Muslim Woman In Arizona Fled Refusing To Have Sex With Her Husband To Only Be Kidnapped By Her Own Family And Sent Back To Be Raped

By Walid Shoebat

Two Somali Muslim families in Arizona forced an 18-yr-old daughter of one family to marry the 30-year-old Muslim son Mohamed Abdullahi (the name means Muhammad The Slave of Allah) to the other family. But the daughter didn’t want to have sex with her arranged groom so she ran away to eventually be abducted by her own family and forced into the arranged groom’s apartment where she was then beaten and raped. Police says that her assailant Abdullahi placed a mattress in front of the door to prevent her from leaving than she was raped and held against her will.

One neighbor said that she saw the woman shaking and crying as she was dragged onto the sidewalk. She said she would have called police if she was aware of the situation.

Abdullahi is now under arrest and both families are under investigation.


Mohamed Abdullahi, the groom-to-be

Abdullahi was criticized by the Arizona chapter of the Center for Arabic Islamic Relations, saying the allegations have no basis in the Islamic faith.

But contrary to Center for Arabic Islamic Relations (CAIR), Muslim men think that their wife has to obey anytime where the wife has to sleep with her husband even against her will. While in the Western world this is called rape, in the Muslim world it is not as explained by one authority, Sheikh Muhammad Al-Munajid:

It is obvious then, the Muslim in the U.S. gets his moral values not from where he resides, but from the archaic Muslim culture in the desert of Arabia. This is why Muslims in the U.S. carry with them the manual titled Umdat Al-Salik which instructs them on how to operate in non-Muslim lands. This is why Christianity, historically outlawed ethics that do not conform with Christian values in order to prevent problems before they occur. This is why ‘freedom of religion’ had limits. This is why religious equality should also have limits. But it takes decades to learn that what is needed is restoration to the faith of our fathers and not chaotic religious liberty as commonly thought. Christianity with its Judeo-Christian ethics, is a faith that should reign supreme while all others should take a secondary level.

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