Muslims Go Door To Door, Slaughtering Innocent People At Random, And Murder Five Hundred People. Major Christian Warriors Take The Lead And Are Now Fighting To Drive The Muslims Out

By Theodore Shoebat and Walid Shoebat

Muslims in the Iraqi city of Ramadi, all members of ISIS, went door to door slaughtering innocent people at random, eventually killing 500 people at the end of their murder spree. According to one report:

ISIS fighters went door-to-door looking for military troops and security forces after taking the city, and killed 500 people in the streets, including children.

Here is a photo of the carnage taken by an Iraqi soldier:


ramadi  copy

Muhanad Haimour, an Anbar Province spokesman, said:

There have been executions in the streets of Ramadi… The situation in the city is absolutely terrible. The city is in very bad shape.

Sheikh Rafi al-Fahdawi, a tribal leader from Ramadi who had been fighting ISIS, recounted the scene of horror:

Men, women, kids and fighters’ bodies are scattered on the ground… All security forces and tribal leaders have either retreated or been killed in battle. It is a big loss.

State Department spokesman Jeff Rathke assured reporters that the US will help the Iraqis retake Ramadi:

We’ve always known that the fight would be long and difficult, especially in Anbar province. And so there’s no denying that this is a setback… But there’s also no denying that the United States will help the Iraqis take back Ramadi.

Now major Christian warriors are taking the lead and fighting to drive the Muslim terrorists off. The Christians are planning for a major battle to retake Ramadi. One major champion who is leading the war on ISIS is a Christian through-and-through. Rayan Al-Kaldani (The Chaldean), a Christian militia leader who leads the Babylon Battalion composed of Christian militia, took upon his group to join others in what they termed Operation Liberating Ramadi, as Al-Sumariah news media in that region released. Clips of this saint’s batalion can be viewed here:

Al-Kaldani as a Christian does not mind working with other Muslims so long they want to stand with him and fight ISIS: “We [the Christians] have given martyrs. Until now, we have given high numbers of martyrs. We the Christians who sent fighters to Ramadi, to Salahddin …”

Kaldani receives icon of the Virgin Mary

Kaldani receives icon of the Virgin Mary

Kaldani, the Christian, has become an icon in Iraq as he recorded several victories against ISIS in Salahuddin and Tikrit. Fans love to post his videos with songs longing to the days of Saddam Hussein:

At 4:37, Kaldai is not only a soldier, he uses his oratory charisma in front of the camera to muster the troops”My desire is to be the first martyr in the Nineveh valley. I am sure that I will be the first martyr in Nineveh to have my freedom to say I AM CHRISTIAN … we are one hand and we will eliminate ISIS”. If we have Saving Private Ryan, then we can call this story, Ryan Saves Ramadan

People in Iraq hail Ryan when they see him in the streets, and there is also footage in this video of the Christians actually fighting:

At 0:44 the video says on this Ryan warrior:

You have seen joy in your own eyes. He is Chaldean (Christian) and everyone knows who he is… Ryan the Christian

Kaldani and his battalion rescues kidnapped women kidnapped by ISIS. God willing, the love and leadership these Christians are showing for the safety of Muslims will convince the Muslims in Iraq that Christ truly is the Way, the Truth and the Life.