All Who Slander And Teach That Salvation Is Without Jesus Are Of The Devil

By Walid Shoebat

The devil is a lying slanderer and if I was the devil and I wanted to argue against Christianity, I would always make it look bizarre, I would slander and write:

“Salvation in Christianity is strange. To begin with, Christianity teaches that God grants actual grace to a person which enables him to believe that man became God and also believes that his salvation erases his original sin and unites the person, not with God but with the man named Jesus.”


Actually this is what Islam is, and all cults start by slandering Jesus and His body: the Church.

The Muslim says that he goes directly to God for his salvation without Jesus. The Jehovah’s Witness, similar to the Muslim can find biblical verses to prove his case while he completely reinterprets all other verses that refutes his faith. The false prophet then promotes and finds a following from the world of simpletons and constructs a large cult. This is basically what cults like Islam, Jehovah’s Witnesses and Mormons do.

It is that simple.

One can even remove or re-interpret two or three verses and agree on everything else with Christianity and still can come up with a new cult.


But cult-like phenomenon is not strictly observed under these labels. Within the Church (both Catholic and Protestant) one finds cultic behavior which is always recognized by their slandering tongue while they claim to be “Holy Spirit filled”.

There is nothing worse than the slandering tongue. One comment on our blog says:

It’s about time you guys changed your slogan to “Donate today to rescue persecuted “Catholic” Christians” Because the rest of us are apparently going to Hell.

In other words, what this Protestant Christian says is that Rescue Christians is strictly Catholic. Watch out folks, your  money is going to rescue Catholics, not Protestants, since according to him we believe that Protestants were going to hell.

We get so many who slander. They accuse us of doing what we do for the money. Yet they never present any evidence. Not once. When you accuse without providing evidence you are of the devil and slander is no small issue either since Jesus attributed such behavior to the devil.


It is easy to drop a slandering line, but it takes volumes to refute them. As we say in the Middle East: a mad man can throw a rock in the well, and it takes ten wise men to get it out. If one is to spend his Christian life chasing after slander, one would be spiritually impotent. Therefore, slander is the work of the devil that is intended to cripple God’s work.

We get thousands of comments that are composed of nothing more than slander from folks who claim they are filled with the Holy Spirit. They usually write opinion comments without showing a single quote from the person they accuse.

Fact is, to insinuate that we are strictly about “Rescuing Catholics” is completely false. In Peshawar’s Church of the Martyrs, a Protestant church, it was Rescue Christians who was there with our team in Pakistan focusing primarily on Protestant (not Catholic) victims of the Peshawar suicide bombing at All Saints Church. In addition, had supported Donald Trump who claims the Protestant affiliation. We do this regardless that we have Jeb Bush and Rick Santorum who are Catholics, yet we never once supported them. Mr. Bush converted to Catholicism and despite that Santorum once called me personally to encourage our work I am on record still supporting the claiming Protestant Donald Trump who like us is also continually slandered.


This should shut up many slandering tongues. Yet it doesn’t, since these are not controlled by the Holy Spirit, but are controlled by the devil. The Holy Spirit does not produce slander.

At the Peshawar church it was one hundred twenty-three Protestants who were martyred in the deadly blast and another one hundred sixty-nine Protestants were injured. Amongst those injured there was a large number of women and children. This tragic incident resulted in the murder of many people who had been great assets to the community, to include doctors, teachers, principals, students, and government civil servants.

In here you will find a letter from one retired known Bishop complementing Rescue Christians as he witnessed no other organization were doing much to help both Protestant and Catholic victims in Pakistan.

Most who donate to charity do not know that charity work is mostly wasteful spending, theft and abuse. Yet it was the most slandered Rescue Christians which was known in Pakistan to be at the forefront to take most cases of blasphemy law for both Protestants and Catholics. That including thousands of Christian slaves we snatched and rescued to freedom. These slaves were living as it was in Moses times where Pharaoh had the faithful Hebrews bake bricks all day and night. Even the story of the Hebrews in Egypt is prophetic for times to come and today you find the faithful in slavery baking bricks while many do nothing about it but slander the ones who do.

