VIDEO: Godless Mob In Baltimore Attacks Church And Burns It Down. Baltimore Is Going Straight To Hell And Christian Persecution Is Already In America

By Walid and Theodore Shoebat

Baltimore seems like Syria or Iraq and rioters acting as a separatist society. One is reminded by the ISIS thugs controlling the streets as firefighters were called to the three-alarm fire engulfing the building at Gay and Federal streets, across the city from riots that broke out. The new senior center being built by the Southern Baptist Church in East Baltimore was set ablaze most likely by the mobs. A huge raging fire visible from blocks away. At least 10 firefighting companies were attempting to control the blaze, at the corner of North Chester and East Lanvale streets, and keep it from spreading to nearby houses. The new center was being built by Christians across the street from the church to help the poor community. Baltimore Fire Department was there while the rioting  and looting was going on at a CVS convenience store at Pennsylvania and W. North avenues while Law enforcement officers with shotguns were patrolling the fire scene tonight.

Out front, about 60 Christian parishioners watched in shock, many of them crying. “Who would do this to our church,” one woman sobbed. “Why, why,” she asked.

All this while one lady was screaming, which gives chills, as she watched the blaze engulf the church property and she was concerned what seems to be her home:


Deanetrice Fleming, 43, of Northwood formed a prayer group off to the side of the fire, and together, she and other church members held hands and prayed.

“Save our city,” Fleming said. “Rescue us, oh God!”

Fleming said the church members are angry at the rioting and the loss of the building, but she pointed at the sky and said, “Vengeance is His not mine.”

“There is so much hurting, so they’re acting out and we need to come together,” she said.

The senior housing project, planned as roughly 60 apartments and a community center, has been in the works since at least 2006. This is what Christians get for trying to help these reprobates.

The Department of Housing and Community Development granted $200,000 last year toward the center, which was intended for community events, educational services and employment training.

The city also loaned $15 million toward the construction of the senior apartments at 1600 N. Chester Street, which also received public financing in the form of low income housing tax credits.

As it seems, trying to do good in Baltimore ended up in tragedy. The police instead of handcuffing evil thugs had their arms handcuffed instead, worrying between keeping the law or being blamed for taking out the cancer, all the while the media asks millions of questions, when the answer is simple: the godless and the reprobate were given a voice, while the cops, the Christians and the law abiding are forced to become voiceless.

The Baltimore Sun