Muslims Invade Christian Village, The Christians Flee Into The Church, And The Muslims Go Inside And Slaughter 211 Christians. A Miracle Then Happens, And Hundreds Of The Muslims Become Born Again

By Theodore Shoebat

A very inspiring story has come up. According to one source, Muslims in Indonesia invaded a Christian village, and when the Christians fled inside the church, the Muslims entered and slaughtered 211 Christians and injured 140 other Christians. They also destroyed the church and burned down several homes. After the event, the Christians, in order to show the love of Christ, donated $5,000 to the Muslims. The Muslims were so touched that they helped repair the church, and the Indonesian government even donated $15,000 to repair the Christian church. According to the source, the love of the Christians touched so many of the Muslims that a whole multitude of them became born again.

This story comes from an Indonesian source that was given to Steve Stang, founder of Charisma Magazine, and he presented the story in a recent article. This is what the source said:

So there was a village in the east side of Indonesia. One day radical Muslims used this opportunity to that village. The village is mostly Christian, so they burned their houses, killed them, and they came with 500 soldiers with all the weapons. But then the Christians were cornered into a church building inside, so they killed 211 of them in one day and injured about 140 people. And then, the church, you know, next day they buried the dead and it was so sad. And so they made a monument there. (After this the Christians ministered to the Muslims) and because of the love of the Christian many were born again. They accepted Christ; there was a revival.

(So the Christians) began to pray, ‘Lord, we don’t have any building on Sunday to worship You. Can you give us money to rebuild it?’ So when they prayed, God spoke to them, you know, ‘I don’t want you to use the money to rebuild your church first. I want you to collect the first offering and give it to the Muslims who killed you, who persecuted you. Give it to them so they can renovate their mosque also.’ So they obeyed. Very hard for them, you know, because they were the enemy of them. But anyway, after they prayed, they were convinced by God and then they said, ‘OK, God. We want to obey.’ So they took that first offering, which is huge for them, $5,000 U.S. dollars. And then, they brought that money with praise and worship. I think about 2,000 people marched to the next village, you know, with joy, came to them and said, ‘God told us to give you this money to rebuild your village and your facilities.’ The Muslim leader wept. They said, ‘Why you love us? We attacked you. We destroyed your building. Why you love us?’

The Christians said, ‘Because Jesus told us to do this.’ They all wept and one of them stood up and said, ‘Hey, Muslim people, we need to do something. Go to the jungle and cut all the bamboo tree and donate it to the church.’ So they took all the bamboo trees and brought it to the church and donated it. So the government was so moved because of this, what the Christians did to the Muslims, so the government decided to give $15,000 U.S. dollars to rebuild the church building and by the help of many churches, you know, the church was able to rebuild and very beautiful, not only the church building but the people now experience tremendous revival. Now they are born again and almost 100 percent of that village become Christian.