Indian Government Fines Christian Man 20,000 Rupees For Preaching The Gospel Of Jesus Christ To Muslims

By Theodore Shoebat

The Indian government fined a Christian man named “Vijay,” for preaching the Gospel to Muslims. The devils of Hinduism and Islam unite to war against Christianity, for “if a kingdom be divided against itself, that kingdom cannot stand.” (Mark 3:24) As we read from the report from Voice of the Martyrs:

While at home in early February, “Vijay” received a call from the police.

After six Muslim men recently beat him and a friend after a follow-up meeting with a new Christian, angry men from the local mosque formally brought a complaint to the police against him for entering their community and sharing his faith.

The police called him to the station several times, including the morning a VOM partner was meeting with him.

“Vijay had to pay a 20,000 rupee fine to the police in front of his accusers who would not guarantee his safety unless he did so,” the VOM partner said.

VOM helped Vijay move to a nearby neighborhood and covered the costs of his fines, his first month’s rent, and moving expenses.

“Vijay has successfully moved out of his old neighborhood that was causing him trouble and into a new apartment about a mile away,” the VOM partner said. “There are more Christians in the new area, though there are Muslims and Hindus there as well. No news from those who brought up the case against him, so that’s a relief.”

The Muslims are using the anti-Christian government of India to persecute Christians and advance Sharia law. This flies right into the face of all those who keep barking against us, saying that India all of a sudden is this beacon of anti-Jihad. It is true that India hates Pakistan, and that many Hindus hate Islam, but this should not push us to cover our ears when the news of persecution of Christians in India comes about.

These types of persecution of cases are the types we deal with when we are rescuing Christians in Pakistan. We have rescued thousands of Christians from persecution in Pakistan. Please, do not be a lazy and useless servant, and help your persecuted brethren.