The Antichrist Devil In Turkey Approaches Israel To Sign A Covenant With Death. A Prelude To Antichrist’s Peace Treaty

So important was this that my colleague (Code named Mr. Scoop from the Right Scoop) called me at midnight to awaken me from my slumber and tell me that a proposal for a Hudna (Islamic cease fire treaty) between Hamas and Israel was initiated by Turkey (partnering with Qatar) to Israel via the Qatari ambassador to the Gaza Strip, Muhammad Al-Ahmadi, who even personally visited Israel which us unpresidented and even met with Israeli Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories Maj. Gen. Yoav Mordechai. And as a student of Bible Prophecy himself it raised all of our four eyebrows, the devil in Turkey is at it again. Scoop, has scooped it and written his piece here. The wheeling and dealing is nothing new which has began on March 15th, this year.


The devil is at it again

I was rather excited since it is something has predicted as far back as May 19th, 2011 (4 years ago) that Turkey will broker a deal between Israel and Hamas in an article dated May 25th, 2011 we stated:

On May 19th Walid did radio interview with Simon Conway drive time talk show host with WHO in Des Moines Iowa … In this interview Walid predicts that Hamas will recognize Israel because Turkey will arrange and pressure Hamas to do so. This will be a ruse by both Turkey and Hamas to help the world pressure Israel to divide the land and will lead to the covenant of death mentioned in Isaiah 28 which G-d will not let stand. Predicting the exact time frame is not productive but we believe that this treaty will be arranged over next two to five years possibly sooner.

On May 21st two days after Walid’s radio interview the President of Turkey Abdullah Gul (his name means Slave of Allah the Beast) stated in a reuters report that Hamas should recognize Israel. Here is the link for reuters report.

While Hamas has not yet officially recognized Israel, the ball is rolling and we see Turkey already brokering the deal between Israel and Hamas. Prior to the proposal, Turkish and Qatari ambassadors met with Hamas representatives in Anakara, and also in Gaza, and presented them with the framework for the plan. The details were also given to senior members of the Palestinian Authority.

The treaty, as we predicted four years ago, will be a prelude as we stated “will lead to the covenant of death mentioned in Isaiah 28.”

So here we see the beginning phases and as we predicted, it will lack from being the fulfillment to the prophetic prediction since it is a five-year moratorium on hostilities between the two sides and not seven as required by the prophetic word.

In this offer, Turkey attempts to aid the Palestinians to reconstruct the damages of war and by that seeks to boost its reputation in the Muslim world. The dilemma is that Israel does not trust Gaza since it has abused Israel’s allowances when it smuggled weapons and not just cement for the reconstruction efforts in Gaza.

For this, Turkey contributed to the plan an the idea of creating a floating harbor across from the Strip’s coast, where ships bringing merchandise to Gaza can drop anchor. The merchandise making its way into the Strip would go through a security check while NATO would be the party responsible for the inspection which Turkey is a member, of course.

Turkey obviously has something up its sleeve.

It was Turkey which sent the flotilla, organized by the Free Gaza Movement and the Turkish Foundation for Human Rights and Freedoms and Humanitarian Relief (İHH) which was carrying humanitarian aid and is the same type of construction materials Turkey is proposing today to send to Gaza via the new deal. But the intention was to break the Israeli blockade of the Gaza Strip.

This part of the deal will not fly. Israel already opposed the creation of a port, even a floating one across from Gaza.

The Times of Israel stated that “Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas recently claimed that Israel and Hamas have had direct contact with each other, something both sides will not discuss. And indeed, The Times of Israel has learned that Israeli individuals — in an unofficial capacity — have been in contact with Hamas in an attempt to find a permanent solution to the situation in Gaza. A senior Hamas official refused to comment.”

However, Arabic sources that examined reveals that Hamas representative, Dr. Basem Naim, said that:

“Hamas has received various international offers for a truce during August last year in the Egyptian capital, Cairo in the wake of the recent Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip, which lasted 51 days.”


Even the years (5 years) is not concrete:

“That his movement (Hamas) had received offers from several international quarters, most notably the proposal for “calm” [Hudna] declared lasting from 3 to 5 years in exchange for lifting the siege on Gaza, and reconstruction, and the establishment of the port and the airport, and complete the installation of the truce signed between the Palestinian delegation in the indirect talks in Cairo , and Israel, under the auspices of the Egyptian mediator

All this is extremely interesting, especially that the talks happened in Egypt.

The missing link is that the deal with Antichrist, according to the Bible, and if our interpretation is correct, happens in Egypt which has a strained relationship with Turkey at the moment. The prophetic deal is not only with Israel, but a “covenant with many” and one would assume that Egypt is also involved since it is there that this will happen (Isaiah 28) as well as that Hamas must capitulate to recognizing Israel.

