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ISIS Will Continue Attacking And Slaughtering Americans, And This Will Help Donald Trump Win Big Time

By Walid Shoebat Trump 538 Hillary 0. My prediction here might be off just a little but it is not unlikely after the latest terror attack. I could be wrong, Hillary might get DC and Hawaii and maybe a few more. But this coming election, I predict, will be for Trump. Every ticked off American, ticked off […]

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Muslim Man In Sweden With Criminal Record Beats Up His Pregnant Wife And Then Urinates On Her Wounded Body, He Gets Four Months In Jail And Won’t Be Deported

There is no love in Islam, only hate and dominance over others if they do not obey. That is what caused this 31-year old Muslim man with a lengthy criminal history to, after getting mad at his wife because she was spending too much time babysitting his niece while he was at a party came […]

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ISIS Takes Its Own Soldiers Who Are In The Hospital, Rips Their Organs Out And Sells Them On The Black Market To Raise Money

***UPDATE: FACEBOOK IS TRYING TO CENSOR THIS POST*** Share it as much as possible! You always know the nature of a man by how they treat those who are sick or weaker than them. When evil starts to lose it begins to destroy itself, and true to form ISIS is destroying itself as the terrorist […]

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What The Media Is Not Telling You About The Captured Afghan Terrorist And Where He Learned His Terror Trade

By Walid Shoebat “There is no link at this time at this preliminary stage to international terrorism,” said Governor Andrew Cuomo. Liar. This ‘coverup’ for Islamic terrorism is completely debunked. We now know that the Chelsea bombing and other bombings suspect Ahmad Khan Rahami was trained in Afghanistan and slipped the eye of the intelligence. Investigators first […]

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Watch Allah Strike The Free Syrian Army With A Flash From Above For Throwing Americans Out Of Northern Syria

Americans might feel awful watching their commandos being thrown out by the Free Syrian Army (FSA) of Al-Rai village near the Syrian Turkish border. When we write for years to stop supporting the Free Syrian Army, that these guys are wicked Islamist terrorists, few listened and believed us. But I guess the video above is […]

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