Archive | September 14, 2016

Politician In Ohio Rapes Four Year Old Girl, And Then Says That It Was Her Fault

By Theodore Shoebat A politician in Ohio raped a four year old girl, and then said that was her fault. Absolute sickness of the soul has taken over the society. Here is the report: The Trumbull County Prosecutor’s Office said in a legal filing Monday that Richard Keenan, a former Hubbard mayor, admitted on several […]

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Woman In Oklahoma Marries Her Own Daughter

By Theodore Shoebat A woman in Oklahoma married her own daughter. Another show that perversity has no end. The sodomites will eventually defend for these parasites to be “married.” Here is the story: An Oklahoma woman and her adult daughter are behind bars after authorities discovered that they were involved in an incestuous relationship in […]

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Three Muslim Women Enter Police Station, One Takes A Bomb From Underneath Her Burka And Throws It At The Officers, Another Takes Out A Knife And Stabs An Officer. The Police Officers Unleash Hell And Kill All Three Of Them

By Theodore Shoebat Three Muslim women in Kenya entered a police station, one woman took a bomb from underneath her veil and threw it at authorities, while another took out a knife and stabbed an officer. The officers unleashed hell and killed all three of them. Here is the report: Three women dressed in burqas […]

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‘Help The Christians First And Then Sink The Boats With Invading Muslims’- Hungarian PM Orban Doubles Down Against Islam In The Face Of EU Threats

The European Union each day is exposed more and more for the paper tiger that it is as it tries to force Eastern European nations to commit suicide by allowing a Muslim invasion, and each day these same nations are doubling down against the EU even harder than before. Such is the case with Hungarian […]

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