And we ask: how is that being filled with the Holy Spirit?


Such work involves finding housing and regular work so that Christians (both Protestant and Catholic) can worship Christ freely.

But as usual, many of the phony Christian NGOs (who get very little slander) played their usual role. The day after the attack they visited the victims for the usual photo ops making videos and writing reports with promises to help the victims, but instead of helping these victims, used the photo ops to raise money from the world to get donations for themselves with virtually nothing going to the victims. None of the money so far has been appropriated to help any of these victims. This cruelty and negligence has increased the number of deaths. According to our team, twenty Protestants could have been saved if they had been provided the proper medical treatment instead they perished.

Rescue Christians does not have an office located in Peshawar so it was a couple of days before we could get our team there. We worked fast to evaluate the different case histories and within the next few days we started providing the medical assistance to the most seriously wounded patients transferring them all to the best private hospitals in Peshawar. 

Young Kashmala being moved from mission hospital.

Young Kashmala being moved from mission hospital.

The Local Church members also stated to us that the Bishop and his priests only officiated at the funerals of those who were personally known to them. The rest of the funerals were conducted by pastors from both Protestant and Catholic denominations, including Catholic priests and salvation army pastors who comforted the grieving.

It was Rev. Worthington Jukes, a Protestant, who built all Saints Church in 1883 despite objections from the local Muslims of Peshawar. Many Christians lost their lives building this church, which is why the Church was known as CHURCH OF THE MARTYRS. Joyfully, many more martyrs gave their lives on that dreadful day on September 22nd 2013 making the name “Church of the Martyrs” prophetic.


The nitpicker will ask: which of these coffins are the “saved”, the ones painted with lacker or the plain?

In Spain, a majority Catholic nation, the Spanish government is bringing in Christian widows whose husbands were murdered by ISIS. Rescue Christian’s NGO in Spain is Protestant and works with the Spanish Government to secure the rescuing of widows who are Chaldean Christians. When one sees Spain’s Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, José Manuel García-Margallo, few know that it was Rescue Christians who secured these victims to enter freedom from oppression to a Catholic nation:

When we travel to Spain we argue over theology and we are still united when it comes to the suffering. Yet false cults (even within the church) will always claim to have authority from Jesus to only find out they have nothing but continual slander of others. Many are who claim that they were visited by Jesus. Should I believe them without proof?

Jesus visited John and we have proof: the Book of Revelation. Being visited by Christ is a major claim. Yet some folks speak haphazardly how they were personally visited by Jesus when all they do is slander His body.

Matt Slick starts off by saying that Jesus gave him authority to only end up saying “I never claimed that Jesus gave me the authority”. This is a shame.

Robert Sungenis gains the truth by following a Jesus style question: who gave you the authority?

Should we not debate such issues? Heavens no.

Others insist on not sharing the differences for the sake of unity. But does unity demand we do not iron out our differences?

It is a fact that most Protestant missionary work is directed not at the Muslim or the Jehovah’s Witnesses, but is strictly focused on the apostolic succession type denominations. This, while on the other hand, the majority of apostolic denominations do not focus on converting Protestants. All one must do to see this fact is to focus and see how many missionaries are directed at the Muslim world which we call the 10-40 window. Yet most Protestant missionaries focus on the apostolic succession areas in Latin America.

According to a 2011 Pew Forum study on global Christianity, 285 million or 13.1 percent of all Christians are Evangelicals. The largest concentration of Evangelicals can be found in the United States, with 26.8% of the U.S. population or 94.38 million. The next most populous is Brazil, with 26.3% or 51.33 million.

Latin America was Catholic not Muslim. And we ask: if such movements are courageous, why convert the Catholic and not the Muslim? It was the Catholic who risked it all to convert heart-plucking savages to Christianity in Latin America.

