Archive | September 17, 2016

Violence Is Exploding As Europeans Are Fighting Back Against Muslim Invaders And Beating Them To Pieces In The Streets With Their Bare Hands

Europeans are sick and tired of Muslims. They are sick and tired of Islam. No matter what they have done, no matter how much food and kind treatment these Muslims have received, all the Europeans have gotten in return was rape, robbery, and violence. With the police refusing to help them and their own governments […]

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Three Muslims Lure French Teen Girl To The Eiffel Tower At Night, They Tie Her Up And Take Turns Raping Her While She Screams For Help

The only reason the Muslims stopped raping her was because two joggers heard her screaming and came to her rescue: Two joggers heard the victim’s screams and found her partially naked and crying in Champs de Mars near the monument Three Algerian teenagers have been charged by police in France after a young woman was […]

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USA Strikes Back At ISIS, They Flee In Terror As Air Strikes Pound The Terrorists Back Into The Sand

It took long enough. Dead ISIS Terrorists. After years of watching ISIS destroy Iraq and Syria, rape and dispel thousands of Christians, and make ritual human sacrifice videos, all with the help of the US, the US has finally struck back and ISIS has declared a state of emergency as their caliphate dreams are collapsing. THE […]

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