Five Muslims Ambush 17 Year Old Christian Girl And Take Turns Raping Her, As Punishment For Having A Bible Study

By Theodore Shoebat

In Uganda, five Muslims ambushed a 17 year old Christian girl and took turns raping her, as a form of punishment because she and her father were having a Bible study and prayer meeting. I did a whole video on this horrific tragedy and the demonic scheme behind it:

According to the report:

Five Muslims in eastern Uganda gang-raped the 17-year-old daughter of a pastor because the church leader ignored their warnings that he stop worship services, she said.

The daughter (name withheld) of the pastor of New Hope Church was approaching the church
building at Kiryolo, Kaderuna Sub-County, Budaka District, at about 7:30 p.m. on March 28 when the men took her into bushes and assaulted her, an area church leader told Morning Star News. The site is about 300 yards from her home.

“The five Muslims took hold of me, and they raped me there,” she told the Morning Star News source. “I tried to scream, but they threatened to kill me. One of them said, ‘Your father should stop this prayer meeting of trying to change Muslims to become Christians and close the church building – we have warned him several times.’”

The suspects, whom she did not recognize, fled when church members arrived at the building for an all-night prayer vigil. They rushed her to a local medical clinic, and she later transferred to Mbale General Hospital.

Her father (name withheld) said her injuries are so serious that he would like to send her for specialized treatment at Mulago National Referral Hospital in Kampala. He said she continues to be traumatized.

“The girl still has problems communicating,” he said. “She just says a few words and then keeps quiet. She needs trauma counseling.”

The pastor said he had received several threatening text messages.
“One of the short messages in my phone read, ‘Be you informed that we do not want your church in this area. If you continue worship here, then you will live to regret it,’” he said.

The torrent of evil can move in all directions except straight, and as it moves left and right, its ultimate road descends continuously into the limitless depths of the inferno. The saints may be persecuted, and no matter how horrific the afflictions, how grave the scoffing, how torturous the oppressions, they only move one direction and that is upwards. They ascend above the flesh, and thus will they rule the earth.