Four Muslim Teenagers Steal Christian Girl, Take Her To A Room And Put Her To Sleep. When She Wakes Up, She Is Completely Naked, And The Muslims Teenagers Then Take Turns Raping Her

By Theodore Shoebat

This is for all of the schmucks out there who continue to complain how much “oppression” and “racism” there is in America. Why don’t you try living in Pakistan, and you will see real oppression and tyranny. Go talk about how much “suffering” there is in America to Asiya Bibi.

This Christian girl was stolen by four Muslim teenagers who took her to a room and put her to sleep. When she woke up she found herself completely naked. She heard the teenagers in another room, laughing sadistically. When she tried to open the door, they came in and each one took turns raping her. It is truly a horrific story, to read what cross this girl had to bear. As she carried her cross, we as well carried our cross — the cross that requires us to rescue persecuted Christians like Asiya. And thats exactly what we did. Thanks to your most generous donations, our team stealthily snuck her and her mother out of the captivity they were living in, and brought her to liberation.

Here is a video interview that we did of her, in which Asiya recounts what horrors she had to go through, and how our team rescued her:

This is just one story of the suffering that the saints must go through. And we were able, through your donations, to go out and rescue this one travailing sheep. Please, do not be a lazy and useless servant, and help us rescue all of these sheep who must live every day amongst the wolves.