Muslims Launch Vicious Attack On Christian Neighborhood, Slaughter Forty Innocent People And Make A Pool Of Christian Blood

By Theodore Shoebat

Muslims in Syria launched an attack on Syria’a Sulaimaniyah district, which is an Assyrian Christian area. They fired missiles and shells into the area, slaughter twenty people. They then bombarded a popular market in the al-Maadi district in Aleppo, slaughtering another twenty people, one of whom was 53-year-old Michel Abaji, supervisor of Mar Elias Monastery for the elderly of the Syrian Catholics in Aleppo.
 According to one Syrian report:

Several shells and heavy missiles fell on the regime-held Sulaimaniya neighborhood of Aleppo between Friday evening and the early hours of Saturday, leaving a wake of destruction in the neighborhood’s predominantly Christian eastern district.

The Assyrian Observatory stated the attack resulted in the deaths of 20 victims and hundreds injured
, most of them women and children. Emergency crews are still attempting to identify all the bodies.

A list of some of the Christian victims was produced, and here it is:

Tony Qasawat, his wife and two daughters (4 persons)

Maha Jamil Diyarbakirli

Donna Jean Yaqoub

Minerva Michel Ghazal al-Bar

Anwar George Samaan

Michelle George Samaan

Johnny Bshaish

Juliana Bshaish

A series of photos of some of the Christian martyrs was also produced:

photo mahi

These saints are now with the Holy Trinity in Heaven, wearing their crowns of glory that are only placed upon the heads of warriors who have endured the battlefield of the Cross.

They keep killing Christians, and the population of Heaven increases. But we must never lose sight of our mission to help the persecuted. We must not let trivial things distract us from the war that we are in, and that is war over the souls of humanity. We must continual to battle against the sinister forces of darkness, and no matter what happens, we must also strive to help our persecuted brethren.