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Muslims Move Into Christian Neighborhood And Demand Christians Leave, Christians Say No, Muslims Take A Machine Gun And Brutally Murder The Local Pastor In Front Of His Home

Once upon a time, there were no Muslims in this area of the Philippines, only Christian. However, as soon as Muslims started moving into town, they immediately built a large mosque right next to the local church and demanded Christians to give them their land and leave. When the Christians said no, the Muslims took […]

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The Government Of Iran Declares War On Christianity, And Arrests Twenty Five Christians For Preaching The Gospel

By Theodore Shoebat The government of Iran has declared war on Christianity. Just recently it arrested twenty five Christians for expressing their Christian Faith, as we read in one report: At least 25 Christians have been arrested in the Islamic Republic of Iran solely because of their faith in Jesus Christ, it has been reported. […]

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Muslims Kidnap Two Pastors, Throw Them Into A Car And Drive Off, They Then Take One Of The Pastors And Shoot Him In The Head

By Theodore Shoebat Muslims in Nigeria kidnapped two Catholic priests and forced them into a car. They drove off to a remote area and then shot one of the priests in the head. According to one report: A senior Nigerian priest has been kidnapped after the car in which he was travelling was stopped, allegedly […]

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Muslim Woman In Australia Rejects Muhammad And Allah, And Accepts Jesus Christ As Her Messiah, Her Husband Gets So Enraged That He Takes A Knife And Stabs Her To Death

By Theodore Shoebat A Muslim woman in Australia rejected Islam, Muhammad and Allah, her husband got so enraged that he stabbed her to death. Here is the story: A Christian Iranian woman has been stabbed to death in her home in Australia. Nasrin Abek, 35, was discovered in her apartment in Sydney with multiple stab […]

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Major Swedish Columnist Declares ‘Anybody Who Doesn’t Support Islam And Muslims Is A Rat And Needs To Be Exterminated’

Cecilia Hagen is a famous Swedish writer and journalist. In a recent column, after a lengthy discussion about how she hates rats, she declared that anybody who does not support the Muslim invasion of Europe is a ‘brown rat’ who deserves to be exterminated: In his chronicle network Hagen An to a blog post that […]

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Danish Government Capitulates To Pressure, Allows Muslim Pedophiles To Marry And Keep Little Girls In Denmark As Their ‘Wives’

Remember those horror stories about Muslim terrorists kidnapping little girls, raping them, and “marrying” them? Well, thanks to a new law in Denmark, this has now been made permissible, as Muslim men who come in with small children claiming to be their “wives” will not be separated, but united with them: Denmark has acknowledged that […]

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Nazism Is Rising In Germany, Its Becoming Very Popular And Germany Will Return To Nazism Again

By Theodore Shoebat Nazism is rising in Germany, its becoming very popular and Germany will return to the Nazi religion. I did a very in depth video on this subject. I encourage you all to watch this video, you will learn much: CHRISTIANS ARE BEING KILLED AND RAPED EVERY SINGLE DAY, PLEASE CLICK HERE TO […]

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Major UK Human Rights Commission Says Not Enough Muslims Working Because Of ‘Racism,’ Demands Employers Submit To Muslim Demands In Work Place

Halal food, prayer rooms, foot baths, face veils and paid time off throughout the day for Islamic prayers all at the employer’s expense could be coming to the UK. Per a report from the Human Rights and Equality Commission of Wales, the reason there are not enough Muslims employed is because of ‘discrimination’ and employers […]

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