Archive | September 15, 2016

‘You Care More About Vague Conspiracies Than Human Sacrifice’ Christian Man Fools Entire Internet With Conspiracy Video And Rips America’s Criminal Attitude Towards Abortion

T. Russell Hunter is an anti-abortion activist who made a fake conspiracy video that has caught the interest of the Internet for a month now. The video, which was on Bad Self Eater (An Anagram for “Federal Beast”), was actually a hoax he made to prove a point, that Americans care about vague conspiracies far […]

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German Man Who Is Teaching Muslims How To Get Sex From German Women Is Hiding In Fear For His Life As Angry German Men Are Hunting Him

We reported a while ago that the German government was offering classes teaching Muslim men how to pick up and have sex with German women. In a suprising turn, it looks like German men have finally started to grow a backbone and are confronting a German man offering classes to teach Muslims how to pick […]

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