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Mexican Drug Cartel Kidnaps Christian Pastor For Fighting Against Drug Dealers, And They Brutally Murder Him

By Theodore Shoebat A Catholic priest was kidnapped and slaughtered by narcos. This is the third Catholic priest that has been murdered in less than a week. I did a whole video with my own commentary:   According to one report: A Mexican priest has been found murdered in Michoacan, the attorney general for the […]

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Christian Man Mocks Islam, Muslims Run Up To Him And Shoot Him In The Head

By Theodore Shoebat A Christian man in Jordan mocked ISIS and was later shot dead by terrorists, here is the report: Jordanian Christian writer Nahed Hattar was shot dead on Sunday outside the courthouse where he was standing trial on charges of contempt of religion. He had been arrested last month after sharing a caricature […]

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Facebook Thought Police Purge Over 100,000 Comments In One Month Alone Because They Said They Were “Hateful”

Per official Facebook statistics released for the first time, 100,000 comments were purged for being “hateful.” If that is not bad enough, it is even more disturbing that this number only comes from one country. What does thatsay about the rest of the world? For the first time Facebook has mentioned its own number for […]

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Tennessee Parents Win Major Victory As Local School Board Cuts Out References To Pro-Muslim Propaganda In Public School Curriculum

After a long battle with the school and local government, Tennessee parents have succeeded in getting what many have viewed as pro-Muslim propaganda removed for public school curriculum, including homework that forced Christian students to praise Allah: Most of the Tennessee middle school social studies standards involving Islam have been removed from new draft standards […]

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‘Round Them Up And Dump Them In Their Own City In Libya’ Hungarian PM Orban Says Expel Muslims To North Africa

+ Hungarian PM Viktor Orban Lashing back at the European Unions continual attempts to force the Eastern nations to open their borders to Muslim invaders, Hungarian PM Viktor Orban again ripped EU leadership and told them that Europe’s problem is the Muslims, and they need to be rounded up and dumped in their own city […]

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