ISIS Spotted On The Streets Of Baltimore Smashing Police Cars?

By Walid Shoebat

I was asked to examine a report by Pamela Geller who sees an ISIS flag in the Freddy Gray riots in Baltimore. The evidence provided in the article is a photo:

pgs copy

The conclusion from this vague photo was:

“This is consistent with jihadist groups and American terror-linked groups like CAIR exploiting division, violence and hate in America. Hamas-CAIR has been agitating using race schism for years — they use the same language as the race-baiters (ie civil rights) and cloak themselves in the same “oppression” (even though Islam is not a race). We saw ISIS in Ferguson, too…”

WOW. So now CAIR is involved with ISIS in this mess and the clear evidence is some blurred photo? So I decided to hunt this flag down and found the video. The flag sighted is a flag of the world, which can clearly be seen in this video being waved at 00:48 and I can even see the continent of South America in the circle of the earth:

So the first error is that this was NO ISIS FLAG.

This must be dissapointing. Why do folks wish that ISIS was in Baltimore beats the heck out of me. I must say that to see ISIS and CAIR under every rock is somewhat paranoid. The second error is, CAIR, the more these folks talk about CAIR the more they give them prominence. I keep telling my help the same thing to no avail. CAIR CAIR CAIR … ad nauseam. It is these blogs that raised up CAIR to the status they are in, and it is these very blogs that complain about CAIR more than anyone else. Stop seeing CAIR and ISIS under every rock. The problem in Baltimore is a problem of America and it has nothing to do with Islam and is an issue that needs to be examined inwardly. America is abandoning Judeo-Christian ethics where homosexuality is ‘okay’ and abortion is a ‘right’. Let us solve the sickness within us, ISIS, Islam, CAIR, liberalism, homosexuality, abortion are simply the cancer that responds to the disease of abandoning God.