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Iran Says That The Mahdi Is Coming Soon And He Will Defeat The U.S. In World War III

By Walid Shoebat Iran is expecting their Mahdi to be coming soon. Iran’s propaganda machine is showing a clip of their version of World War III which will be launched according to them when the U.S. invades Iran. It shows why Iran will be victorious: The belief (as you see in the video) that Iran will destroy […]

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Turkey’s Caliph Erdogan Is Rebuilding The Temple Of Zeus On A Grand Scale Preparing It For His 2023 Grand Vision For His Ottoman Caliphate Dream

By Walid Shoebat “The Zeus Lepsynos Temple from the 2nd century B.C. will be revived to regain its former glory” reports Erdogan’s henchmen. Erdogan is a replica of Hitler with all his fascination of historic relics. Erdogan desires to complete the image of their beastly empire and the date “2023” is set for the Temple of Zeus to be […]

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Muslim Takes 10-Year-Old Boy, Holds Him Down And Forcibly Sodomizes Him, Then When He Is Arrested He Says He Did Nothing Wrong Because ‘Child Rape Is Acceptable In My Culture’ And The Judge Buys It

So does that also mean if human sacrifice to the “sun god” by cutting people’s beating hearts out of their chests is “acceptable in my culture,” we should condone that too? While the man who did this was sentenced to prison, the fact that he received a light sentence and the judge himself even said […]

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ISIS Takes Nine Teenagers, Ties Them To An Iron Pole, Then Cuts Them Open One By One With An Electric Chainsaw

Another ISIS massacre, as though it were straight out of a horror film In another sickening display of murder for Islam as well as for fun, ISIS accused nine teenagers of being part of an unspecified “resistance faction.” For their Shariah punishment, they were tied to an iron pole and cut open one by one […]

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Rioting Muslims Try To Stone A 70-Year-Old Woman For Fun While Burning Tires And Shooting Off Fireworks At People

Could you picture yourself attacking a defenseless old woman with rocks for fun? No normal person would think this except for a sick, deranged person who if he was not given “street justice” that moment would warrant himself a long term in prison or a mental hospital. Yet true to tradition, Europe’s newest Muslim arrivals […]

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