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The Mystery Of Hillary’s Medical Condition SOLVED. Amazing New Evidence Reveals The Dark Secrets Of Hillary Clinton’s Health Issues

By Walid Shoebat If Hillary had pneumonia, why are her symptoms persisting for so long? Could it be a heart valve or aortic valve disease? No doctor who subscribes to the pneumonia disclosure by Hillary’s campaign is able to answer this simple question. This is especially true, when we combine all the other symptoms Hillary is displaying on daily basis. The […]

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The Islamic Refugee Crises Is Going To Erupt In Mass Instability In Europe, The Europeans Will Bring In Fascism And Thus A New Wave Of Horrific Tyranny And Violence Will Arise

By Theodore Shoebat I believe that the Islamic refugee crises in Europe is being done deliberately to enable to revival of fascism and despotism in Europe. Watch the video and find out why:   I ENCOURAGE YOU TO EDUCATE YOURSELF ON THE WAR BETWEEN CHRISTIANITY AND THE RELIGION OF THE ANTICHRIST. CLICK HERE TO GET OUR […]

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Hero UK Soldier Goes To Iraq To Fight ISIS And He Is Charged With “Terrorism Offences” All The While Muslims Rampage Across The UK Attacking, Robbing, And Raping And The Government Does NOTHING

This summarizes the state of the UK today. Men who rise up to fight Islamic terrorism are prosecuted under “terrorism” charges while actual Muslim terrorists rampage as they will and the government will not raise so much as a finger to even scold them: A former soldier who fought against Islamic State in Syria has […]

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Gang Of Muslim Predators Harass, Attack Old British Man And Starts Slapping Him In Public And Insulting Him

Muslims are weak, insecure, cowardly predators. They only attack in packs and they only target people who are weaker or unable to defend themselves, like this video showing a group of Muslims harassing and attacking an old British man in public. While I was trying to get better context to this clip, it is an […]

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Hillary Clinton Makes This Declaration To All Americans: ‘If You Are A Conservative Christian Who Is Against Islam And Homosexuality, You Are Not An American.’

By Theodore Shoebat Hillary Clinton recently stated that if you are a Conservative Christian who is against Islam and homosexuality, then you are not American. Her exact words were: “You can put half of Trump supporters into what I call the ‘basket of deplorables.’ Right? They’re racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamaphobic, you name it.… Now some […]

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ISIS Pedophiles Take Photos And Video Of Them Raping Little Children, Tells Them “You Will Fight Jihad For Us Or We Will Release The Videos And You Will Die”

ISIS are a bunch of mass-murdering pedophiles, and in a new report it has come out that ISIS has been raping children as young as four and making videos of the assault, then they tell the children they have to fight jihad or else they will release the videos and murder the children: Shock reports […]

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