OKLAHOMA: Oh, Noes! Muslims in shock over anti-Islamic “bacon attack” on Edmond mosque

By BI: The leaders of a local mosque were outraged over vandalism to their place of worship. Yesterday, someone wrapped bacon around the front door of the Islamic Society of Edmond. Other strips of bacon were left on the ground. Designated terrorist group Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) is demanding an FBI ‘hate crime’ investigation.


News9  Pork is offensive to Muslims  and the discovery was made before a religious studies class at the facility next to UCO. ‘We don’t know what kind of message they are trying to send, but it’s something that is hurtful to the Muslim community,” said Adam Soltani with the Council of American Islamic Relations of Oklahoma. Soltani said he informed the FBI about the vandalism and will be demanding a hate crime investigation.

He also questioned the timing of the incident. He told News 9 the mosque’s revised plans to expand to three times its current size will go before the Edmond Planning Commission. (Well, now you know what message they are trying to send)


When the plans were originally voted on by Edmond City Council, a local pastor spoke out against the expansion and compared mosque leaders with the terror group Hamas. Soltani hopes investigators take the recent vandalism seriously. (Because the FBI has nothing better to do?)

He also has hope for the culprit. “I would invite to come and learn more about the Islamic faith,” said Soltani (Obviously, the “culprit learned everything he needed to know about your death cult posing as a faith on 9/11)