore Shoebat

Christians in Nigeria sung a Christian hymn in which they attacked Boko Haram and Islam. In the song they sung:

“Muslims don’t want peace … they are destroying people’s lives… We Nigeria, we Christian Nigeria, we have come together now, we understand this is2a religious war … They burnt our churches! …You Muslims you bring Sharia law just to oppress Christians

The song became very popular in Nigeria and audio cassettes began to be distributed. Song was discovered by Boko Haram and the Muslim jihadists opened fire on about 23 Christians. According to one report:

Salihi Ateequ, a member of the Muslim Council for Adamawa state, one of three north-eastern provinces under a state of emergency, said the hymns had encouraged Boko Haram to “vent on the people of Michika”. He said that one song had accused the insurgents of cowardice for not fighting in the daytime.

“People were selling audiocassettes with this abuse and it got into the hands of Boko Haram, because they have informants,” he said. “So they came, on a Sunday, in the day.”

The Islamists have suffered setbacks since soldiers from neighbouring Chad, Cameroon and Niger began helping the Nigerian army in February.

Dauda Bello, an imam and a member of the Adamawa Peace Initiative, said that the insurgents had tried to drive a wedge between Christians and Muslims.

When The Times visited towns that had been under Boko Haram control — including Michika, Bazza, Gombi and Mubi — all had churches that had been burnt. At a church in Bazza the insurgents had decapitated a statue of St Patrick and burnt the parish records office.

“Most of the first victims were Christians,” said a university lecturer who asked not to be named. “Some of the Muslims were jubilating and some of the young Muslims joined Boko Haram.”

He added that Christians were still so angry that “if a Muslim goes back to Michika, he will surely die”.