It is true that we stand in defense of not converting apostolic succession type Christians. Yet so many object with lines like “stick to Islam and prophecy” as if only them should be allowed to promote their theology while anyone who counters them should be silenced. Why then do they not focus on converting the Muslims? Strange.

But here are some Jesus style questions that are difficult to refute. And if one examines God’s people, the claiming Jews and the Christians, one can find through simple observation major problems where the devil has his foot prints.

A Jew can still say he is a Jew and be socially accepted regardless if he/she adopts all sorts of ideas: New Age Buddhist ideas, Confucian ideas, Hindu ideas, EcofeminismLesbian feminism, Liberal feminism,  PaleolibertarianismJewish anarchismJewish feminismReligious Zionism … anything but convert to  Christianity which is never accepted socially.

When Jews convert to Christianity they are completely ostracized from their community. Once that Jew says he is Christian, he is no longer Jew in the eyes of his/her peers or even in the eyes of the State of Israel whom we all support.

This is rather telling.

And in American Christianity, one can switch from his denomination to Pentecostalism, Lutheranism, Methodism, Adventist, Holiness, Oneness Pentecostalism, Messianism, Baptist, Hebrew Roots, Christian Zionism, Puritanism, Coptic, Maronite … all these will be accepted for salvation except one: Catholicism.

Once one says he is Catholic, he is usually rejected by all mainstream denominations except Catholics.

And we ask: why? The answer is simple: all schisms are caused by the devil.

Having said this, this by no means that the faithful within these schisms are of the devil. God is still at work despite schisms and denominations.

Matt Slick argues that Catholics are nor “Christian” because they do not adhere to Luther’s “Salvation by Faith Alone”.


Martin Luther’s death mask

I express through essays and articles some apostolic succession views and I literally got thousands of hate comments from folks who claim to be “Holy Spirit filled”. Literally thousands of hate mail and comments. Anyone can view our blog and see for themselves. If I am fascinated with the Shroud of Turin or I say that icons are not pagan I am instantly painted as a heretic.

And we ask Matt Slick a Jesus style question: why is it that when the apostolic-succession Christians whom he must also consider “heretics” are martyred, that the same none-apostolic-succession “Holy Spirit filled” Christians would quickly claim that these are their martyrs? When 21 Copts where massacred, every Christian jumped crying out “martyrs”. How so?

And perhaps I can even clarify with another Jesus style question to Matt Slick: why do you claim that the Church Fathers are yours when in fact they all believed in apostolic succession? In other words, if we take these same definitions they use to say that the Catholic is not “saved”, these same Church Fathers by their own definition are “not saved” yet they are glad to claim them as their own Church fathers.

To find the devil always follow the thief and do not listen to his sophism.

And to make my point even clearer, I even conducted an experiment in which I told so many who objected on my articles telling them that I switched to Coptic views on Christianity and I even provided biblical backing on how Christ in Isaiah 19 comes to rescue His people, the Copts:

“And it will be for a sign and for a witness to the LORD of Hosts in the land of Egypt; for they will cry to the LORD because of the oppressors, and He will send them a Savior and a Mighty One, and He will deliver them.” (Isaiah 19:20)

Here we have the “Mighty One” is the Messiah who fights on the day of the Lord to fight “the oppressors” of His brethren in Egypt. He comes to rescue the Christians, the remnant in Egypt, the 10% Christian Copts. There is no doubt that the “Savior” and “Mighty One” is Christ. In the Psalms, Messiah is portrayed as a soldier and a fighter with the same reference, “Mighty One”:

“Gird Your sword upon Your thigh, O Mighty One, With Your glory and Your majesty” (Psalm 45:3).

In Zephaniah 3 this “Mighty One” is physically present in Israel’s midst:

“The LORD your God in your midst, The Mighty One, will save” (Zephaniah 3:17)

He comes for Israel to convert the Jewish people to Him. And if in doubt that Christ lands in Egypt, explain this:

“See, Jehovah rides on a swift cloud and is coming to Egypt. The idols of Egypt tremble before him, and the hearts of the Egyptians melt within them” (Isaiah 19:1).

