Should The Title “Evangelical Christian” Be The Modus Operandi For A Presidential Candidate?

By Walid Shoebat

Should the title “Evangelical Christian” be the modus operandi for a presidential candidate?

Well, at times I’d rather see the Samaritan in office and at times I’d rather see the Pharisee, it all depends on what the man (or woman) did to the beaten and hurting injured man on the way to Jericho.

The key is who will do and not just talk about doing what is right.

Jimmy Carter (a Pharisee) had the label “Evangelical” while Ronald Reagan (the Samaritan) did not have such a label.

Anyone dares to mouth off against Reagan and say the man did nothing right?

Donald Trump, a wealthy man whom I hope runs does not tout such title as “Evangelical” says of Jeb Bush:

The last thing this country needs is another Bush. We’ve had it with the Bushes, and the last Bush did not do a great job. He gave us Obama, he gave us—as you know—Justice [John] Roberts [of the Supreme Court] who approved Obamacare … We’re all saddled with Obamacare, the country is saddled with it. And it really kicks in in 2016. It’s going to be a disaster for the country.

Trump is correct. Until the Bible is “the Supreme Law of the Land”, one must look at the action, not the talk. Whom we vote in America is for a government leader, not a saint. I learned much from Donald Trump by taking donations I get, and it compares little to what major humanitarian organizations raise, yet  I spend it thriftily to rescue thousands of  Christians out of utter misery. The bulk of the help we get is from the wonderful Evangelicals who could care less what type of Christian we rescue so long they uphold Jesus and The Holy Trinity. We rescue them and Christ will sort them later.

But not all Evangelicals are the same. As we say back in the Middle East, every town has a dumpster. And let me remind everyone who insist that a president be Evangelical, when in the 1976 elections, one dumpster,  Jimmy Carter, an ‘Evangelical’, ran for President of the United States, it marked a milestone for evangelical Christians and for the first time, a self-professed evangelical Christian had been elected to the nation’s highest office, bringing the national awareness of evangelical Christianity to a new level. Despite commonality in religious identification, however, evangelical Christians in general and eventually the newly formed Moral Majority in particular would come to be disappointed with Carter’s policies for supporting the positions of his own party, the very liberal Democratic Party.

As President from 1976 to 1980 Carter came close to destroying America. An ultra liberal, politically correct, do-gooder, just like Obama, Carter announced his Presidency would be dedicated to “compassion” and human rights. And, just like Obama, this leftist “fairness and feel-good philosophy” led to disaster for America.

The Carter nightmare included four years of crippling high unemployment, stagflation of 13.5%, unimaginable 21.5% interest rates, record gas prices, shortages and gas lines, a doubling of the deficit from $27 billion to almost $60 billion, U.S. embassy personnel in Iran held hostage, an unsuccessful hostage rescue attempt, the embarrassing decline of our military, and the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. America almost did not survive Jimmy Carter.


A Dumpster


Then came Reagan, and the rest is great history. An American hero, Ronald Reagan, who turned Carter’s malaise, misery, and the worst economy since the Great Depression, into the greatest economic turnaround and expansion in world history. Reagan showed the world that America was indeed the “shining beacon on the hill.” Reagan made us great again, and by doing so, exposed Jimmy Carter as an incompetent, ultra liberal laughing stock. To make matters worse for Carter’s legacy, the U.S. hostages in Iran were released on Reagan’s inauguration day. Carter never forgave Reagan or America for leaving his reputation in tatters. (1)

Let Jesus be right and all of us be wrong, and now you know why He gave the parable of the Samaritan.

A Samaritan (non Evangelical), as Jesus said, can do the will of God and care for the persecuted, the downtrodden and the helpless. It is not an issue of man, woman, wealthy, poor or even religion that counts. It was the rich man, Joseph of Arimathea, who gave Jesus his tomb and it was the American billionaire Donald Trump who met with Naghmeh Abedini, the wife of imprisoned pastor Saeed Abedini in Iran, and stepped up his petition calling on the U.S. government to do everything it can to secure the pastor’s release ahead of a congressional hearing.

