Archive | September 2, 2016

Iran’s Ally Launched Two Long Range Giant Missiles Which Nearly Hit Mecca Revealing That Mecca’s End Is Near

By Walid Shoebat The Yemeni Shiite Houthis have always wanted to send a long suppository to Saudi Arabia and so they developed scuds, Volcano 1, range 800 kilometers. Not only did they develop it, but they fired a couple of these babies just a few hours ago. Target? Saudi Arabia’s Fahd Air Base, near Mecca. See map below […]

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Muslims Enter Christian Neighborhood And Slaughter Twelve People, Officers Charge In And Kill All Of The Terrorists

By Theodore Shoebat Muslim Taliban terrorists entered a Christian neighborhood in Pakistan and slaughtered twelve people, and injured thirty people. According to a military report, officers then rushed in and killed all of the terrorists. According to one report: At least 12 people were killed and 30 wounded when a suicide bomber blew himself up […]

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French Police Fight Off Hundreds Of Rampaging Muslims With Tear Gas And Riot Gear Trying To Cross Into The UK- Western Europe Is Becoming A War Zone Before Our Eyes

It what could have been a scene from Roman times of a battle between the Romans and the Teutons, French Police fired tear gas and beat back a ground of hundreds of Muslims attempting to storm the border at Calais to cross into France: RIOT police fired tear gas into the notorious Calais “Jungle” yesterday […]

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ISIS Soldiers Hear People Talking About The Iraqi Army, They Take Metal Wire And Stitch Their Mouths Shut

In another act that could be taken straight out of a horror movie, a group of ISIS soldiers overheard a group of women talking about the Iraqi Army. As “punishment,” they took wire, some of it barbed wire, and forced it through their lips until their mouths were sewn shut: Islamic State thugs have reportedly begun […]

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Muslims Murder Soldier In Combat, They Text His Mother ‘Your Son Is Dead, We Cut His Head Off, And We Will Cut Yours Off Too’

A mother of a soldier fighting Muslim terrorists in the Philippines received a horrible text. After her son was killed in battle, the Muslims took his cell phone and saw that his mother had sent him a text asking “how are you?” In response, the Muslim bragged they had cut his head off and said […]

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Mother In Oklahoma Murders Her Own Daughter By Shoving A Crucifix Down Her Throat

By Theodore Shoebat Another diabolical murder in the United States. A woman in Oklahoma murdered her own daughter by shoving a crucifix down her throat. Here is the story: Police in Oklahoma City found Geneva Gomez, 33, lying in her mother’s home on Saturday with a large crucifix on her chest and severe trauma to […]

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