During May 2011, in an article titled By Peace They Will Deceive The World, we stated:

“The Arab world has just witnessed a reinvigoration of the alliance of Israel and the people of the United States despite the hostility of the executive office in the White House. The key factor for peace in the Middle East from the Western perspective, especially the US, is the recognition of Israel as a “Jewish state living side by side in peace with Palestine.” The smart Muslim leaders who understand this, will play right into this ideal and will provide the “Hudna” which will recognize Israel as Jewish state. The evidence for such a policy is in full view if you know where to look and you understand the Islamic mindset.

It is Turkey that is recognized by the Muslim Brotherhood and all fundamentalist Sunni Muslims as the head the Caliphate. It is prophesized in the Muslim holy books that the Ottoman Empire will come again and prior to the coming of the Mahdi. According to the Hadith, on the day of Judgement the Mahdi will lead all the Muslims to march on Jerusalem and destroy all the Jews. As the Muslim Brotherhood will dominate the Middle East over the next two years, they will look to Turkey to lead the Muslim world. If you study the Muslim Brotherhood ideals and its interpretation of Islam, they state this very clearly and repeat it over and over again in their rhetoric. The standard text for the day of Judgement: come o slave of Allah, the trees will cry out that there are Jews hiding behind them, so Muslims should come and kill them (the Jews).

In 2002 The AKP party was the first Islamist political party to gain power since Turkey became a secular country in 1920, and they have held power continuously up to the present. This is significant in the rejuvenation of the Ottoman Empire and if one is paying attention, Turkey is increasing its influence and forming alliances both in the Sunni and Shia countries in the Middle East. The Islamist revolution in Turkey is not quite complete as the Islamist needs to wrestle control of the military, which is still secular, but once the Islamists complete the military take over, Israel as well as the West will be in mortal peril. Turkey poses a much larger potential threat than Iran with its massive army with only the USA and Russia being larger. Turkey has already changed its stance on Israel from friend to a cold peace with a strong political animus against Israel. We just need to look at the flotilla incident last year to understand this change.

The USA government is well aware of this threat as was pointed out by the Wiki Leaks revelations of late last year. Wiki Leaks showed that the state department was frustrated over Turkey being Islamist, but publicly makes no issue of this problem.

On May 21st the president of Turkey Abdullah Gul (name means slave of Allah the beast) was reported by Reuters to have urged Hamas to recognize Israel’s right to exist. As Turkey’s influence grows they will be in position to finalize and arrange a peace treaty between the Palestinians and Israel with Hamas recognizing Israel. However in order to understand the reality this will not bring peace but will be the famous Islamic “Hudna” which according to the Bible is the “covenant of death” mentioned in Isaiah 28 that will cause the war in order to attempt to destroy Israel in the end.

The objective of the Muslim world will be to use peace in order to deceive Israel and the West. We have always seen in the past our desire for peace especially from the Jewish people. This treaty will be based on a full recognition of Israel and fool them into signing and agreeing to this false peace, which at best will last less than four years. The world will celebrate peace in our time once again, but in the end will bring about the greatest war this world will ever witness.

So much of what we said is already happening. Turkey and Iran getting closer while snubbing Saudi Arabia. Turkey is approaching Israel while harboring animosity, a Sunni alliance is also forming …  but the strained relationship between Turkey and Egypt needs to also be addressed. It was last year that we stated:

“Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has always slammed Egypt’s President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi as an illegitimate tyrant, saying that Cairo could not be relied upon to negotiate a ceasefire with Israel 

Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood are not over as long as Erdogan is busy defending them against Egypt. They will always receive strong support from Ankara.

Turkey will play the most major role in end-times. Even Jesus insisted that Pergamum (Turkey) in Revelation 2:12-13, was the seat of Antichrist and not the gymnastically altered interpretation for an archeological relic that sits in Berlin or the fanciful SciFi version of Left Behind.

It is Turkey who will use the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood and it will ultimately invade Egypt:

“He will extend his power over many countries; Egypt will not escape. He will gain control of the treasures of gold and silver and all the riches of Egypt, with the Libyans and Cushitese in submission.” (Daniel 11:42)

What we need to see is not just this but also include the latest events from Turkey’s meetings with Saudi Arabia and also Qatar’s Al-Thani had a secret meeting with Erdogan to work on forming a Sunni Alliance and the current peace talks between Turkey and the Kurds (the biblical Medes) to settle a Sunni deal and it is this that will constitute “a covenant with many” (for further study read here). All this sets the stage for a further covenant once ISIS is moved out of the way. An Antichrist covenant is on the horizon in which Turkey will make a “covenant with many” not just Israel.

So what we see is the different pieces of the ‘false peace’ puzzle coming together. In the meanwhile, and while the ball bounces between Turkey and Israel, it will eventually settle at the goal post exactly where we said it will. Never before in history we see a time like this, and while the wide-gate fools focus on the racial divide orchestrated by Obama’s policies in Baltimore, the wise focuses on the narrow gate, the goal post, in Jerusalem. So stand by and look up, for your redemption draweth nigh (Luke 21:28)