Muslim Tells Christian Family: “I am going to kill your daughter.” He Shoots Her To Death And Then Says, “She is now with her God.”

By Theodore Shoebat

Another horror story of Christian persecution has just recently come out. In the recent massacre in which Muslims slaughtered almost 150 Christians in Kenya, a Muslim jihadist called the family of one Christian girl. He told them, “I am going to kill your daughter.” The family heard with horror three gunshots go off, and then the same demonically possessed Muslim cruelly told them, “She is now with her God.” I did a whole video on this nightmare with some commentary:

As we read from one report:

As the death toll from the Garissa University College massacre climbed to 148 Friday, eyewitness accounts from survivors revealed a harrowing picture of how students were made to wait in line to be shot in the head. Some were even forced to make calls to their parents to tell them they were about to die.

The family of 20-year-old Garissa student, Elizabeth Namarome Musinai, told Yahoo News that she called her father during the attack at dawn on Thursday and said: “There are gunshots everywhere! Tell Mum to pray for me — I don’t know if I will survive.”

Later that day, at about 1 p.m., a man called back on the line demanding that Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta be contacted within 2 minutes and told to remove troops fighting al-Shabab extremists in neighboring Somalia.

He called back when the 2 minutes had passed and learned that the family did not contact President Kenyatta. He told the family: “I am going to kill your daughter.” They heard three gunshots then the phone went dead. When Elizabeth’s father, Fred Kaskon Musinai, called back the phone the man answered and said, “She is now with her God.”

The family hasn’t heard from Elizabeth since her frantic call but they are hoping that she’s alive despite not being on the list of injured, which now numbers 104, according to Yahoo.