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Muslims Take Small Children And Cut Their Heads Off With Axes

By Theodore Shoebat ISIS terrorists in Iraq hunted down Yezidis, shooting them as they ran, capturing their children and decapitating them with axes. As we read in one horrifying report: A Yazidi mother and her son have detailed their community’s horrific encounter with the brutal Islamic State terrorist group, and described how the jihadis conquered […]

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Muslims Kidnap Ten Year Old Girls And Rape Them

By Theodore Shoebat ISIS Muslims in Afghanistan are kidnapping ten year old girls and raping them, this is being reported by an ex-ISIS member. Now, while he says that this is evil is not of Islam (which is obviously not true), we can still learn from this report as to what horrors are occurring: A […]

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Muslims Attack Christian Area, Slaughter The Pastors And Butcher The Christians, They Then Tell Them: “We Will Kill The Christians, We Will Bomb Your Churches And Kill Every Christian In The City,” One Christian Escapes And Travels To England. Now The British Government Is Going To Deport Him

By Theodore Shoebat When ISIS Muslims invaded Mosul, they slaughtered and butchered the priests and the Christians, and it was an absolute horror. There was a 25 year old Christian, named Sarmad Ozan, who managed to escape. His brother had become a priest, and after his ordination his family received this threat: We will kill […]

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What The Media Is Not Telling YOU About The Muslim In New York Who Hacked An Officer With A Cleaver. Read His Own Confession To Become A Muslim Jihadi Martyr

By Walid Shoebat (Shoebat Exclusive) What no media has revealed regarding this ‘crescent sword Jihadi’ should stun Americans as to the type of migrants coming in. He was Palestinian, migrant from Syria, named Akram Joudeh. His Facebook page reveals his death wish “via martyrdom”. What the media told us is only part of the story. This scruffy bearded Akram […]

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‘You Have Gone Too Far’ Poland, Hungary, And Eastern Europe Says No EU Super State, No “European Army,” And Most Of All No More Muslims

Poland and Hungary have been leading the fight along with the rest of Eastern Europe against the Muslim invaders. Now in another development as Germany and other Western European nations are calling for more Muslims and a “United States of Europe” with a “European Army,” Poland, Hungary, and their neighbors are telling the EU no […]

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Muslim Pedophile Gang Kidnaps Random Christian Boy, Then They Take Turns Raping Him Before Murdering Him And Hanging His Body From A Tree

Teenager Zeeshan Masih was visiting his uncle and went out to buy a soda but never came home. They found his raped and murdered body hanging from a tree, and when they reported it, the media covered up the story by said he died from eating fruit while drinking soda: Zeeshan Masih had been visiting […]

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235,000 Muslims Are Right Now Heading Towards Italy To Invade Rome And To Help Create An Islamic Empire

By Theodore Shoebat 235,000 Muslims are heading towards Italy. This is no doubt going to be a part of the Islamic invasion of Rome, an aspiration that has been being pursued since the time of Muhammad. Martin Kobler, who is the head of a UN peacekeeping mission working to bring stability to Libya, said: “We […]

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