“Naghmeh Abedini, the lovely wife of the Christian Pastor Saeed being held in an Iranian jail, just left my office,” Trump shared in a Twitter message.


Donald Trump meeting with Naghmeh Abedini in New York on Dec. 10, 2013. Read more at

“Re Kerry admitting to ‘working’ for Pastor Abedini’s release–why has US already released Iranian spies & nuclear scientist?” he added, referring to Secretary of State John Kerry and the U.S. government failing to secure Abedini’s release during recent nuclear talks with Iran, while freeing an Iranian scientist.

Evangelical, Catholics and even the heathen can at times be righteous.

One Evangelical whom I admire is Michelle Bachman, she is one of the most righteous women in America I ever met and had the courage to say that Obama “is pro the goals of Islamic Jihad”. The evil left-wing at Right Wing Watch just brought us a great clip of Michele Bachmann talking about how Obama supports the goals of the jihadis and is lying about this imaginary fatwa in Iran that says they can’t have nukes.

But more than that, Bachmann basically says the end times are upon us and that we have very little time before Jesus returns in his second coming (thanks to the Right Scoop):


An Evangelical can make a great president just as well as a non-Evangelical. We are voting for a government, not a saint.

Another Evangelical, Senator Ted Cruz (R-Tex) who defended the Jews one night and had to put up with boos as he attributed to “anti-Semitism…[rearing] its ugly head.” The senator was booed at an event hosted by eastern Christians in Washington, leaving the stage after the hostility did not subside. In a lengthy statement issued after the event, Cruz said he had “no choice” but to walk away after “a vocal and angry minority” criticized his comments in support of Israel.

The eastern hatred of Israel is terrible. And if eastern Orthodox Christians think they are better than Evangelicals or Catholics, let me remind when the Vatican offered military defense for Constantinople, it was the eastern Christians who coined the term “better the turban than the Tiara”.

They got the turban and brought in an Ottoman Antichrist who transformed Turkey to become 99% Muslim and this very evil is arising all over again, one more time, right in in front of our eyes. Millions upon millions of Christians were massacred and millions more are on the way, no thanks to the ones who elected the Turban over the Tiara. Having said this, many Calvinists were no better and Martin Luther also got in bed with the Ottomans only to repent later.

Is this a minor issue? Historically it was a determining factor. Christians at times can promote the agenda of devils and cause a turn in history that brought in the darkest times known in Christianity aiding in fulfilling what John had warned about: the beast of the Book of Revelation. A “beast” is a threat to the sheep and devours sheep and eastern Christians aided and abetted it while Protestant founders slept with it. But does that mean that all Eastern Christians and Protestants are guilty, while Catholics can do no harm? Hardly. The Catholic leadership today can do some great and some very despicable things. The key is always, the story of the Samaritan, which Jesus warned about.

As a Christian, always expect to get ridiculed, no matter what truth you say, ridicule is stamped on your forehead. Jesus promised this for all the faithful and if you are not persecuted, you are not a Christian, period.

If I write an article about how Serbian Christians are being persecuted by the Albanian Muslims, it never fails, you have the Croatian Christians come and bring up some ancient massacre that the Serbs did to the Croats which has nothing to do with the current persecution at hand. In other words, they put more focus on past rivalries over current persecution of their own brethren. Tribalism, division and dissension is what Christ hates for His Church. He said He wants us to be ONE. So what part of “One” do these not understand?

The Protestants in America do not mind helping eastern Christians while many Middle eastern Christians care less about the persecution of the Jews. This is an issue why at times I prefer American Evangelicals despite some headaches they also cause. Sheep always maaaa, but true shepherds will always look after the whole flock, every single little lamb. And that is what you need to consider when you choose your candidate.

Lastly, there are more than 200 distinct sheep breeds worldwide, so tell me, which one should we favor?


(1) Article by Wayne Allyn Root