Who comes on the clouds? We also meet Him in the clouds. When did anyone here in America ever listen to a sermon on how Christ comes to rescue the Copts in Egypt? In Egypt, the church there is the Coptic Church which was established by St. Mark, the disciple of Jesus. And if Christ comes to Rescue Christians in Egypt who are of the apostolic conviction, who are these slanderers who think they can instruct us on what to do, to even change our name and allow their slanderous comments on our blog (which we do).

Is Egypt (which is in the Bible) a small issue to ignore? But the question is: why do they ignore it?

The answer is simple: Egypt’s Copt belongs to the apostolic succession.

But it even gets worse when we ask another Jesus style question that no one was able to answer: the Copt theology is similar to Catholics, what then must Matt Slick say of their salvation? The slanderer Matt Slick does not know what Copt is and he only damned the Catholic. Why?

And to even make my point an ironclad case, if we take this strict American puritanical idea then we must conclude that: Coptic Church, Ethiopian Church, Chaldean, Armenian, Byzantine Church, Eastern Orthodox; Russian, Estonian, Greek, Serbian, Macedonian, Bulgarian, Georgian, Cypriot, Polish, Czech, Slovak, Latvian, Moldavian, Ukranian … all these, except the American Protestant denominations are not “saved” and Mr. Slick must conclude all the rest are hell-bound.

Where is then the Church that Jesus promised to build? Only in America?


Another question would be: do these even know the immense history of martyrdom and war with Islam that these apostolic denominations endured? Yet the same “Holy Spirit filled” slanderers like Matt Slick  who never encountered serious persecution that these did, claims he saw Jesus and he is “saved” while all these others are “damned”?

And what becomes strange is that all the above apostolic succession type denominations provide the bulk of the martyrs.

And what is even more strange is that these martyrs are hailed as martyrs by the very non-apostolic succession denominations. Every time apostolic succession type Christians are killed, the first to advertise for funding are the major Evangelical types that claim to aid these Christians.

How that works is rather strange. Once one switches to Catholic, you are no longer saved and by extension this must include all these apostolic succession types. Yet when you need news on martyrdom, borrow only these (since you have so few) and hail them as “saved” because they serve an agenda.

But true Christianity requires martyrdom. Why? The devil will not allow Christians to survive. He must convert the church to him, or persecute it until it converts, or if they refuse he kills them.

But to understand these antagonists one must conclude that all these will go to hell.

Now the picture becomes even clearer. The war is not on the Catholic only. While they only use the word “Catholic” what they truly mean are all apostolic succession denominations. Everyone must heed to Luther and Calvin’s interpretation on theology regardless that Calvin’s pre-destination mimics Islam’s Al-Qada awl-Qaddar (fatalism). 

Therefore, the real war is on the Coptic Church, Ethiopian Church, Chaldean, Armenian, Byzantine Church, Eastern Orthodox; Russian, Estonian, Greek, Serbian, Macedonian, Bulgarian, Georgian, Cypriot, Polish, Czech, Slovak, Latvian, Moldavian, Ukranian and lest we forget the Catholic… all are being attacked unless they convert to the American socially accepted non-apostolic denominations.

Must all their children be converted to become the future Joel Olsteens through the American style marketing using mass media instead of singing Christos Anesti in Greek?

The lesson learned should be this: track the devil through simple process of deduction and you will easily find where he is parked, but first, watch out for his slandering tongue, while he claims he saw Jesus and that he is holy-spirit filled, at the same time he slanders Christ’s body while he sings Amazing Grace.
But I say: O Slandering Tongue How Great Thy Harm That Made A Wretch Of Thee.

Don’t get me wrong, while I like Amazing Grace, my soul is from the east, from Bethlehem, and I’d rather sing Christos Anesti.