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Muslim Doctor In The United States Designs Very Sophisticated IED Explosives And Places Them Under The Ground In Kentucky To Slaughter Random Americans. He Then Grabs A Police Officer And Tries To Murder Him, The Officer Takes Out His Gun And Shoots The Muslim To Death

By Walid Shoebat Little scant coverage has been given to the story of doctor Mark Samir Sawaf. He was a LPCC Psychotherapist in Kentucky USA. This was his public image. His private life was more sinister than you can imagine. What the media is not telling you about this case was that Sawaf was a Muslim and a […]

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There Is A Huge Rate Of Homosexuals In Sweden Attacking And Raping Other Men, Sodom And Gomorrah Is Taking Over, And The West Is Allowing It

By Theodore Shoebat There is a huge rate of of homosexuals in Sweden attacking and raping other men. Sodom and Gomorrah is taking over, and the West is allowing it. I did a whole video on this: According to the report: According to senior research assistant Jens Lindberg and senior lecturer Stefan Sjöström (both from the University […]

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Muslims Attack Christian School, They Murder One Person And Injure Two Others, They Go To One Room, Knock On The Door And Tell The Christians To Open The Door, They Open The Door, The Muslims Enter The Room, Soak The Floor With Kerosine And Light It On Fire

By Theodore Shoebat Muslims in Tanzania attacked a Christian school, murdering one person and injuring two others. They went to a room and knocked on the door, demanding that the Christians open it. When it was opened, the Muslims soaked the floor in kerosine and made the order to light it on fire. The flames […]

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“Stab Them, Shoot Them, Poison Them, Run Them Down With Your Vehicles, Slay Them Wherever You Find Them” ISIS Tells Its Followers To Start Attacking Random Australian People Because They Are “Infidels”- Get Ready America Because This Will Come To You Too

Mohammed famously told his followers slay them wherever you find the (Koran 9:5), and throughout history, Muslims have used this verse to wage jihad against “infidels” and commit heinous acts of murder in the name of Allah. The seeds of violence were always within Islam because they were always a part of Islam. However, now ISIS […]

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‘Wrap Them All In Pig Skin And Deport All Muslim Criminals!’ Major Hungarian Acadamic Rips Islam At Conference, Calls For The Deportation Of Muslims For The Good Of Society

Professor Miklos Maroth is one of the top Oriental scholars of Hungary, having had a prestigious career spanning many years, writing prolifically, and holding some of the most prestigious positions available for academics in Hungary. Yet even he, scholar that he is, understand the danger that Islam poses and the steps needed to deal with […]

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Brand New Leader Of ISIS Was Trained By US Special Forces- America’s Hands Are Tainted With The Blood Of Syrian And Iraqi Christians

  A few days ago, I wrote an article about Christian girls who were being tortured in horrific ways by ISIS, including being forced to eat out of dog food bowls, bizarre sexual torture, continual gang rape, and sick, twisted forms of murder. These women were crying out for the help of the US, but […]

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Hundred of Angry French Farmers And Truckers Storm Muslim Ghetto At Calais, Set Up Blockade In Standoff With Police, Demand Government Deport Muslims And Destroy The Ghettos

For years, Muslims have been attacking French and English truckers at the port city of Calais. Once a popular vacation spot, it has become the site of one of the largest Muslim ghettoes in Europe. Because the French government refuses to do anything, Calais is a veritable Islamic nation within France and is rife with […]

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